Saturday, April 24, 2010

work birthdays and baseball

The title pretty much sums up my activities in the last few weeks.

Night Walk was this past Thursday evening, and I worked the Millstadt Walk MS today. It's my last Walk MS event to work this year - and I'm glad to be done. Whew. I still have to work the next 2 weekends though - one for Bike (kickoff ride) and one for Challenge Walk (training walk). Can you believe I was buying a house and moving during all this madness last year? What was I thinking?!?!

Last Friday I was off work, and had a lovely day. I went to lunch with the Bembowers and got some Eli cuddling in. I also got a massage for way cheap. Excellent day off. Sat. I went to my first Cards game of the year - and it was a long one! I only stayed at the park through the 10th - then watched the next 10 innings (yes, 20 in all!) at Nick's house where I was attending his birthday party. Good stuff. Sunday I went out with Theresa, who is moving back to CA. Not a birthday party, but a get-together none the less. We went to Fitz's and it was yummy.

Last night I went to Lori's birthday party and then stopped by to see Dan for a bit. Apparently the Niethe's were having an impromptu party, so I got to see all kinds of people. Fantastic night. Despite having to work in the rain today, I did enjoy hanging out with Stephanie (one of my co-workers and friend.) We were glad to have avoided the tornado that apparently touched down by West County Mall! Crazy weather.

I was planning to spend the rest of the evening laying right here one the couch, but now I'm considering a trip to the bookstore. We'll see!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The difference a year makes

I'm blogging for the 2nd day in a row - bonus! Warning: this post will be completely work based because that' s all I've done since my last post. Ah, Walk season...

So you may remember from last year that my first experince of Walk weekend wasn't amazing - partially because the weather was so nasty. It was also my first event, and anyone who does events for a living can tell you that you have to be broken in so to speak. You learn how things work in your organization and you in a lot of ways have to learn what is a big deal and what is not and what you can do to make your experience better.

For example, packing my bag for this weekend (that I have learned should stay on my person at almost all times), I knew exactly what needed to go in it and what didn't. I had no problem making decisions at the event and have learned that because of my position in the organization (a Development staff member) other staff are ok with being told what to do by me (respectfully of course!) I know how our events go and what needs to be done, so while I have a 'bible' telling me the timeline and such, I think I looked at it twice the whole weekend. When we were running out of cups, no big deal; just send someone to buy more. I can make Gatorade for 10 gallon coolers like a champ and am an expert at setting up pop-up 10x10 tents. I am also an excellent balloon arch maker. Oh, the skills you acquire working at the MS Society.

I also know that scissors are like gold and that I should carry them in my back pocket so that they are in easy reach. I should also keep tape (packing and duct) and a sharpie on me. Zip ties and duct tape can fix almost anything. I know who I have to tell things 3 times to and who I can tell once and forget it. I have never loaded/unloaded more trucks in my life than I have in the past 18 months. That being said, if anyone ever asks you to move a pallet of 5 gallon full water jugs (like the ones from Aqua Systems), say no.

What a difference a year makes.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm tired.

Today was the first day of Walk MS, which means the start of a working weekend for me. I was at the Arnold Walk MS today and it went really well. Great weather, great tunout. About as good as you can ask for when planning an event. Tomorrow will be bigger and longer (I'll be at our largest walk in Clayton) and hopefully will run just as smoothly. But that is not the point of this post.

Since I don't really get a weekend this week, I crammed some fun in on Thur and Friday evenings. Thursday night Kara hosted a girl's night since Holly is in town this week (!). We ordered Imo's, watched Twilight and New Moon and had wine and gossiped. Fabulous. Oh, and ate half a Sam's size container of provel cheese. yuuuummmmmy. Man I miss Holly living in STL.

Friday night everyone met up at Schafly Bottleworks for drinks and dinner (which mostly turned into appetizers since it took FOREVER for us to get a table.) It was fun to hang out with everyone and relax.

I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't take a single picture at either of these events, so you'll just have to imagine how much fun I had. (Lots.)


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The LORD is risen! Today was also my mom's 51st birthday. One of her birthday demands was that everyone go to church with her and come over for lunch afterwards. We (except my brother) happily complied.

Mom and Morgan at church
After we had our yummy ham lunch, we went about enjoying the amazing weather. We went across the street to the field (which will sadly soon be a subdivision or something because its for sale- the lady who owned the farm is selling it because she's too old to take care of it now) to fly kites. Everyone. It was awesome - just the right temperature and just the right amount of wind to really get the kites going. I didn't take any pictures of our kites, but lots of people drove by and honked at us having fun and waved. Apparently we looked like we were having fun too. After kite flying, Morgan decided to look for easter eggs again. So cute.
Devin even sported his bunny ears for me to take a picture.

It was a fun day. Happy birthday Mom and happy easter to all!


It's almost like a reunion...

Saturday, Mark hosted the group's first bbq of the season. The weather was beautiful, and pretty much everyone came out. Seriously. It was fantastic. The whole group - including the newest member baby Eli at 7 days old (his first bbq!) were there except Taylor. It was sooo fun. Mark bbqed the meat for us and everyone brought a side. The food was delicious!

Mark cooked the meat, and everyone else stood outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Big and little kids alike :)
Eventually we moved inside when the sun went down. Mark made this plinko board (think The Price is Right) for a fundraiser at Courtney's work. In order to get better use out of it, we decided to play Drinko Plinko.

The game is simple - drop a ping pong ball down the board. It lands on a card (red or black ace, king or queen) You give drinks for black cards, take them for red ones. King was 3 drinks, 2 for queen and 1 for jack. Everyone went around and took a turn and it turned out to be a lot of fun. And lots of drinks were taken. :)

I loved hanging out with everyone and catching up, especially with Kyle and Holly in from Texas. (Holly's here all week!) And I'm loving hanging out with Courtney and Steph (pictured above) more too. Hopefully this is the first of many awesome bbqs of the summer!