Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olivia Hope Finley

Today I met Miss Olivia Hope Finley (daughter to my good friend Mel and her husband Greg). She is just gorgeous, and the sweetest little thing. She was born Aug. 30, at 10:52pm at St. John's here in St. Louis, and was 6lbs 12oz, and 19.25 inches long. Baby and Mommy are doing great, and it was really great to see Mel in total "Mommy" mode. Greg was just beaming ear to ear too - he's already wrapped around her little finger and she's only a day old! hehe.

I don't feel that the pictures of her just after her birth do her justice, and the web nursery has not been updated since Friday (apparently that person is off this weekend!), so as soon as someone posts some more pics I'll put one up of her. :)

In non-baby related news, I went to the Lindbergh football game on Friday night with Taylor, Sam and Mark. The Flyers played Sam's high school, Fort Zumwalt South, and since her sister is a cheerleader there we went to watch and, as Taylor put it, re-live the 'glory days'. hehe. Lindbergh kicked butt, then we went over to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream in Kirkwood. Good stuff. Before the game, I went to Growlers for dinner with Krystal, and we caught up and whatnot. Good night. :) Sat. I sat around most of the day with my mom, and then Sat night I watched Mizzou beat Illinios with my dad at his house. So its been a good weekend so far!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New beginnings

I pretty much spent 2 weeks camped out in front of my tv watching Olympics coverage. Seriously. When I did venture out of the house, I went to a German beer festival (with very little German beer might I add) in Frystatt (sp?). "Where's that?" you might be asking? Its out past the middle of no where. My friend Tricia's husband, Dave, is from there, so they go every year. It was fun, but man, I don't think I could live out there. Way too far to go to Target. :) And I went to a party in a barn. Signs you really are out in the country. :)

I also attended Mike's going away party. He just finished his internship at St. John's and got a job at SIUE, so he's leaving. (I'm jealous.) So yay for him. My friend Paige got a new job too at Drury University. So lots of celebrations. I also attended a baby shower for my friend Mel (and missed Tricia's bc they were at the same time), and got to see lots of people I hadn't seen in quite some time. My brother also started at Mizzou this week, and it was really strange to be home and have him not be there. Not that he was there a ton before, but I saw him a little bit! So I kind of missed him. And I'm jealous because he's starting at a place that I have so many great memories. So lots of new beginnings for my friends and fam. New chapters in their lives. I'm ready to get in on some of that action!

I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend. I decided to skip the annual float trip on Sunday because Paige decided to go to Eminence, MO to float. If you don't know where that is, its over by West Plains, MO (east side of the state) and like 3 hrs from Springfield. Too far if I want to go to STL too. Anywhere along 44 I would have gone... but that was just too much driving. I have 4 days off - which is amazing - so who wants to hang out? :)

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Michael Phelps has been added to the list of people that I would marry that I've never actually met.

Not only is the man an amazing athlete who's making history as we speak, but he's gorgeous, too. And his mom says he doesn't shut up, so we'll get along fine. :) lol. Seriously, in his interviews he just seems like a great guy. (I need a hobby.)

I felt so bad though for the poor women's gymnastics team in the team finals. I can't be sure, but if they would have hit everything, it would have been damn close, and I think they might have had a gold medal instead of a silver. Oh well. Maybe they'll sweep the all-arround!

Just thought I'd share.


Monday, August 11, 2008

we are family... or are at least attempting it

Awhile back, I received an invitation to my cousin's (Pam) son's vow renewal. (To clarify, my dad's sister, my Aunt Pat, is 18 yrs his senior, and her children are just a few years younger than my dad, making my cousins' children my age (or in Ben's case a few years older) and therefore old enough to be having vow renewals.) This may not seem like it would be out of the ordinary, but when you consider that my dad and Pam don't speak, and haven't for like 20 years now, it suddenly becomes interesting, as we weren't invited to Ben & Kristal's, or his brother Brad's, first wedding. Great family dynamics, right? To make things even more intereting, I'm the only one in my immediate family that received an invitiation to this event. I'm not sure if this is because they didn't have my sibblings' addresses, or because I'm the only one who'smade any attempt to be friendly. There's lots more background to this story with my dad and Pam, but its not relavant to this blog, so I'm just going to skip it. You can ask if you're that curious. :)

