Monday, June 29, 2009


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Colorado to see their Bike MS event with our department director, Paula. Matt, one of my co-workers, was susposed to join us as well but his father-in-law had a stroke the morning we were leaving while they were in town visiting him and his family. Scary, so he stayed behind to be with his family. Anyway, Paula and I headed out to CO on Friday just in time for a thunderstorm. Luckily it was over before we even got to our hotel (which granted was a ways away from the airport.) We checked into our hotel then headed to dinner and to meet up with her friend Christy for drinks. (Christy used to work at our chapter, and is a very good friend of Paula's.) Martini's = yum. I also had sushi for the first time and it was quite good. :) We had a great time - I definately had fun hanging out.

We stayed out maybe a little later than we should have, considering we got up at 5am on Sat morning in order to go see the start line. In general going to the event was really helpful because Paula was there to explain to me how things go, what we do at our ride, what we don't do, etc. and I was able to ask questions. Since I've never seen a bike ride like that before, I wouldn't have otherwise even known what to ask. Plus I was able to get a better feel for how ours runs. Overall a good work experience. I also learned that Paula is great to travel with - very laid back and easy to get along with. We also have pretty similar taste/personalities, which made it a fun and very easy trip. Like when we went to the outlet mall to kill some time and each bought one of these:

It was a really really really good deal. I swear.

Good think too because we spend pretty much 36 hours straight together and a lot of it was just us in the car. And I didn't even want to kill her, lol. How bad of a trip can it really be though when you come home with Coach purses? Exactly.

Sunday we talked to the CO chapter president and went over to the finish line for awhile before meeting Christy and Ben for lunch. We had lots of time to kill so we also went to see The Proposal - very cute by the way if you haven't already seen it. We did comment that if Matt would have been with us we probably would have had to have seen something else, but he wasn't so it was perfect. Plus I heart Ryan Reynolds! Our flight got in about 11:15pm, and I finally made it home around 11:30 Sunday night. Lucikly I got to go into work a little late this morning! We have planning meetings the next 2 days, then I'm off for 4, so this should be a quick week!

Besides the CO trip, I also ordered all my furniture and carpet last week - yay! Carpet is being installed next Thur, and furniture is being delivered on the 17th because, of course, something was out of stock. Oh well. Not like I haven't been without it for 2 months now right?

Sammy and Sally were also glad to see me when I got back, and I missed them too! Here are some pics we took just for fun today:

Sammy hanging out by the stairs
Sally on the fireplace
I currently have no plans for July 4th, but I hope it includes fireworks. I'll go by myself if I have to! We'll see.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day/First day of SUMMER

Happy Father's Day! Happy first day of summer! Yay! It's been a pretty good weekend thus far. Today I went over to my sister's house for a bbq to celebrate Father's Day. It was nice to hang out with my dad and meet his new lady friend, Janet. Brian came in to celebrate with us too. Good times.

My Daddy

Brian, Devin and me. We invited Kristen to be in this picture too, but she declined. Party pooper.

Yesterday turned into a busy but fun day. I went to lunch with my mom at Sweet Tomatoes, then we went to Value City to shop for furniture. Looks like I found some too, yay! From there I went over to Liz's to meet Miss Natalie (born 5/3), where I met up with Krystal and her boyfriend. I enjoyed visiting with Liz - I haven't seen her in quite some time. From there I went to dinner with Krystal at Pasta House, where we continued to reminiss about days past. I ran home for a few minutes, then headed out to meet up with Cyndi & Co. at the City Museum.

We had a really good time running around and climing through the tunnels/obstacles/etc, such as this one I took standing on the floor looking up:

We also paid to be able to go up to the rooftop exhibits. There's a ferris wheel, awesome huge slide and some other stuff up there. The downside to this was that you had to climb like 10 floors worth of stairs... which if you're not aware feels like about a MILLION. I almost died. Luckily, there were slides to get us back down. Here's one of some of us waiting in line to go down. Note the sweat we're all rocking lol.

John, Cyndi, Vanessa and me
While it was fun crawling around and all, I'm apparently a little too old for it because I am feeling it today! My glutes are feeling all those damn stairs, I smacked my heel at one point going through a plane so that hurts, and there are a few bruises and general soreness. Lots of fun though - I would totally do it again!
I'm thinking about topping off this weekend and kicking off summer with a trip to Silky's for ice cream here shortly. I was also able to order carpet for my basement today, and they're tentively going to install it next week. I feel like I'm spending my tax return like it's going out of style (which I am) but at least it's on things I need for the house and have been planning to spend it on. That counts for something, right?

Friday, June 19, 2009



It was very exciting. Today I went furniture shopping with my mom in order to pick out a chair for my living room and a couch for my basement - funded by said check. Thank you Uncle Sam! I also need to go look at flooring. The basement needs new carpet BAD, and that needs to happen before I put furniture down there. I'm thinking a sectional - easier to get up and down the stairs, right? I'm hoping so. I'll let you know what I pick out.

Kyle's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm kind of bummed that he cancelled his birthday party. (His sister in TN had her baby a little early, so he and Holly went to meet him and visit.) I was looking forward to celebrating with him and seeing everyone since they might be moving to Dallas any day now. I'm guessing he'll reschedule for next weekend when I'll be in Colorado for work so I'll miss it. *sigh* oh well. Did I mention I'm going to CO for work? Paula, Matt and I will be attending their Bike ride to get some ideas for ours and since Matt and I have never seen one learn how things kind of go. I have to brag a bit and say few chapters put on as good of a ride as we do - and CO is one of them so I'm excited to see it. And at least I'm going with people I like. Always a plus. Can you believe the weekend after that is July 4?! Crazy.

