Monday, November 30, 2009

Bonfire, shopping and birthday

Sat. morning it was more shopping with my mom at West County Mall, then lunch at Chic-Fil-A. yum. I got a really cute black dress from Penny's while we were there and am excited to wear it next weekend for Kyle & Holly's reception. Very productive morning. I also went to the cleaners and learned my mom joined Facebook. (Which I never thought would happen. Crazy times. lol)

Sat. evening I drove with Sam and Max out to Kyle's Mom's house in the country for a bonfire. The weather was perfect for it. We really enjoyed being outside and each other's company. It was fun to be with Holly, Kyle, Sam and Storm as well as Kyle's family. Great evening. We even had a little sing a long when Max got fussy (it was late) and he calmed right down. He just loved the fresh air and was mesmerized by the fire. So cute. It was also cool to drive with Sam because we got to chat and catch up on life. I very much enjoyed it.

Sunday was Sam's birthday and birthday party at their house. Very low key but lots of people and I think she had fun. After the party I ended up going with Holly and Cat to see New Moon again. I loved seeing it with people who knew what was happening and could appreciate the hot boys in it (aka not my dad!) We went to the Chase so it wasn't crowded either. Loved it!

Then today it was back to work. Sigh. What a great weekend though!


Black Friday

I slept in Friday since I didn't need anything that requred getting up at 4am for the sales. I did do some shopping that afternoon and some online though. Most of my Christmas shopping is done - yay!

I met up with Krystal around 4 for drinks and dinner at El Maguey. I love mexican. It was great to catch up with Krystal and see how her new job in KC is going. She seems to love it, which I was glad to hear. It was fun to hang out for awhile! After dinner I stopped by Old Navy for a bit for a little more shopping - for me! I finished off my mom's christmas shopping for me. hehe. Sweaters were a great price! I stopped by Mom's to say hi and show her what she bought me. :) From there I went to Growler's to meet up with Lindsey and our other friends. (Yes, this is the second time this week I was there. I love it though!) It was great catching up with Linds. Nick (Cyndi's boyfriend) and I also had fun taking lots of great pictures such as these:

We had fun. :)


It's still kind of weird to me to not have to travel for the holidays. I didn't have to pack a suitcase. Or fight traffic on the highway. I actually slept in my own bed. Weird.

Even last year I had JUST moved back here and was living with my mom, so it still felt like I was on an extended vacation where I happened to be going to a job I liked. I still was staying at Mom's and at that point still living out of suitcases to some extent. This is the first year I have lived in town and had my own place to go home to - so it was kind of weird driving home on Thursday night. Nice though. Ok, back to my day. We went over to my dad's girlfriend Janet's for lunch first then headed to my Aunt Pat's for the mid-day break. It was great to see everyone. Signs Christmas is coming: after we ate, out came the ads to plan shopping the next day. :) From there I went over to my Mom's. I made green bean casserole and soon we were ready to eat. It was our family (me, Mom, Bill, Kristen, Brian & Devin) plus Bill's parents, Hannah (Danny's gf), their daughter Morgan, and Taylor (Billy's gf.) Brian's gf Brittani also joined us. It was kind of crazy but a good time. I was pretty tired by the end of it an happy to go home and veg out on the couch.

I'm sorry to tell you I didn't take a single picture during the day. But know this - I was stuffed!!


You'd think I cooked more

I realize I have not yet blogged about my awesome Thanksgiving weekend. It was great and very busy and I am not yet motivated to write about it. Soon. Maybe.

I am considering becoming a Pampered Chef consultant. Pretty much decided I should at least try it anyway. Who knows. I've changed my mind a half-dozen times already. I decided today to investigate how much PC product I already have. Now keep in mind I really don't do much cooking. At all. I do, however, own all this:
Really? Some of this I had completely forgotten about since moving. All of it is PC. I also have a fair amount of Kitchen Aid stuff so I must have bought a set of it at one point. Want to know something funny about this picture? Everything you see here isn't even clean. The pie server? Definately still has pumpkin pie reminants on it. The second stacked mixing bowl? Brownie batter was soaking in it minutes before this picture was taken. I also have the separators to make a different flavored center for the round bakeware but couldn't locate it fast enough for this picture. (It might not have survived the move.) You get the idea. And more of it is coming. Maybe I should start cooking more...
As a side note, if I do go ahead and become a consultant and you want me to come to your house and use some of this stuff (I do know how to use it, I just don't do it too often) to make you and some friends a meal and earn some free/discounted stuff, let me know.
I wonder what else is in my cabinets...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You may be noting the time of this post and thinking, "Erin, aren't you at work today?" Well, yes. But it's the day before Thanksgiving and things are s-l-o-w so I have decided to blog for a minute. Besides, I need to catch up before this crazy busy weekend of fun.

