Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beach it

After the wedding, we were able to just hang out and enjoy being in Flordia. How often do you go on vacation with 14 of your friends? Sunday I mostly just layed on the beach all afternoon. Some people flew kites too since it was kind of windy and we did get in the ocean for awhile. Mostly I layed on the beach though. I didn't even need a book. I just layed there. :) This is the only picture I could rouse myself long enough to take:

It was a really fun and relaxing day. Later, we all went out to dinner at Pompano Joe's for a delicious seafood dinner. We had a lot of fun hanging out and even used the white plastic cups pictured below to play the Cup Game at the table for a bit. It was fun and gave me flash backs to band camp lol.

Newlywed kisses
After dinner we headed back to the houses for dance party and drinking part 2 and had a blast. We were hanging out on the 4th floor balcony and I really wish I could remember what prompted this picture:

Mike and Adam cuddling with Kyle

It was such a fun night. The next morning lots of people left and those of us that were left headed to the Broken Egg Cafe for brunch in Sandestin. It was GREAT.

On the way back to the houses we stopped at the outlet mall and Cat, Holly and I went shopping for a little bit. I got a new Coach wristlet, Holly got a Coach purse and Cat got a Douney and Bourke wristlet for her and her mom. We all got stuff at PacSun too. It was a productive hour! The guys went go carting for awhile and checked out the boardwalk. Great way to spend the last few hours in Destin!

I was sad to go back home to the cold and rain and to leave our awesome house on the beach. It was an awesome trip and I am so glad I was able to go to share in Holly & Kyle's special day.


Reception fun

Ok, so there are going to be like 5 posts about Flordia. It was just so fun and I took plenty of pictures to document it.

After the wedding we all went back to the house for dinner and drinks and a dance party! First the Colliers cut the cake that Adam and I went to get earlier in the day:
Kyle actually brewed his own beer and made labels for it to give to the guys. It was delicious beer! Here they all are with the bottles.

And later they put "wedding sand" in them for souviners. It was cute.
Then we took some fun group pictures, like this one of the guys holding Holly.
And us girls holding Kyle
Then of course garter retrieval...
And a quick group shot :)

After this the dance party and drinking started and I was too busy doing those to take any more pictures. I had a damn good time though! Congrats again Holly & Kyle!!

Kyle & Holly's Wedding

With no offense meant to the other weddings I've been to, Kyle & Holly's wedding was one of the prettiest wedding I have ever had the pleasure of attending. On the beach, just before sunset with such a cute couple... it was just wonderful. Before I get too much into the wedding though, I should tell you about the funny thing that happened that afternoon.

In order to help out, I offered to go pick up the wedding cake and grooms' cake. So I grab Adam (Wilke) and we head out. Kyle says the cake is at Kroger by Bass Pro. Ok. Adam thinks he remembers seeing a Kroger sign on the main road so without any questions we leave. We drive up and down the main road. For like 30 minutes. There is NO Kroger. Anywhere. So we call Mark and have him Google it to see if maybe it's not really by Bass Pro. Except Google says there's not a Kroger for over 50 miles. Hm. So the only grocery store we've seen is a Publix. In we go and what do you know, that's where the cake is! Luckily we didn't wait until the last minute to go get the thing because we would have been late for sure! After getting the cake from "Kroger" we pick up a few more things for Kyle and head back. You can bet we gave him crap for telling us the wrong name!!
Kyle came over to get ready at our house and it gave me the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with him and the guys. We got some excellent shots, like the ones below:
Pat, Kyle, Adam, Mike, Taylor, Storm, Mark and Dan
the "stoic" shot (there were tons of group shots, these were just 2 of my faves)
Heading over to the beach for the ceremony
Holly and her mom on their 4th floor balcony
Me waiting for the ceremony to start
You may now kiss the bride!
Walking on the beach as husband and wife into the beautiful sunset after a beautiful ceremony!
And leaving "just married" footprints in the sand!
Holly looked like a beach princess and it was so special to watch two of my friends officially start their lives together!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holly's Bachelorette Party

I've decided to post about Florida in chunks since there was such distinct sections of the trip.

After we got settled, it was time for Holly's bachelorette party!

We went to several different places and had a blast. Check out the pictures:


The Sunshine State

Last weekend I went to Flordia with 14 of my friends, 2 of whom were getting married! Wedding preparations actually started on Wed. for me when I went to get a pedicure with Sam, Kara and Anna since we were not allowed to wear shoes to the wedding on the beach. I then spent Thursday night packing and cleaning before heading to the airport on Friday morning to fly out with Cat, Mike, Pat and Storm. The guys enjoyed a drink during our layover in Dallas to kick off the trip.
We finally arrived in Flordia and I was thrilled to see this as we were landing:
Yay for the ocean! We then got our rental car (we flew into Pensacola) and headed for Destin and our awesome beach house.
Upon arriving here, I pretty much instantly felt richer. It was awesome. Another awesome part was that we were like 4 houses down form Kyle and Holly's house, which was right on the beach. They definately had the better view, but that was ok since they were the bride and groom and all. :)

Check out the view from their 4th floor balcony! Gotta love that!