I also have a confession to make. I've crossed over to the dark side. The other day I subscribed to a blog of a girl I don't actually know. She's friends with another one of my other friends (who's blog I read, naturally) and I clicked on her link one day and was facinated. She has a 3 yr old and then had triplets in Feb. She's very interesting. I kind of feel like I should introduce myself so I don't feel so creepy reading about her life, but I'm concerened that would actually creep her out more what with the not actually knowing each other thing. Maybe I should just leave her in ignorant bliss? I am such a stalker. Eeek.

Lots going on this weekend, so maybe I'll try to take some good pics and give you a special Sunday post... we'll see.

Happy Father's day to the dads out there!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Side notes

Two little things I wanted to mention before I forget about them.

1. Lee called me yesterday to get directions from where he was back to the highway. In Washington. The state. Since Lee rarely calls (he much prefers to instant-message), it was totally random. I just died laughing when I got off the phone! But I was able to locate him and get him back to the highway! Oh, and Lee, since you were riding your bike (though you could use a gps), want to come ride in Bike MS in Sept?

2. When my mom came over to swim the other day, she commented she didn't have a cover-up, and I reminded her about her sarong I got her in Hawaii. She said, "oh yeah! I forgot about that... I've had that for forever!" I had to remind her, no, just since I graduated high school which was NOT forever ago... just 2001... 8 years... damn. But its still in good condition! Oh my...

Hope this made you smile! :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good times

So my bbq last weekend went great - the rain held off, and everyone seemed to have a good time! It was a rather odd grouping of people - family, college and high school friends - which I'm fine with, but I kind of felt like I was trying to be in too many places at once because I wanted to talk to everyone! Oh well. It was fun! Mel took some great pictures while she was here, but since I left my camera on the coffee table inside and everyone was outside I didn't take a single one. Oops.

It was a short work week because I took off Friday, which was awesome. I apparently really needed the extra day off because I was kind of crabby at work last week, and it was GREAT to have a day with no concrete plans besides laying by the pool. Awesome. My mom came over and we bbqed for lunch and then headed over to the pool to hang out. My sister and Devin joined us a little later to swim. Later I headed over to Taylor & Sam's house to pick up my spare key and get ice cream. Silky's = yummy! And I got to see Max which is always a welcome addition to the day. I accidently stayed up really late that evening since I had slept so well on Thur. night and wasn't tired at the normal time. Which wouldn't have been a big deal except that I was getting up this morning to do Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in West County with/for my friend and co-worker Sandra. It was really cool because a bunch of people from work came out to support her. We had a lot of fun!
some of our group before the walk
the fabulous Sandra
After the walk I met my mom and sister/nephew for lunch at Olive Garden, which was yummy, and then headed home to change clothes before Emily's (Sam's sister) graduation party. I ended up taking a little nap first and went a little later than originally planned. Oh well. :) Party food was great, and it was fun hanging out. I am really very blessed to have people like the Faulkners in my life who are so kind and open and always make me feel welcome. I very much enjoy their company and I hope they know how grateful I am to their hospitality! :)
I don't know what I'm doing tonight, but I'm hoping something comes up here shortly because I'd like to see everyone. If not thought, no big deal. Its really weird - I keep thinking today is Sunday since I was off Friday. I'm excited to have another day though - I feel quite refreshed! lol.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a day

What a fabulous day I've had. My mom came over this morning to go pick up my bbq grill with me from Wal-mart, which I am extremely thankful for because I didn't know how I was going to get it here otherwise! This would not have been such a pressing concern except that I'm having a bbq tomorrow and, well, that's just hard to do without a grill. :) This afternoon I went to the Brewers Heritage Festival - aka Brewfest - in Forest Park with some friends. It was the perfect day for it - sun, not too hot, and a nice breeze. Oh, and LOTS of beer! After enjoying the festival, we stopped at Ted Drewes afterwards - yum! I then went over to my mom's for about an hour to hang out for a little bit and help her put a bed together. It was nice to hang out for a bit - plus she was giving me crap for not having been to her house lately (she's been up here a lot.) I picked up dinner on the way home and have been lounging/watching TV ever since. Pretty great day, huh?

I need to do some cleaning before I go to bed to get ready for tomorrow, but nothing too crazy. Mostly just normal cleaning since I was gone all last weekend and it didn't get done. Also, pray that I don't screw up grilling since it will be my first time using this grill - maybe I should have practiced tonight... oh well. The rest of my week was pretty tame - we're in what we fondly refer to as "recover mode" at work because our next huge even isn't until Sept. so we're in about as close to a lull as it gets until after Bike. So things were quite this week. Which was good because I got stuff done. I'm also realizing that I let a few things slip last month that need my attention - like getting my oil changed, hair cut and visiting the dentist. So I'm scheduling appointments and will work on doing better at this. :)

I'm still trying to work out what exactly I'm doing for vacations this summer, because I have quite a few comp days to take. I won't lie, I really would like to go to the beach for some reason. We'll see how it all works out!

I'm excited for my first "event" in the new place tomorrow - pray it goes well! Next weekend I think I'm going to walk in the breast cancer walk with one of my co-workers who was diagnosed earlier this year. She's such a wonderful person, so I'm glad I can do this to support her!

It has also come to my attention that I have been grossly neglectful in taking/posting pictures that correspond to my blog. I will work on this too. :) You can see the professional pictures from Challenge Walk by going here. I'm not in most of them, but it kind of gives you an idea of what our events are like. :)