Last Friday I went with my dad and Janet to see New Moon. Yes, you read that sentence right. My dad called me on Wednesday or so to ask if I wanted to go see the movie on Friday night. Of course I did. I'm in the middle of doing something else so I agree and hang up. Then I realize what has just happened and think "Dad knows about New Moon?" Upon further investigation, I find out Dad has no idea what he has gotten himself into. I explain the vampire/werewolf thing and the sure to be hordes of teenage girls and I think he is starting to regret agreeing to go when Janet asked him. Hehe. We get there and stand in line (he is again surprised about the number of people there already.) Once the movie starts there is of course screeching girls at certain parts. Dad is properly horrified. And since he neither read the books or saw the first movie, he is completely lost at certain parts. I fill him in best I can. So funny.

Sat. night I went over to the Quirin's for Thanksgiving dinner with friends. It was soo yummy and a lot of fun! I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and eating, then of course we played drinking games. Awesome. I hope family Thanksgiving is this fun :). Speaking of family Thanksgiving, we aren't doing a huge one this year - just the immediate family plus Bill's parents for dinner at my mom's house. Should still be fun though. Is it bad that I'm most excited to see Morgan? Also lunch at Janet's with Dad and maybe a stop by Aunt Pat's house. Busy busy.

Tonight it's Growler's - Kyle and Holly are back in town! Then again on Friday with Lindsey Oliver! I love the holidays. :)


Monday, November 23, 2009


I will soon be writing about going to see New Moon with my dad and the fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with friends at Aimee's house. But right now I'm headed to a Pampered Chef party. Bring on the holidays!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things I did this weekend:

-Was off work on Friday and had a very productive time at the DMV. Crazy, I know. Got my plates renewed, a new license with the correct address (and a new picture), got my voter registration moved and became an organ donor (again).

-Went to the Team Christner Awards Party. They're one of our Bike teams and a really good team. One of my favorites in fact. I hung out, had a drink and some snacks and enjoyed talking with them.

-Met Mark, Adam W., Dan and Anna at Growler's for a yummy dinner and a few drinks. I hadn't been in quite awhile so it was especially good.

-Got firewood from Mark. He's so generous.

-Unloaded said firewood and stacked it neatly on my back patio. Also got rid of the old crap from the previous owners. Whew.

-Went to Fast Eddie's in Alton with co-workers and friends Steph & Randy and Randy's wife Darlena. We then went on the Alton Ghost Tour too. It should really be called the Alton History and a little bit of Ghost Tour, but we had fun anyway.

-Went to Mike's produciton of Beauty and the Beast with my grandma. Loved it. We also went to dinner at Rich & Charlie's afterwards. Delicious. A little clip from my favorite part of Beauty and the Beast...


Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Christmas Spirit

It's weird.  I'm suddenly ready for the holidays.  Bring on shopping and decorating and the dreaded Christmas card list.  Bring on family, parties and wrapping presents.  This weekend I considered putting up lights and getting out the Christmas stuff because I was randomly in the mood to do it.  (I didn't - its too early for that even in St. Charles county.)  Granted part of the light motivation may have been because the weather was so nice, but whatever.  I did discover that there are no outlets in the front of my condo though... I guess lights will get hung from inside the window?  Who designs stuff like that?  I had outdoor outlets at my apartments... Oh well.  Anyway, I figure at this rate I'll have all my shopping done by Thanksgiving weekend and can then kick back until Christmas.  I bought my first gift this past weekend so things are looking good for that possibility.  Kind of sad though - I love shopping and don't mind the crowds so I kind of find Christmas shopping fun.  Anyone want to pay me to do theirs?  I'll even wrap...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video from Mark

In case you needed video to accompany my photos...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween was pretty low key this year.  I watched some of the cheesy halloween movies on Disney Channel for awhile and attempted to hand out candy.  No one came, so the people are work will get a treat on Monday!  Since no one was coming to the door, I decided to go over to my mom's house for a bit and was pleasantly suprised to discover Danny, Hannah and Morgan were coming over!  (Danny is Bill's son, and Morgan is his grandaughter, but we claim her hehe)

Grandma Kerry and Morgan

Cutest little monkey (her mom put pink bows on her ears and tail so people knew she was a girl lol)

Morgan and Aunt Erin

Hannah, Morgan and Danny (Mom and Dad)

She was so funny as we took the picture of ourselves - I think her face says "Really?  We can do this ourselves?"  She also wants to see after you take a picture and loves seeing herself on the screen.  Its really cute.  After playing with the little monkey, I headed over to Cyndi's.  She and her boyfriend Nick were sitting in Nick's driveway with half the neighborhood drinking by the fire pit so I pulled up a chair and joined right in.  (Nick lives 2 houses away from Cyndi - very convenient.)  I might have gotten one of the neighbors to get stuff for smores by bending over in a lowish cut shirt.  Not my finest moment, but I got the smores so it was worth it.  Eventually Aimee and Andy came by too. 

Aimee and me

She was quite proud of her costume.  Very sexy.

And did her first ever beer bong.  I'm kind of amazed this has not occured before.  :)

We just kind of sat around and talked and drank for awhile before we decided we were freezing and it was time to go home.  Plus Nick was falling asleep in the chair and we were in his driveway.  Fun times!