Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend flew by.  Kim and Sam's wedding was Saturday (beautiful) and I decided to stay in Sat. evening and catch up on some stuff (vacation recovery!)  Sunday I slept late and then went out and layed by the pool for awhile.  It was hot!  I got in to cool off then was going to read for awhile, but I only lasted about 20 minutes before I came in for a popsicle.  I read inside for a bit then got dressed to go over to the Hagy's to see Abi and her beautiful family.  We had a few drinks and cuddled Gus and caught up.  Can I just say I love being at a place in my life where I can hold out my arms in a room full of friends and someone will prob. give me a baby to play with?  It's fun.  Anyway, Gus and I played for a bit (have I mentioned that baby giggles are prob. my favorite sound ever?  They're right up there with the ocean.  Love it.)  I love hanging out with Abi because when I see her it's like we've never been apart - we just fall back into the comfortable pattern of people who care about each other.  I need to get out to Omaha one of these days to visit.  I'll add it to the list!  The night ended perfectly with a trip to Ted Drewes.  Memorial Day weekend wouldn't be complete without it!

Today I went to a bbq at my dad's house and to check out his new deck.  It's screened in and very nice.  (The old one was rotting so it was time for a new one.)  We had yummy food and Dad and Janet played a makeshift game of baseball with the kiddos.  One of my dad's favorite places to be is surrounded by family and friends.  I am a lot like my mom, but I get my love for socializing from my dad.  Anyway, it was a fun day.  This afternoon I took a little nap and am just hanging out.  Krystal and I were going to do dinner, but she got back late from the lake so we're going to do it tomorrow instead.  I'm excited to see her!

It's going to be a long week at work (Challenge Walk is this coming weekend) so I'm enjoying relaxing as long as I can!

Sorry there are no pictures - I forgot to take one of me and Gus!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kim and Sam Get Married

Today I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Kim and Sam.  They are both super sweet and I've known them for about 10 years now (crazy!)  It was funny - some of their family and church members would come up to me or look at me like "I know you... right?"  Lol, yes you do.  I've been around!

Sam and the boys waiting for the girls.  

Kim and her daddy

Check out the back of the dress!  Sexy lady :)

You may now kiss your bride!

Dan and Eli (I got some Eli cuddling in too :))

The Davidsons looks radiant in the sunshine

Giggly kisses :)

Congrats Kim & Sam - I wish you all the happiness in the world.  You deserve it!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... in New Orleans!

Settle in, this is going to be a long one.  =)

Last week, I went to New Orleans for a girls weekend with 4 awesome chicks.

Vanessa, Kristen, Cyndi, Aimee and Me

We rented an apartment near the French Quarter.

We got in Saturday night after a few delays in Dallas and dropped off our stuff.  We almost immediately headed to Bourbon St. to see what was going on.

We had to make a stop at Walgreens for some breakfast items, etc then we headed to Tropical Isle for our first drinks on the street.  Yay for a city that encourages such things.  It was really hot an humid upon our arrival to the Big Easy, so the drinks really hit the spot.

Sunday morning we headed out to explore the city.  First stop:  The French market for some shopping.  We all got fleur-de-lis stuff here as souvenirs among other things.  Then we headed to Jackson Square.  After we picked up some strawberry Abita (the local beer) on the way of course.

After looking around and taking a few pictures, we enjoyed some delicious seafood at the Gumbo Pot then headed for Cafe Du Monde for some beignets and coffee.  DELICIOUS.

Unfortunately, the combination of the heat, beer, a hurricane then yummy seafood made my tummy a little unhappy and after one delicious bite I lost my lunch.  I felt fine after that though so apparently everything just wasn't mixing well.  From there we decided to go explore the Garden district and all the pretty houses.  To get there, we took the street car.

We were sad to learn you can't take open drinks or food on the street car (which seems silly to me since this sign is up)

 so after we finished our after lunch hurricanes off we went.  The houses were super pretty and we fantasised about what it would be like when we moved here.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

That evening we went to dinner at a place close to our apartment and hung out on Frenchmen St, which is where some of the locals go.  I was more in the mood to party, but everyone else was in a low-key kind of mood so this worked out.

Monday was my favorite day.  We started the day at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, then a quick stop at the French Market to get some things we'd been checking out the day before.  We soon headed over to a nearby hotel to be picked up for our Swamp Tour.  We took some pictures to pass the time.

The tour was great.  We had a great tour guide and saw all kinds of animals and plants, including this alligator called Big Al.  We actually saw lots of alligators which was really cool.

