Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good things come to those who wait?

So, in addition to my interview with Daymon on Friday, I also have a phone interview on Friday with the Gateway chapter of the MS Society! Friday may turn out to be a very crucial day and turning point in my career/life... so pray please for good things! Maybe my paitence will finally pay off!

The only (minor) downside to this situation is that it had made me even less motivated to get anything done at my current job. I did not previously think this was possible, but it apparently is. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end though!!

I may also be going apple picking this weekend with my sister and nephew (yes, you read that right). Mom isn't sure yet if she'll be joining us, but I'm excited to go. Apple picking = fun times.

I'm also still driving the truck. It has grown on me, I must say, but I'm ready to have the van back so I can get to some things that I need. And have confidence parking again. Other than that I do not miss the van at all!

I also decided I want to be the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween... but the costume I want (the one that looks like the dress she wears in the movie) is like $150, and I'm not sure I'm willing to pay that. I would have to be her at least 3 times to put it in reasonable price range, and therefore make it worth it. Hm, decisions decisions.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Praise God its been a good couple days

What a great couple days. Thursday evening I had my interview with Daymon, and have an in-person interview next Friday. Way excited about that! Friday I went a bought a new outfit and a new sweater, and got my hair done (an added pleasure to any day) and went to see "My Best Friend's Girl" with Paige. And got ice cream. The movie was fun, and I really enjoyed it. I *heart* Dane Cook. Pretty darn good day considering I had to work! Today I'm going to Celebration City here in Branson with Paige and her friend Laura and Laura's son. Since its St. John's company picnic, we're going for free! Good stuff.

Good tv has also returned in full force, and a few more starting this week. Yay! What would I do without my DVR? How did I live without it?! lol. I'm also almost through the 4th Harry Potter book in my quest to read them all in order. Halfway! Oh, and here's a pic of me and Chubs from last weekend at Cyndi's:

Pretty good for a self-portrait, right? hehe. Kyle has yet to upload anything from the talk like a pirate birthday party, so who knows if you'll ever get to see pics from that.

Have a good weekend!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Warrior

I'm blogging from the CCU waiting room at St. Anthony's in STL where we don't get cell service (which is a bit annoying), but the wi-fi works perfectly. My grandpa is still not doing well, so we're here visiting and keeping my grandma company. She's a bit of a mess, but handling things ok for now. My weekend actually started here at the hospital, too. I came straight here when I got into STL on Friday, and after seeing my grandpa, we decided to go out to eat and it ended up being most of my mom's side of the family - my mom, Bill, my sister and nephew, my grandma, both my aunts and uncles, and my cousin Danielle. It was a nice impromptu family dinner, and a good start to the weekend.

After dinner I headed over to Kyle, Holly & Storm's house for Storm's talk like a pirate birthday party, since his birthday happens to fall on "talk like a pirate day." Everyone was at least a little dressed like a pirate, which was fun, and there was a treasure hunt and everything. Sam made an awesome cheesecake for him, too. And everyone was def. into talking like a pirate. Aarg! lol. Maybe I'll post some pics later.

Sat I sat around most of the day (always a plus), and hung out a little bit with my mom and the rest of my fam. That evening I went with Linds over to Cyndi's to see her new house and to hang out with everyone. Chubs was also in town (!) and it was great to see her. I also got to see Cyndi's pics from China, and am still WAY jealous that she got to go. Aimee and Andy and his friend Adam also made appearances, as well as Dan Fox. We even had to get out a LHS yearbook at one point to look up someone's last name, and took a lovely trip down memory lane. Fun stuff. :) And, I found out Aims bought a house in Cardinal Springs - so I told her she's close enough that I'm totally going to invite myself over some time. She said that was ok. :) I'm so glad I got to see them all! Maybe pics later of this too (if Linds puts them up...)

Later today I'll head back to Branson, and sadly have to go back to the hell that is work tomorrow. *sigh* Someday I'll have a job I like!

Please keep my grandpa in your prayers, and me as I continue to look for a new job!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

It has come to my attention...

... that I am totally fascinated with Hugh Laurie's character Greg House on "House". Not only do I love the character, but am amazed that Laurie can totally transform his voice like that. You can't even detect his (fairly thick) British accent one little bit. Amazing. If you're not watching this show on Tue. nights, you should be.

