Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas wrap-up

As promised, picture of Devin at the firehouse...

Sorry the picture quality isn't the greatest - it was on my phone and the light from the massive windows wasn't helping!

Church Christmas Eve was good, as was expected, except that my grandma skipped, which was weird because she claimed that she didn't know that there was church that evening. Um, there's church EVERY YEAR on Christmas Eve, and she usually comes with us! I don't know what her deal was, but she missed a lovely service. Did Christmas with Dad after the service, and Crystal (my soon to be former step-sister) and her kids came over too, which was fun. Her daughter Emma is my fav. of her 3 because she's such a little spit fire. I just enjoy her. The kiddos baked and decorated cookies, and we had ham. Good times. Christmas morning we did presents with Mom and went to my Aunt Kris's house (as previously mentioned) which was fine, and then headed over to my Aunt Pat's house (my dad's sister) to see those people for awhile. This is really significant because we haven't seen them on a holiday in years. Years people. So it was good to see relationships being mended and formed, and I was happy to get to know some of the people on that side of the family. I think my aunt was excited too to have everyone there. Its still weird to go to a family gathering where I barely know people, but hopefully that situation will eventually fix itself. I'm trying at least!

After the festivities I met up with Pat, Mark, Mike, Storm and another guy I don't know at Mamacita's (or however you spell it) for "Messy Christmas" drinks. Somehow it got dubbed that, but I'm all for starting new traditions. lol. Friday was glorious because I was home by myself most of the day, and that rarely happens. It was like Christmas all over again, lol. I got new books as gifts, and it was nice to have uninterrupted time to read them! Today I got to use my gift certificate to get a pedicure (thanks Mom!) and had my fake nails taken off. If you're unaware, I've had fake nails for several years, so it feels really weird to not have them. But its an easy place to cut expenses, so off they went. My toes are a pretty coral color though :).

I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to spend more time 1-1 with my friends. So I might be calling you for a "date" if that one sticks. I generally don't make them as a rule, but that one seems like it has good potential. We'll see. Speaking of New Year's, I have no clue what I'll be doing to ring in 2009. Something will materialize I'm sure...

The weather is also unseasonably warm today. I'll take it while it lasts!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the day before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Eve! Today not only marks the first day of my Christmas break from work (yay), but I was also able to share some of the Christmas spirit with those who serve us. Mom, Devin and I (and some other people from our church) went and delivered cookies and other treats to the policemen and firemen in the area. We went to the Kirkwood fire department and police station, and it really was a blessing to be able to show them that we care and put a smile on their faces. Plus, at the fire house Devin got to see the fire trucks and he got stickers and stuff at both places. Fun day. I have a picture from the fire house on my blackberry, but I can't find the cord right this second to get it off, so maybe I'll post that later.

Last night was the "find out what sex Taylor and Sam's baby is" dinner. Holly and Kyle made a delicious spaghetti dinner, and we found out its a BOY! Yay! They're thinking Max for his name, and I'm just so excited for them. So now I can look at blue stuff for them! lol. And we can refer to him as a "he" now instead of it, which is nice. I also helped H&K wrap a few of their presents, for which they were quite appreciative.

Church is tonight, and its my favorite service of the year. The story of Jesus's birth will be told, complete with lighting the candles in the nativity set and singing silent night in the dark with everyone in the church holding their own candle. I love it. :) Then we're going over to my dad's house I think to do Christmas with him. Tomorrow we'll do presents with Mom, then head over to my Aunt Kris's house for her side of the family. I may also go by my Aunt Pat's too. We'll see - depends how scheduling goes. Then tomorrow night, since I have nothing and several of my friends will be done too, we're all hanging out to celebrate the end of Christmas. Should be a good time!

Also, every year our neighbor hood has Santa come around in a sleigh to visit all the kids. He came last Sunday night, and here are a few pics from that.

If you're traveling today or in the next few, be safe, and have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Parties, presents and cookies

I love a good party. Plenty of people gathered together to have a good time and celebrate Christmas is definately what I consider fun, and this weekend has plenty of it. Last night was Cat's party, and she had a pretty good crowd out to celebrate Christmas. Lots of food and gossip (poor Mark) and ugly sweaters made for a fun night. I made cookies yesterday to take over, and they were a hit since they were all gone by the end of the night! I also had to be told no more work since I was soliciting people to particiate in the WalkMS event in April. People were interested though! lol. (go to to register!) Tonight is the Bembower's Christmas party. We're doing a gift exchange there, so I took some time on Fri. to make sure that I had everything bought for that. Should be fun and interesting to say the least.

Tomorrow Chariti and I are delivering gifts to our clients for work. I'm excited to go out and meet them and put a smile on their face. Then Tue is my last day of work until the 2nd! Horray for break! I think Tue night we're also having a dinner because Sam & Taylor might get to find out the sex of their baby that day, and I'm way excited to find out (and excited for them). Plus its just fun to get together. :) Good times. Then its Christmas Eve! Horray!