Back to the invitiation. Since my dad and Pam literally haven't spoken for 20 years or so, and my aunt allowed that to happen and segregated the family (not that its entirely her fault, but you'd have thought she'd have stepped in a long time ago and said enough is enough), I barely know the names of my dad's side of the family, not to mention their spouses and children. Like my aunt was re-introducing me to people at my Nana's funeral. Sad, I know. So I'd really like to get to know this side of my family, since we've already missed a large portion of each other's lives. That being said, I'm nervous to go to this vow renewal alone. The invite didn't include a guest, and my dad and sibblings weren't invited, there's really no other option. I don't want to blow it off and make it seem like I don't care, but I don't want to spend an entire evening with a room of mostly strangers of whom I'm not sure how they feel about me either. So I'm thinking I might just go to the ceremony and cut out of the reception early. Thoughts? Any tips on how to handle this situation are appreciated. Welcome to my family drama!

In other news, I'm loving watching the olympics, but find that I prefered ABC's 2004 coverage of the summer games to NBC's. Just little things, like ABC had the flags digitally added to the lanes of the pool during swimming races so you knew who was who, make me not like it as well. While the live coverage is nice, I also don't like the jumping arround from sport to sport during coverage. It means that the blocks for coverage are several hours long, and I have to hunt through the footage on my dvr to find the sport I want since its not segmented at all (by hour or anything). Like on Sunday they had 8 solid hours of coverage, not broken up at all, so when I was able to watch I had to hunt arround for what I wanted. So just little things that annoy me. :)

Ok, enough complaining. I got to have lunch with my friend Carrie today, which was a nice way to break up the day. I also exchanged some stuff that I had ordered that was the wrong style/size when it arrived, so I now have new bras and jeans to wear! Yay! I've also been taping The Girls Next Door (as I may have previously mentioned) and am loving watching them in my free time. Good tv. lol. I finally got to talk to my friend Lee this weekend as well. We've hadn't talked in forever... it's like he lives halfway across the country or something. lol (Lee lives in Seattle.) So it was good to catch up.

I think that's it.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

move with a purpose

I often tell people that I feel are not moving at an acceptable rate of speed that they need to "move with a purpose." I come by this desire honestly as my mom is someone who "moves with a purpose" everywhere she goes. I don't think she realizes meandering is even an option, and I often find myself feeling as if I should jog to keep up with her power walking everywhere.

I digress. Back to the point.

Thursday night I was watching The Ron Clark Story on tv. If you're not familliar, it's a story about an inspirational teacher who changed the lives of his inner-city NY students. And I found myself thinking, here's a guy who had a vision of how the world could be, and went about doing what he could to make it happen. Ron Clark, ladies and gentelmen, moves with a purpose. Here is someone who knows where he wants life to take him and who knows what he's capable of, and was able to make a difference in the world. He made enough of a difference that they made a movie about him for goodness sake.

I sell cigarrettes.

This led me to the realization that my life right now is a bit pointless. The better I do my job, the more people smoke and die from it. Great motivation to go to work the next day. Now that I've finished my MBA (!), there really isn't much to my life besides work. Yes, I have my friends and family, and while they're important, most of them are too far away for me to see as often as I would like, and I end up spending most of my weekdays by myself with the cats after work. So my daily impact to society is in the negatives if you conisder that I sell a product that kills people for 8 hrs a day. I need to do something about this.

I'm still looking for another job, but with the economy in the toilet, it's taking longer than I would like to find something. I'm starting to entertain the idea of doing non-traditional work, like wedding planning part time or something. I really don't like living in Hollister, and I don't like my job, and that's about all there is to my everyday life. So something has to change NOW.

I'll let you all know how this goes. Sorry this has been a bit of a downer so far.