... (don't hate me for this one) that I am really and truely debt free. I've recently paid off all my furniture that I bought last year, and pay off the credit card balance on my work card every month, and just use the other credit cards in case of emergency. Student loans are also paid off. I don't currently own a car, or a house, so those things are off the list, too. Its kind of a strange feeling... but good. :)

... that Dish is a better deal than my cable and so I'm switching. More channels, about the same price. Internet is also cheaper, but since I don't pay for that part it isn't as exciting (joys of working out of your house).

... that the Harry Potter books are varrying degrees of different from the movies. I've decided to read all 7 books again, but together this time (instead of years apart) and am finding that I remember things differently because of the movies. So I'm re-educating myself.

... that I'm really getting to the point where me and PM need to part ways. Not only do I still pretty much hate it, but lets just say I'm not quite the employee I was 2 years ago when I thought I might want to be promoted with them.

... that I fit in better down here in the ghetto/hickville driving this big truck around. I like driving a truck, but running boards would be nice! And bigger parking spaces/lots so I don't feel like I'm going to just run over other vehicles if they get in my way. (Hopefully it doesn't rain bc there is a lot of work stuff in the bed of the truck bc thats the only place I have to store it.)

... that I have a lot to do before I leave tomorrow. Like dishes and my expenses and maybe some laundry.

... that its still too early to put up my halloween decorations even though I got them all out and they're sitting on my kitchen table. I love holiday decorations.

... that I'm done. :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ram It

Its only Tuesday, but it feels like it should be at least Thursday because of the craziness of the last two days. First, the good news. My grandpa has been in the hospital the past week (not the good part), and previously the docs were giving us a really bad outlook. But today, he is doing much better and responding, and things are looking up. So great news there. Also, I got a call today from Daymon Worldwide, and have a phone interview! Daymon does the sales and marketing (among other things) for private label products, such as the grocery store brands (like Schnucks brand in STL). So I'm excited to talk more with them. Its cool too because they found me - so just another reason to praise God!

The not so good news is that I'm driving a Dodge Ram these days. You may be thinking, "but Erin, isn't this good? You hate driving the minivan." Well, the bad part is that the minivan had to be towed because I was in an accident yesterday. The other driver was making a left turn across the divided highway, and turned into the driver's side of my car. It could have been much, much worse though - we were both ok. I slammed on my brakes so she didn't hit me while I was going 60+ mph, (which could have caused things like spinning across traffic and rolling in addition to the crunching of metal), but my car was still un-driveable. So while its being fixed I'm driving the truck. Its a king cab too - meaning its MASSIVE. Like I think 6 people could easily ride in the cab. So if I need to sleep in it I guess there will be plenty of room! Anyway, there aren't any running boards on it either, so I have to climb in since the mirrors are about the same height as my chin. Probably kind of funny to watch. :) Because of all this, I also had to go take a drug test this morning. Yay for peeing in a cup... or not.

Good tv is starting back up, and I'll be in STL this coming weekend and its shaping up to be a lot of fun. Also, I ordered DISH today, and that'll be installed soon too. And the weather has been really great the last few days, which I'm always thankful for since I'm in and out so much!

*sigh* isn't it Friday yet?


Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall weather is coming...

...if we can just get rid of all this rain, I'll be in heaven. I love fall. Pretty leaves, moderately cool temperatures, college football, october baseball... and sweaters in fall colors that flatter my skin tone (lol). I changed out my door decoration this week from the summer red, white and blue stars to the harvest colored welcome. Soon I'll be getting out all the holiday stuff - the stores already have! In order to commerate the changing of the seasons and halloween coming up, when I got my pedicure today, I choose a festive orange color.

Which I'll admit would look a bit more flattering if I was a bit more tan. Oh well. Other benefits to the weather being a bit cooler (though today was an exception), is that I've gotten to get back out one of my favorite pairs of sweat pants to wear arround the house. I have them on right now with a tank top and am quite comfy.

Paige is coming down tomorrow for dinner so that I can take her to my favorite mexican resturant to prove to her its at least as good if not better than the one we always go to in Springfield. I'm actually pretty excited about it. Plus I think the people there think I have no friends since I often eat lunch there by myself (such is the life of a sales rep), so at least they can see that I'm not a lepper or something. :) Its also the 20th anniversary of our church in STL this weekend. I'm not attending because I didn't feel like driving in just for that, but its cool since my mom was a charter member of the church. Lots of the old staff is coming, so it'll be a good time I'm sure. Mom is excited about it anyway.

