Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mizzou memories

Last night I went with Krystal and her boyfriend to Harpo's in Chesterfield to watch Michigan State beat kU and hang out. There was karaoke going on too - which is generally at least mildly entertaining to watch. Things were going along about how karaoke goes - some people are great and others are terrible - and then this guy gets up to sing Billy Joel's 'Piano Man'. I am immediately taken back to Columbia circa 2003 at Fat Otter's with all the gang and Caleb singing 'Piano Man' with all of us singing right along with him. It made me miss those days really badly, and all the people who were there almost every weekend at the bar. Ah, memories. And it made me decide that I was now in love with the karaoke dude singing eventhough I knew the words to the song he was singing slightly better than he did and did not actually know him or ever plan to speak to him. Details, right? Crazy sometimes how something so simple brings back a specific memory so strongly!

And speaking of wonderful times in Columbia, how 'bout them Tigers?!?! UCONN is going DOWN baby! M-I-Z... I'm leaving in a few min to go watch the game actually with some friends. We will prevail! lol

Tonight is also Aimee's birthday party, which I plan to at least make an appearance. Yay for a day filled with basketball and friends! Earlier today we had our Challenge Walk MS kickoff, and it was well attended despite the rain. It went smoothly, and I'm kind of glad to now have it out of the way! Paula, our development director, and I also decided that really we're like twins separated at birth (despite her being a few years older than me) because we like the same drinks, shoes and both have a love for pickles that meant we were eating the leftover ones for sandwiches as we cleaned up aftewards. Its crazy. I really enjoy her, too. :)

Ok, basketball!


Friday, March 27, 2009

all I have to say is...



Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness

To me, this week epitomizes what the month of March is all about. St. Patrick's Day was Tuesday, the NCAA tournament started on Thursday, and the first day of spring was on Friday. And it was even semi-warm this week, making me think that spring really is about here. Yay!

St. Patty's day was pretty tame this year since it fell on a Tue. and that's the night my sister is usually on call. So I was at her house instead of downtown at the bar with everyone else. But it was really nice (70s), so we bbq'd and hung out outside for a little while, which was fun, too. Devin and I took advantage of the nice weather to take some pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

I got my hair cut and colored on Wed., and am pretty happy with the results. Katie has turned out to be a great pick as my new stylist. (Praise God.)

My bracket for the tournament is holding up pretty solid right now - no one in my top 8 has been knocked out yet. Hopefully that holds! GO TIGERS!!! 12 of my picks made it to the Sweet 16, so I think overall I'm doing ok. I tend to fill out my bracket backwards - I pick the winner and final 4 first, and then just kind of fill in from there. So there end up being teams in the middle who are inconsequential to my overall plan and I tend to be more careless when picking them. So like the Midwest portion of my bracket has a lot of misses in round 2, but only one for the Sweet 16. The East, however, is missing 2 and my South 1 (West is 4 for 4). Hopefully my picks will prevail!

In real estate news, my inspection went well and we sent the sellers a list of things that we want them to fix, so hopefully they just say ok and fix them all and we'll be good to go. I also secured my financing this week - 4.5% baby! - so I was excited about that! I'll keep you updated as I know more.

Work is busy, and I got frustrated with my boss on Friday because a previously discussed small project has become a really large one and no one bothered to tell me until I went to have copy approved on Fri. that is now totally useless because the project changed. That probably made no sense to you, but just know that it makes things much harder and I was ticked. Oh well, this too shall pass, right?

I also got Sam's baby shower invites done this weekend! Here's how they turned out:

Lots coming up in the next few weeks - I'll be a busy girl!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cautiously optomistic

After going back and forth several times, I finally have an accepted offer on a townhouse! I'm cautiously optomistic at this point - the sellers have said some things that make me a little nervous for inspection, so we'll see. I called to schedule my inspection with Mr. Dudley, and it is currently scheduled for Mon. So we'll get that done, and then we'll see where things stand! I'm looking at this one, if you'd like to see the listing. Crazy days ahead, but I'm excited to see how it all works out! To celebrate (and just to hang out) I'm going out to dinner with Sam this evening, and I think we're going to go meet up with Taylor too. I don't know if anyone else is coming because LOTS of people are out of town! I'm looking forward to moving and being in my own space again, but I'm NOT looking forward to the actual moving of all my stuff, which is currently being stored at various family members' houses. Ugh. That is going to be a long day of loading and unloading!

My friend and co-worker, Randy, turns 50 today, and to celebrate he's walking 50 miles to raise money for the National MS Society. 50 miles! We made signs and stuff this week to put up along his route, and he said when he stopped for lunch that he was surprised and happy to see them. He expects to be at the Arch between 6 and 6:30 to finish up... great job Randy! My almost-step brother, Danny, turns 21 today too. Happy birthday to both of them!

