Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am pleased to report that my first Pampered Chef party was a success. Kara was/is an awesome host and the perfect person to host my first show. Thanks Kara! While it was fun and exciting, I'm really glad the show is done. It feels good to have one under my belt! I admit I was a bit stressed the night before getting everything together, but it all came together nicely. Whew. Next weekend - Lonie! Yay! So you can now book a show with me in confidence that my first one wasn't a complete disaster. Hehe.

Besides Kara's show, the rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Friday I stopped by to see Phil & Linda for a bit because Phil was kind enough to lend me some of his PC stuff. I am returning it today with a dessert, so I figure he'll let me borrow again in the future if needed :). I have a feeling I'll be making this chocolate/peanut butter cake a lot in the future - it's sooooo easy! Anyway, so returning those items is the major thing on my list today along with going by the bank to deposit some checks. Perhaps I should get dressed first. (It's only 3:47 pm...)

Friday I also made dinner for my mom (the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder I made at Kara's party) to test a recipe and we watched Julie & Julia. Cute movie. I also stopped by to see her Sat. evening. I was pleasantly suprised to discover she was watching Morgan! I can't believe she will be 1 on Friday! Time flies! So we played for awhile and after Hannah (Morgan's mom) came to get her we went to El Maguey for dinner and margheritas. Mom took some video of Morgan saying "bye bye!" (her new skill) so as soon as she posts it I'll put it up here. That girl is such a doll!

That's pretty much it.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deep Breaths and Birthdays

So you may remember awhile back that I decided to become a Pampered Chef consultant. I figured it can't hurt, and at the very least I'll get a little extra income for awhile and great products, right? Right. Next weekend is my first party as a consultant (Kara is hosting!) and while I'm excited to get this business going I'm a little nervous. I've gotten all my stuff recently (kit, etc) and it's a bit overwhelming. Esp. since I just got it and Kara's show is next weekend and I have another show the following Sat. Eek! Luckily I'm off tomorrow and am hoping to get some things figured out and taken care of. I also have training on Wed, so hopefully that will calm some of my nerves too. I'll let you know how all of that goes.

This past week was busy. Wednesday I had dinner with Mel and Olivia. I loved hanging out with them and catching up. I hope Mel and I can spend more time together this year - maybe once a month dinners Mel? :) Thursday was our Night of 1,000 Stars at work, which is an awards and recognition dinner and doubles as our annual meeting. It's a fun group to hang out with since they're some of our most dedicated individuals, but it's a long night since I don't get off work till like 10pm. Saturday I had to work again for our Walk MS kickoff, which went really well. But again, working for 5 hours on a Sat isn't ideal. Oh well.

Sat. evening was Steph's birthday party at Growler's. It was fun to see everyone and I got to try out my Reece's Chocolate 10 minute Microwave Cake recipe. It was delicious! Though I had an incident with the dish I made it in breaking (annoying, but I'm getting another one) it still turned out great. So happy birthday Steph! I also talked to Courtney about possibly doing a joint birthday venture. We're considering our options. I'll let you know!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ok, James Cameron, you win...

I'll admit I was skeptical. It's not really my thing and the previews didn't look that great to me. But people had been saying how great this movie was and it was getting lots of hype. So when Cat invited me to go with her and Jack to see Avatar in 3D, I agreed. Little did I know that I would LOVE this movie and that it was awesome. I was completely into the story for the entire movie (2:40 - it was long) and that it's one of those movies I could potentially watch over and over. There's a good balance of action and drama and it was really just good. Plenty of humor sprinkled in. If it doesn't come out on DVD until June (as is rumored, though no date has been set) I might have to go see it again. I've been won over James Cameron. You rock.

I got to hang out with a lot of cool people this weekend. Besides Cat & Jack Sat evening, I also had the pleasure of having lunch with Kara on Sat. We caught up, complained a little bit to each other about work and talked about her upcoming Pampered Chef party. (Which I'm really excited to do!) It was a lot of fun and we should do it more often.

Between seeing Kara and Cat I stopped by my grandma's to say hello and drop stuff off. It was fun to visit with her. Sunday I had lunch with my dad at Biggie's and then we went over to my Aunt Pat's for awhile. So lots of fun family time. After leaving my Aunt Pat's I went over to Mike & Sara's to see their new place (which is like 2 min from my aunt's) and hang out for awhile. Their house is really cute! They've done a lot of work and it looks great. I also stopped by to see Dan and his parents for a bit before heading home. Perfect Sunday.

Today I spent a good portion of the day cleaning. It was not fun, but I feel pretty accomplished and areas of the house are definately looking a lot better. Busy week ahead!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soft hands and lovely scents

For our secret santa gift exchange, Kristen B. got me a gift certificate to Cassie's, which is this awesome place in the Central West End where you can make your own scents - perfume, lotions, sprays, oils, soaps - you name it. I had never been there before so was very excited to check it out. Aimee came with me and we had a fantastic night of girl fun mixing scents and determining our favorites. I ended up getting two lotions and a spray. You get to name your concoctions, so I now own lotions called "Drinking on the Beach" (pink martini and sea mist scents) and Island Belini (champagne and pikaki scents). It's delightful and my skin is definately less dry! Sweet.

After making our lotions, we headed down to The Cupcakery, another place I had heard about but had never been to. AWESOME. I had a chocolate cupcake with peanutbutter icing. Oh. Man. It was good. I really enjoyed hanging out with Aimee 1-1 too. She's delightful. :)

I finished one of the new books I got for Christmas today and worked out. That's really about it, but I'll take it.


Frank is coming!

I'm totally going on the 22nd. Do you want to come?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010

My new year's was awesome. I started new year's eve with lunch with my aunts and meeting up with some friends to watch the Tigers in their bowl game. They didn't win, but it was fun anyway. After a quick trip home I headed out to the Niethe's to hang out for a bit then ended up at the Quirin's to welcome the new year. Pictures below. New Year's day I had lunch at Holly's mom's in order to say bye to Holly and Kyle before they head back to TX - and wish everyone a happy new year! Excellent start to the year!

Dan and I
Aimee and I and her awesome hat. It lit up!

Cyndi had a cute star headband

Cyndi and Nick

Andy and I