Monday, August 24, 2009

Gardens and a Mini Road Trip

I was tempted to title this post as something containing the word "fun" but the last 2 posts are titled that way and I didn't want the few of you who read this to get too bored. This past weekend was great fun though.

I actually didn't have ANY concrete plans this weekend. At all. I was kind of amazed. So I got to plan things last minute and just do stuff I wanted. Excellent. Sat I finished the book I was reading and then headed south to meet up with my sister and Devin to go to the Botanical Gardens. We had a good time in the children's section and just walking around. Devin knows that I'm the photographer in our family, so there was lots of "take my picture doing this!" I might have created a monster...

I cannot believe he's in kindergarden already. I'm so old.

Kristen and Devin


Sunday I got to go to lunch with Taylor, Sam and Max at Culvers - yum! I was excited to get to hang out with them since it seems like I haven't seen them much lately where we've actually gotten to talk. You know I loved it. While we were there, I commented that I kind of wanted to go to Concert on the Quad in Columbia that evening. Sam responds that we should totally do it. So we did - 2 hours later we packed up Max and a blanket and some chairs and headed west. It was so much fun - we met up with Adam, my brother Brian, Mike Kristin, Mallory, Marcus and a few other too and had a picnic of Shakespear's pizza on the Quad and listened to the band play. So fun. I'm so glad we did it! Max was an awesome traveller and was great the whole time - I hope it gives Sam confidence to do spontaneous things more often!

Brian and me

Max Sam and Adam

Max chilling out at our picnic

Definately a fun weekend.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Other fun

Kyle was in town last weekend, so I headed out to Storm's house to play poker with the boys. It wasn't my best game as the luck just didn't fall my way, but it was really good to see Kyle and hang out. I hadn't been out to Storm's new house either, so it was cool to see it. Lots of people buying houses these days - Kara is under contract for a house by my mom's too! I'm glad people are taking advantage of the good buyers market and getting their first home.

I also worked last weekend, which in and of itself was not exciting. However, I worked with Lura and she brought her niece, Isabella, with her. I had a grand time playing with her - she's 4 months old and cute as a button. So that made the day go by much faster. I went straight from there to my uncle's retirement party, but didn't stay long because I was so tired. After I went home and took a nap I felt much better!

Holly came back to STL for like 36 hours this week before heading to Dallas, so I was excited to go to happy hour with her yesterday at Venice Cafe. Yay for girly vodka drinks and fried dumplings - yum!! I am going to miss that girl. Who is going to plan these fun excersions now? I guess I'll have to do some planning now that they're gone. But they'll be back soon, right guys? Right.

Well this was random.

Ben's 30th

As previously mentioned, my cousin Ben turned 30 and his suprise birthday party was last weekend. I was really excited to have gotten an invitation and was thrilled to be able to go. I am enjoying getting to know this side of my family that I haven't really seen in 20 years. Its kind of fun, but weird at the same time because I should have grown up with these people who are practically strangers. Oh well. I can't change the past, but I can do something about it now. Anyway, Kristal (Ben's wife) threw him a suprise birthday party at their house. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and hang out. Plus Ben likes the same kind of cake and foods as me, so that was a definate bonus lol.
Ben in his 30 glasses :)

Kristal and Ben

So far Kristal and Ben have been the easiest to get to know better, and I am really enjoying them. I hope we can get together more in the future - I know they can throw one hell of a party!


Lots of fun

I really don't know when my life got to be so busy. I never think I'm that busy until I start looking at my schedule and realize it's on the full side. Take last weekend. Friday night I stayed home to do some reading (right? yes.) Nothing crazy, but I was enjoying being by myself since nothing else was going on. Then Sat. hits. I have volunteered to work a table at the Sears Appliance Store in Ballwin for 2 hours with my co-worker Traci, and need to be there at 11. Fine. My cousin Ben's birthday party is that evening at 4 in House Springs, and then I'm supposed to be in Fenton at 8 for poker. I live in St. Charles. I quickly realize I am going to be gone most of the day. Hm. Sunday morning I am scheduled to work the I Scream for Ice Cream Trailnet ride in Edwardsville, IL (45 min or so away) and then head straight to my Uncle Jim's retirement party at Jefferson Barracks park (45 min in another direction). Huh, gone most of the day again. Maybe its because I don't plan in advance to come home for stuff so I'm almost suprised when it comes up? Hm. Oh well. Life is pretty good. :)


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Winery and see ya soon

Last weekend I went to Sugar Creek Winery in Defiance, MO to celebrate Holly's graduation/birthday and to hang out before she and Kyle move to Dallas for Kyle's job. It was a fun day of drinking wine and just enjoying being together.
Kyle and Mark

Holly and Kyle

Kyle and me

The ladies: Courtney, Sam, me, Holly, Stephanie, Kara

Kyle headed to Dallas the next day, and Holly heads down on the 21st after spending some time in Flordia with her sister. It'll be really weird not to have them around anymore when we hang out. Assuming we actually hang out since they're not here to plan stuff lol. I'll miss you Kyle & Holly! Good luck in Dallas and come visit often!