Plans for Sam's baby shower are in full swing - we bought stuff for invitations, and think we have settled on a decorating theme. :) Should be fun! April is going to be a very busy month for me. My mom turns 50 on the 4th (though she won't be walking 50 miles!), then its Easter, then Walk, then closing, then moving/baby shower, then it's May and more moving and Bike stuff! Whew! I'll have to schedule some down time in there! lol. I'm ready for spring!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm doing something that I pretty much never do, which is post from work. (Don't worry - its my lunch hour.) But last night was busy and today will be too since my sister is on call and I don't generally get on her computer when I'm over there because its in her bedroom and its just kind of weird. So here we are.

I made two offers on condos yesterday! One in Maryland Heights and one in St. Charles. You may be thinking, "Erin, how many flippin' condos do you need?!" Just one, but in the event one doesn't work out I still have the other as an option. So I'm hedging my bet. I've already lost one I like, and I don't want to repeat the process! lol. Anyway, I'll keep you posted as I hear more, but pray that it works out with one of them. If you've read this blog at all, you know that I am SO ready to move!! That's what's going on with that. Stay tuned for more info!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good stuff

Oh my what a week its been! As expected, this week was again really busy at work. Very successful though, as we had a bunch of people register for both Bike MS and Walk MS! So at least my hard work was worth it.

Friday evening I went over to a friend's house to celebrate Cyndi's birthday. We had a good time, and it was fun to see her group again. She has interesting friends with great stories, so I enjoy hanging out with them and meeting new people. I mean, how many people do you know that have dated an honest-to-God diagnosed schizophrenic? Like I said, great stories.

Yesterday I went and looked at townhouses and houses again, and am happy to report that I've found some that I could actually live in! YAY! I'll keep you updated on the progress with all of that, but know I'm at least starting to get somewhere. Sat. evening Kyle and Holly hosted that group's first BBQ of the season! We took full advantage of the nice weather and even ate outside. The food was yummy and it was a lot of fun. It was especially nice because that group hasn't been hanging out as much the last few weeks, and I missed them! It makes me excited for spring and summer - I'm going to be really sad when it gets cold again for little while longer!

This morning I went to church with Mom and Bill, and then went to a few open houses with my dad. It was good to see some of the places again to take notes and rule some places out. I'm home now, and am seriously considering having ice cream for dinner. I love nice weather!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Show me your orange

Oh my, what an interesting week its been. Work has been absolutely nuts. Next week is MS Awareness Week, a Team Week for Bike MS, a Team Week for Walk MS, and the start of March Madness (which is like a month long team week) for Challenge Walk MS. What does all this mean? It means that I've been a VERY busy girl this past week, and that next week I will be executing all my hard work. Hopefully seamlessly. So wear your orange to support the cause, and look for us around town on Wed. and Thur. handing out information for Awareness Week. There will probably be orange something involved, because that's just how we roll. Visit our website for more info about MSAW, to see videos, and all kinds of other stuff. I also had my first work-related brush with drama this week (at this job anyway), which was bound to happen sooner or later since I work in an office with 30+ women. It really just made an already hectic week that much crazier, and also made me aware of some personalities in the office that I will be avoiding if possible in the future. I don't need any more craziness than I already have! lol.

My personal life has been pretty tame this week, and since most of my shows are back I now spend a lot of time watching stuff I've DVR'd. Its pretty sad really, but I can't help it. I love me some reality tv. I do watch House and Grey's Anatomy, but I think everything else is some form of a reality show. Shame shame, but what can you do. This week I also was reading a new book, so you know besides that and watching tv I didn't really do much else! I finished it though! So Friday night I stayed in reading and relaxing. Sat. I hung out at home most of the day (I watched part of an Amazing Race marathon of season 9) and that evening I went to dinner with my mom and Bill. I then headed out to Nick's Pub to meet up with Aimee and Cyndi and that gang for awhile. It was fun! I'm really glad I get to see them more often now.

This morning I went to church with Mom and Bill, and this afternoon I went to a few open houses. Nothing magical, but its nice to see some stuff to get a better idea of what I really like or don't like. This evening I was home by myself, so I watched the rest of the Amazing Race marathon (it was a 2-day deal, and I taped the ones for today - I know, sad) and vegged on the couch. (No Sunday night date with Sam this weekend. I kind of missed her, but was not motivated enough to get up off the couch to call and see what she was up to. This makes me quite pathetic, huh?) I did do some online shopping though - new clothes coming in the mail!

In unrelated news, some friends of mine were blessed this week with the birth of a new baby boy! Congrats Greg and Crystal on baby Bennett Gregory! You can go to Crystal's blog ( to see pics and read about their experience. Greg and I used to be in youth group together, and our moms are friends as well since they attend the same church. They're going to be great parents, and I hope they're having fun in their new role! God has great things in store for this new family!

This has somehow gotten pretty long. I'll stop now!