I also recently bought all 3 "The Santa Claus" movies, and I'm looking forward to watching them all.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Icky start to a bad weather day

Just a quick post to tell you about my not-so-wonderful morning. I woke up and noticed the house was FREEZING cold. So I went downstairs to check the thermostat, and discovered that it was only 57 degrees! BRRR! Our heat was not working properly! (Its fine now - the battery in our thermostat was dead, so it didn't kick on the heat!) So we got dressed in the freezing cold, and then it took me a hour and a half to drive to work (usually a 30-45 min drive) because of the crappy weather. Blah. So I was about 30 min late for work (I even left early!). I will say though, my car has an awesome defroster. Thank God!

Once there though, I was suprisingly productive, and got a lot of stuff done. I actually called every one of my current team captains and introduced myself today and gave them my contact information. This was extremely tedious since I mostly left messages, but will be worth it I think. I hate having to have the same conversation over and over and going down a list like that, but luckily there are only 56 people on my list right now, so it wasn't so bad. Closer to the event? More like 100 teams. I won't be doing it all in one day, thats for sure! I think they liked being called though.

It took me about a hour to get home, and then I went out to eat with Mom, Angel (my cousin), my Aunt Kris and Uncle Cesare. It was fun. Tomorrow is dinner with Mel (!) and then I'll stay the night at Kristen's since she's on call. Which is convenient because the weather is susposed to be crap again Thur.

That's it.


Monday, December 15, 2008

the weather outside is frightful...

There was actually enough ice and other crap this morning that my office didn't open until 10am! I was very thankful to not have had to be out in the crazy morning rush, and that everyone got to work safely! Due to coming in late, my work day just flew by, and I was pretty productive on top of it. Plus there was suprisingly little traffic going home, so I got there pretty quick too. Mom and I made burgers for dinner, and went to the Christmas Cantata at church. It was pretty good, and it was good to spend the evening with Mom.

Wed. evening I'm going to dinner with Mel and Olivia (I think Greg is skipping out) and I'm WAY excited to see them. I haven't seen Mel since Olivia was a few days old, and she's 3 months now! So yeah, I'm pumped.

Its susposed to snow more tomorrow, too. I hope not too much, because I hate having to deal with it for weeks on end. Nice polite snow for Christmas, then I'm done with it! lol. Speaking of Christmas, I'm ready for it. Ready for the parties, the family get-togethers, church on Christmas Eve, all of it. I love this time of year - all the good will, lights and decorations, and movies... its just fun. And since I feel like this month is flying by, good thing I'm ready!

Be safe if your weather is like ours, and happy Monday!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


SAMMY IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND!!! I am so thankful!

I'm in Denver for the Mass Media workshop for work. We're going to dinner tonight with the group, but we're all susposed to pay for ourselves (expense it off when you get home) which seems crazy and a logistical nightmare to me to take 10-15 people to dinner and pay separately. Oh well. Hopefully it'll be fun. My co-worker, Stephanie, is here with me and I'm glad to have the company and to get to know her better. Its nice to have someone to talk to, too.

Ok, dinner.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bring on Christmas

Before I get to what's going on, I have to tell you about my current most pressing concern: my Sammy is missing. We think she got out sometime yesterday afternoon (Mom was off and the AT&T guy was here among other people) as people were coming and going and Mom didn't see her.

We really didn't know till this morning that she wasn't in the house (cats often hide or sleep somewhere where we can't find them), and I've been worried about my baby all day. Please pray she's all right! She has her collar on it with my number, so hopefully someone finds her and calls or she turns up!!

Thanksgiving was at our house, and was lots of fun since almost everyone came. We had a housefull, and almost everyone was drinking wine, so you can kind of guess how our afternoon went. :) The day after Cyndi had people over, and in addition to the STL folks, I got to see the lovely Ms. Lindsey Oliver and her bf Mark. Good times :)

Today is my nephew Devin's birthday, as well as my cousin Danielle's, so my sister threw them (mainly Devin) a party at her house. Most of the family came out, and I think he had a lot of fun. He's 5 now... where does the time go? Here's some pictures from the party:

The first pic is of Devin and Danielle, then blowing out the candles, then Devin with the new bear I got him and his old one. I bet you can guess which is which!

Work is going good. I'm actually starting to plan things and am learning more about what my actual job duties are and have even started doing some of them which is exciting. I really am so much happier - I don't dread going to work in the morning (though I'm still not a fan of getting out of bed - but that's to be expected). I still look forward to Friday, but not because work is terrible. I'm still learning office dynamics of course, and that's interesting since I haven't really had to deal with that before. Fun though. We decorated the office for Christmas on Friday and had a blast. I definately like this job. There are things I kind of miss about my old job, but they don't nearly match the things I like better about this one. Yay!

My Christmas cards are ready to go out, except for the couple that I'm still waiting on updated addresses from... so if you're reading this, get on it! I think I'm also done with my Christmas shopping, unless I have to buy something else because one of the Christmas parties decides to do a gift exchange. Most of our decorations are up, and barring just horrible weather, I'll prob, finish them up tomorrow. I'm ready - bring on Christmas!
Next week will be super busy - I leave for Denver Monday night, get back Wed night, Bike MS awards dinner on Thur. night, and then its Friday again. Whew.
I think that's it. Pray Sammy makes it home safely!!