In other news, I'm really glad the olympics have started. I loved watching the drummers in the opening ceremonies, and am looking forward to watching swimming and gymnastics this week. Go USA! Also, my friend Carrie needs your prayers this week. She is going in for a mamogram on Thursday because there's some kind of a mass in her right breast. Please pray for her during this time of not knowing - and for her health!

I got three new books this week that I ordered off Amazon, and I'm enjoying reading them. I also finished the Twilight series, and was definately satisfied with the end. You should read them, eventhough they really don't have any literary value. :) This weekend I need to do some cleaning (blah), grocery shopping (which is also not my favorite), and a few other things. Productivity here I come.


Monday, August 4, 2008

be prepared...

...cause until I figure out what to do with myself now that school is over, my blogs may be a bit more frequent than once a week or so. I gotta entertain myself somehow. :) I accidently took a 2 hr nap when I got home, so I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to sleep tonight. Grr. So I blog instead.

My DVR arrived Sat from the cable company (the guy, of course, got to my house at 4:55, and his timeframe was 8-5) and I'm not quite sure how I was functioning without it. I do wish I had a manual or something to read so that I knew exactly what its capable of, but I think I'm muddling through it ok. Its awesome though.

I got the invite today to Tricia's baby shower (way cute invites btw) and it is of course the exact same date and time as Mel's. So I ordered her a gift and will just have to send it with someone else to the shower since I can't be in two places at once. Oh well.

Funny thing happened yesterday. Julie, my friend Krystal's younger sister, sends me a message on Facebook asking me how I know Paul Kopac. Innitially, this question does not suprise me because its a pretty common one (Paul and I know a lot of the same people, but have no direct link to each other like school or church or whatever, so people are always confused), until I realize it's Julie and am like "how do YOU know him?" cause Julie's a few years younger than us and I'm not sure where she would have run into him besides a bar. (hehe) She tells me that she's dating his best friend, Jason, who is also friends with a bunch of my friends. She also been going to Biggie's with all my friends on Wed nights (which btw made me way jealous!) and has met a few of them. Of course the only one she can remember with any clarity is Mike Niethe, but who can blame her? lol. Small world.


Its only Monday.


Friday, August 1, 2008

highest level of education completed: MBA

I finished all my MBA coursework this week! Now all I have to do is complete and turn in my Econ final, and I'm DONE. D-O-N-E! And since I can fail my Econ final and still get at least a "C", I will receive my MBA. Horray! I'm going to have to come up with a new hobby to fill up my newly-rediscovered free time. lol. So I'm excited. I just need to find a new job, and start a new chapter of my life. Pray for that.

Besides giving my final capstone presentation and attending my last Econ class this week, I also got to go to dinner with my friend Kara from work on Tue. We went to dinner at a mexican place called Carl's in Springfield, and treated ourselves to some margaritas along with dinner. Afterwards, since neither of us had seen the new Batman movie (and Kara's boyfriend had gone without her - LAME) we decided to go see it. It was pretty good - but very dark. I can definately see why everyone is raving about Heath Ledger's perfomance. He really steals the show - you kind of forget about Batman, but man, the Joker stands out. Great performance. I was glad to see that it was an awesome perfomance and people weren't crazy about it just because the man is now dead. Anyway, I was glad to get to hang out with Kara before she heads to St. Louis for her new territory (hers here was eliminated, and she got lucky and one opened up there, so she got to go. Bitch. (KIDDING!))

I'm getting a DVR from the cable company delivered tomorrow. They're susposed to be here sometime between 8 and 5. I don't want to have to get up early, but I'd rather have them here at 8 than 5. They're susposed to call, so we'll see. I'm just glad to have a DVR again since mine died. Piece of crap.

Oh, by the way - how the hell did we end up 5 games back from Chicago? I notice the Cards are tied for second with Milwakee again, but seriously, the Cubs can start sucking any time now... we all know choking is their specialty. Any time now... Anyway I'm way excited for the Olympics next weekend. And I ordered Mel's baby shower gift today. Shower isn't until the 24th, but this way I know I'll have it in time.

This has been a random post.