Baby Nameless' shower

Abi's baby shower was on Oct. 17. She's getting into the home stretch of her pregnancy and it was good to see her as it's the last time she'll be here before Baby Nameless arrives! She's due Dec. 5. Check out her cute belly:

I was also really excited that Paige and Kim were able to come into town. It was fun to have a little Springfield reunion. Emily (Abi's sister) made us take a picture for the baby. Things were happening that made us keep cracking up so this baby is going to look back and know we were nuts from the start. :)

See, told ya. Nuts.

It's kind of crazy to think that Abi will be a mommy soon, but soo exciting at the same time. I think my favorite part of the shower though was during present opening. BN received a book and Abi proceeded to read it to us. Luckily it was short because she read the whole thing complete with animal sounds. It was great. I didn't think to take video until too late or you KNOW that would be up here!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Affair

Apparently lunch is now my new blogging time. Evenings this week are packed!

Last Friday my Aunt Sue came into town (my late Uncle Bill on my dad's side's wife) from VA so my Aunt Pat arranged for everyone to go to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Breakfast @ Cracker Barrel = yum. It was fun to visit and catch up. My Aunt Pat (Dad's sister) is quite entertaining and I enjoyed sitting next to her. :) After dinner, everyone headed over to the bar to watch my cousin Brad's band play. Yes, everyone including my aunts in their 70s. Most of my older cousins were there, too so it was fun. (Technically Brad is my 2nd cousin, but since my dad is 18 years younger than my Aunt Pat my cousins are more like aunts & uncles and their kids are more like cousins. We're not particular about the titles. :)) Lots of people took pictures while we were at the bar, but noone has felt the need to share them with me. So you'll just have to use your imagination.

I'll blog about Abi's shower when I get home tonight so you'll have some pictures to look at.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little lunch time love

So I decided to take a page out of Crystal's book and write you lots of mini-blogs about my week because I don't want to get too far behind!

Ok, so let's start with my computer problems since they are the source of my blog photo issues. My beloved Sony Vaio has been with me for just over 4 wonderful years. It really has not given me any problems at all, and considering it's age and that it's a laptop, that's pretty darn good. Sadly, last week it started having some problems. Bill (my Mom's boyfriend for like the past 15 years if you're not aware), wonderful and smart man that he is, was able to figure out what the problem was and determined that some of my files were corrupt and that my computer needed to be reloaded. And that it had to be done asap because the thing was going to completely crash at any moment. Oh. Ok. So off to Best Buy I go to purchase things for data storage and to complete the reload. Praise God for Bill knowing what to do before this catastrophe occured! So he somehow managed to get things reloaded, though he said it was hard because of the state it was in - did I mention he's awesome? - and I am now re-loading things onto my computer. I'm just glad I didn't loose anything. I'll take re-downloading things anyday over a massive recovery effort! Bill ownes Laclede Computer Trading Co. in Affton, so he is quite skilled in such areas and you should frequent his business for all your computer needs. :)

I was able to get Microsoft on the phone today and am now able to download my Office Small Business 2007 so that's good. Hopefully I'll be able to get lots done tonight (Katie, I might be doing stuff while you cut & color my hair...) and everything will be good to go by the time I leave for FLORDIA for Kyle & Holly's wedding on Friday! Yay!

I feel like this situation is under control. Whew.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Computer problems

It has been a busy weekend so I have plenty to write about, but my computer is in a precarious state and is going to get reloaded. I am backing up all my files as I write. So I have no pictures of my weekend fun because they're still on my camera. (Seems silly to upload twice, right?) Someday soon I will be writing about my Aunt Sue's visit and Abi's shower with at least a few pictures. So what's the point of this post? Mostly to remind myself what to write about!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holly's shower in pictures

Toilet paper brides
Holly and Lisa (our bride) - we didn't win but I think we did a pretty good job!
Holly and her bow bouquet that I made after present-opening
Good times. Wedding in less than 2 weeks!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Love, Laughter & Happy Ever After

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Mike & Sara. It was an absolute blast! Sara, of course, looked like a princess and Mike spent the whole day grinning from ear to ear with the distinct knowledge of what a lucky bastard he is :) (those are his words btw!) Here they are during the ceremony:

After the ceremony I stopped by Paul & Emily's to check out their new house and see their new puppy, Saxby. He is adorable. I don't have a picture handy, so you'll just have to take my word for it. They live really close to the reception site, so we all headed over there together after some puppy-time.

Paul and Emily
As stated before, this reception was an absolute blast. Great food and lots of dancing. And just about everyone danced and stayed until the end. (See video below for dancing examples.) Crazy good party. The Niethe's are great people and I'm proud to be friends with them. Sara fits just perfectly into this description. They always throw a great party. :)
Mike and Dan Niethe

I also must say that from a general wedding standpoint, I loved Sara's choices for her wedding. This was totally a party I would throw - purple wedding dresses with bright flowers (you know I love purple), beautiful fall decorations, lots of candy/desserts, baseball themed seating charts and lots of good dancing music. If I ever get married, she might find herself with a bit of deja vu lol.
I also went downtown to Taste of St. Louis this weekend with my dad and his girlfriend to enjoy some of the culinary deliciousness this city has to offer. Yum! I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the stuff they had and even got some henna (sp?) done. It was a fun evening.
Busy days ahead - should be fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do the Hustle

More on Mike & Sara's wedding later.