I've been watching a lot of "House" lately on USA. I think I'm becoming addicted. Yes, I know that I've been telling you almost every post that there's a new show I like. I haven't been home consistently each night for the last few years with school, so I'm re-discovering all the tv that's on. It's intereting to see what's available and what I like. And sort of depressing that I have this much time on my hands to figure out what I like. Hm. Eh.

Next weekend I will be in STL. I'm told Ms. Oliver will also be touring in the area that weekend, and possibly Chubs. So I'm excited to see them. Plus, Kyle and Holly are having a party that weekend on National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I was told that dressing like a pirate was a requirement. So that should be interesting to say the least if people actually dress up. I'm thinking maybe an eye patch and hat will do the trick. And maybe a sword, because that would be fun. Hehe. We'll see. You never know what can happen with me at the party store.

Thank God its the weekend!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Its a reunion!

So I watched Oprah's welcome home for the Beijing Olympics atheltes today, and I totally felt like I was at a reunion. Because I pretty much knew EVERYONE that walked down the isle in Chicago. I mean, I realized that I watched a lot of olympic coverage during those 17 days, but even I didn't realize I watched THAT much. Cause I knew everyone. It was great.

I wondered when I heard about this if it would be as exciting an entire month later. I shouldn't have doubted Oprah - it re-ignited my excitement to be an American and pride for my country, and just re-created the excitement I had during the olympic games. I was sitting at home, cheering (again) as they entered and re-played all the big moments. I had goosebumps from excitement.

Very cool. I got to hear from all my favorite athletes, and it can't hurt Chicago's bid for the 2016 olympic games. I am so going if they get it! Anyway, I would have loved to have been there today!

I hope you all watched. If not, I have it taped. ;)

Oh, and Michael Phelps will be hosting Sat. Night Live this week (9/13) - so watch!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

As promised

Last week I promised you a picture of the lovely Miss Olivia Hope. So here you go.

Pretty cute if I do say so myself. Congrats Mel and Greg!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Did I mention its Friday?

Today, after 3 days of rain (bleh), we had the most beautiful weather here. I mean, the sun was out, it was in the 70s most of the day - just gorgeous. Thank you God for this beautiful weather!

Other reasons today was good:
-I got to have lunch with Kara, Christy and Brenda at San Fransico Oven (Kara was in town to move her stuff)
-we didn't have a conference call today for work so I was done early
-I talked to my uncle for awhile and got some good advice
-I had mexican for dinner from my favorite mexican place (which I apparently go to a bit too often as the manager dude actually knows me... oh well)
-I got my cats' nails clipped today, which I have been meaning to do all week
-did I mention its FRIDAY?!

I also watched "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" this evening (season premier) and someone actually won the million dollars. I also watched the "Grizzly Man Diaries" on Animal Planet, and found it really interesting. I might have to start taping those. On a totally unrelated note, I was reading Ariel's blog tonight and, as usual, was impressed by her knitting skills and her latest project. If we actually talked, like in person, and not just me feeling like we do since I know what's going on in her life since I read her blogs and whatnot, I would totally ask her to make me one of the sweaters she made herself. It looks so comfy and warm and perfect for the fall. I should learn how to knit. Hm.

One other random story. My cats have this nylon and plastic play-thing that they play on. It was like $15 at Wal-Mart, and was a huge hit, which is funny in and of itself since its basically a glorified tinker toy - the parts are color coded plastic that you put together. Anyway, they love it. This week though, I noticed that they had ripped a huge hole in the top of the nylon on one side (where Sammy, my black cat, is laying). At first I thought this was because they play so hard on it - chasing each other through it and jumping on it, etc. But no. I soon discovered this was not a play issue, but a weight issue. See, my Sally Mae (pictured in the lower cubby), is a bit on the overweight side, and she likes to lay up there. I noticed this week that the other side of the nylon is also ripping, suggesting that play has nothing to do with it. I laughed so hard when I discoverd that her chubbiness was the cause of the ripping. I don't really know why I found it so funny, but I did. So I suspose soon I'll be investing in another one of these things. Too bad Sally can't just transfer some of her weight to Sammy. Sam's a bit on the thin side these days due to her piglet sister, but I've been feeding them differently and I think Sally has lost a little and Sammy has gained some back. Oh well.

That's all.