Monday, July 7, 2008

back to reality

Today is the last day of my "staycation" - which I would like to point out was no less busy than a regular vacation. I'm really dreading going back to work tomorrow. But here's how the second half of my vaycay went...

Wed. I ended up going with my brother Brian to see WALL-E. It was cute, but not quite the oh-my-goodness-how-could-I-have-possibly-survived-without-seeing-this-immediately movie some people said it was. But definately worth paying to see, even if its not the next Shrek. Bri and I enjoyed it. Wed night I went over to my dad's house to hang out for awhile, and catch up with him. Good times. Thur. I went out to lunch with my grandma. She wanted to go somewhere 'different' -aka not Fenton - so I took her downtown and we ate at Arcellia's (mexican resturant on Park st.) and went to Park Ave. Coffee for dessert. She really enjoyed both places, and I enjoyed trying the new mexican place, so it was a great afternoon. After I dropped her off, I went to the mall and bought myself like 5 new pairs of pants, mostly for work. (And I got a way cute pair of crop pants and a pair of capri gouchos that I really shouldn't wear to work, but might anyway :) ) Thur night I hung out at home with Mom and read the new book I bought, and thats about it.

Friday was July 4th, and one of my favorite holidays. I love celebrating our nation and the freedoms we're so lucky to enjoy and sometimes take for granted. Plus I like to watch fireworks. I celebrated Independence day first by going over to Sam Ericson's parents' house for a bbq/pool party, and was joined by the fabulous Lindsey Oliver. So glad to see her! After hanging out with Sam and Taylor and some other folks, we headed over to the Casino Queen to meet up with Cyndi Speidel and Aimee Lichtenberg-Quirin (and some other people, who were also fun, but these were the girls I was excited to see!) We at at the humongeous buffet, then sat on the curb to watch the fireworks. It was actually a great place to watch, and not as crowded as the fair would have been. I also got a chance to talk with Aimee's new husband, Andy, about his job at Monsanto, and he was kind enough to offer to pass on my resume to the marketing folks there. So maybe something will come of that. If it does, Aims and Andy are getting something fabulous from me. I don't know what yet, but it will be amazing. :) We hung out at the casino for a bit afterwards, and then Linds and I headed back to SoCo. Fun day.

Sat I hung out with my mom in the morning, and we went to the hardware store for stain for the stairs and whatnot. I then had to go grocery shopping for the bbq that afternoon that I was throwing. Some friends from college (and some friends I've just picked up along the way) came over for some bbq and yard games and whatnot, and we just hung out and caught up. It was good to see Paul again after him being away in Boston so long (training for his new job), though I'm sure I'm not nearly as happy as Emily to have him home. It was a nice afternoon.

The rest of the evening was spent just hanging out, as was Sunday. Sunday night I decided to pack up the cats and go ahead and head back to Branson so that I would have today to just kind of hang out and get everything back in order before having to go back to work. Things like going to the grocery store and unpacking get done today, as well as just a day of rest from my vacation. I also have a conference call at 8pm tonight for capstone. Tomorrow I'm going to have to take Econ with me when I go to get my hair done since I've pretty much ignored it since before I went on vacation, which was probably not my brightest move. Oh well. I'll figure it out. Hopefully. 4 more weeks till I have my MBA!

I think that about wraps it up. Tomorrow its back to reality. I'm ready for another vacation already! lol.