Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green & Gold and Red, White & Blue

All the Holtzclaw children are now alumni of Lindbergh High School.

Bri even has his diploma handy to prove it. The ceremony was long (which is to be expected with a class of 508 students), but we're all proud of him. Even if he's still a moron half the time. :) This still makes me feel old, btw.

Friday I spent some time with my mom helping her pick out stuff for her new bathroom (she gutted the old one, so it really is new) and that evening I got to go hang out with Emily for a little while before she left for Boston to go see Paul (her husband) for the weekend. (He has a new job and is doing training for 2 months there.) It was really good to catch up an hear what's new in her life, and tell her about mine. We're both looking for new jobs, so we also got to complain to each other a little bit, which was nice. Hopefully we will both be employed at new jobs soon!

Sat. ended up being really busy. That morning I got to go over and see Dan & Anna's new house, and hang out for a little bit. The work they've done looks really good, and it was good to see them. (Some of you will be happy to know that I'm working on doing some damage control to this friendship, and I'm rather proud of my progress in not being bitter anymore.) I then went to lunch with my mom, dropped her off at my grandma's to help in her garden, then went to see my dad for a little while, went back to get mom, then we went home so I could start the fruit pizza for the bbq at Kyle and Holly's that night before we went over to Brian's girlfriend's graduation party for a little bit. Apparently Mr. Schwint (my bio teacher at Lindbergh) was at the party and actually remembered me and they were talking about me for awhile. Crazy, huh? I have no idea how some of these teachers remember me, or half their students for that matter, since they have so many of them. I relayed this sentiment to my mom, and she informed me that I'm "memorable." Is that a nice way of saying I can be a pain in the ass? Probably. Anyway, I didn't make it over there before he left, but it was nice to hear that he asked about me anyway.

The Memorial Day Celebration BBQ at Kyle & Holly's was really fun. Kyle smoked the turkey and pork, and it was delicious, although it took a little longer than he thought to cook. I was also quite proud of us for managing to have a bbq where we didn't serve a single bag of chips, hotdogs, or hamburgers, and still had plenty of food to eat. I mean, really, Pat made cheesy potatoes - I was totally impressed. I got to see all 6 boys from LHS at varying times, which I of course loved, and we all just had a good time hanging out. My fruit pizza is still a crowd pleaser, I'm happy to report. There was one down side to the evening (which was totally hilarious) - Kyle burned a hole in the deck. I'm not talking bolt hole here. We were concerned the dogs were going to fall through it, and Holly has a shitzu. Our best guess is that some of the coals fell below the smoker and we didn't notice, and slowly burned for like 4 hours until we went out to make sure we didn't need to do anything before Holly went to bed. So funny, yet so bad. They rent from Holly's sister, so I wish her luck telling her the story.

Today (Sunday) I went to lunch with Krystal and her boyfriend, and caught up on everything. Definately good to see her. This afternoon I sat on my butt for awhile, then went shopping with my mom for dinner tonight, which was pork steaks, corn on the cob, and garlic bread off the grill, and salad. Delicious. My aunt and uncle also came over with their new lab puppy to hang out. Good times.

I'm heading back to Branson in the morningish so I have some time to get settled again before the work week starts, and maybe get some work done on my case studies for capstone since I haven't touched them this weekend despite bringing all the stuff. And hang out with the cats, cause I'm sure they miss me (at least a little bit.) Tue it's back to work, and then Wed-Thur meetings in Springfield, and then its Friday again! Hopefully it will go by fast!

This is getting a bit on the long side, so I'll end here. Happy Memorial Day!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Life aint always beautiful...

Welcome to my new blog site. Nice, huh?

The past week or so has not been the best for me. Last Monday my Nana died, 5 hours shy of her 91st birthday. She had a pretty advanced case of ahlzheimers, so I know she's in a better place where she's not suffering anymore and has a better quality of life, but its still sad.

Other things going on:

End of the semester stuff has also been going on, and I am happy to report that all my take home tests and projects got completed on time. And I feel confident that I did well too, which is always nice. I will be starting my LAST SEMESTER as an MBA student the first week of June. I cannot explain how exciting this is. (!)

I also got my hair cut and colored this week, and the new cut is really cute. Shorter again. I like it.

My brother, Brian, is graduating from high school next week. This makes me feel very old, in case you were wondering. He'll start at Mizzou this fall as an Economics major. GO TIGERS! Hehe.

I am also still looking for another job. I know God will provide me with the right opportunity soon, but patience has never been one of my strong points. *Sigh* I pretty much hate my job.

I think I only have one wedding to attend this summer. Shocking, I know.

I would really like to go out to San Diego this summer to visit Jeff and Jess, but with airline prices so high I'm not sure I can. grrr. Jeff's winging ceremony is today, btw. Congrats Jeff!

ok, thats it.