After the Swamp Tour we headed home to get changed for dinner.  We decided Monday would be our fancy night, so everyone was dressed to the nines to go out.  We went to the Acme Oyster Bar for dinner and enjoyed awesome grilled oysters and shrimp po-boy sandwiches among other things.  Then it was bar hopping time.  First we went to the Carousel Bar.
The bar and stools actually spin in a circle.  (It takes about 15 minutes to go around.)  We had a few drinks there then headed for Pat O'Brien's, home of the best Hurricanes in New Orleans (if you ask me.)

We hung out there for awhile enjoying the beautiful evening and the pretty fountain.  Soon it was time to leave.  Our next stop was Tropical Isle again for Hand Grenades.  Cheers!

As you might suspect, after this no one is still sober.  Since 2am when you're drunk is the best time to write your loved ones a postcard from a bar (and you can mail them from the bar since they have postage on them) we decided to write to anyone who's address we had handy.  Nice.  Now that we're all liquored up and have written home, we stopped for some food at a 24 hr diner.
There are lots more pics from this stop, but they're on Vanessa's camera.  So you'll just have to settle for this one of Cyndi, me and Aimee showing you the proof that we enjoyed our Hurricanes (red tongues.)  After we stumbled home, we poured ourselves a few more drinks and hung out for a bit.  We might have flashed each other.  About 4 we decided to pack it in and head for bed.  Fun times.

Tuesday morning it came as no surprise the we got a slower start to the day.  We picked up some quick lunch then headed towards the cemetery.  We were surprised to learn it closed at 3 though, so we had to come back another time.  I was not very pleased because the cemetery wasn't close and we'd skipped other things to do that and it wasn't even open.  Oh well.

Since the cemetery was a bust, we decided to go take a ferry ride (originally planned for the next day).  It was cool to ride on one even for just the quick 10 minute ride across the river.

After the ferry we got some ice cream and bought tickets for the Haunted History tour that evening.  Since we had some time to kill, we went back to Cafe du Monde so I could actually enjoy my beignets.  Sweet.

The tour took you all over the French Quarter and had some nice historical information about the city as well as a little bit of ghost fun.  Oh and a pit stop at a bar that sells drinks that look and taste like grape slushies (yum.)  We enjoyed it.  Our tour guide had a fake British accent, but he was still enjoyable so we didn't care.  We made a stop at the pirate bar, got some dinner then headed home.

We got up early on Wednesday to ride the street car back out to the Garden District to have breakfast at Camilla Grill.  It was awesome.  We then went back by the cemetery since it was actually open to check out the above ground graves and then back to our apartment to pack up to go home.  I thought my picture of the sign talking about St. Louis street fit well here.

We got to the airport really early to make sure we missed rush hour traffic, so everyone got some food and picked up last minute souvenirs.  Vanessa was having boy troubles, so there are no sad to be leaving airport pics.  We made it home on time only to have to sit on the runway for  45 min waiting for a gate.  (There had been storms right before we got in so they held the other planes.)  We finally got off and headed home.

Fantastic trip!


Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's been a busy week. Tuesday I went to Forest Park after work for Twilight Tuesday with Aimee, Cyndi and Andy. Basically, there's some kind of free concert on the front lawn of the History Museum. Last week they did a tribute to Michael Jackson. We had fun hanging out in the beautiful weather and listening to the music.

Thursday we had our last Challenge Walk committee meeting and Kristen and Devin came over since she was on call. Friday I went to dinner with my mom and Fandango's in Des Peres (we both had 10 wings and 2 beers for under $20 total. Cheap.) Mom has been talking about getting a new car, so after dinner we went to the Lexus dealer to look. Saturday morning we were supposed to do the Heart Walk, but I didn't go since it was pouring rain (I've done walks in the rain thanks!). (My mom and sister still went, but they didn't actually walk since it was so wet and people were slow.) Instead, I refinanced my car for a better rate - it only saves me $25 a month, but that adds up! Right after her walk, Mom headed to the Ford/Lincoln dealer to look at cars and ended up buying a 2008 Lincoln MKX. It's a larger SUV car and the same color as my Fusion (dark blue) AND since I bought my car there, I get a referral bonus! SWEET!

When Mom finished buying her car, we went out to my Aunt Kathy's for dinner. She moved to the country (read: boonies) in March and I hadn't been out to see her house yet. So we made the trek out there. Two of my cousins were there too (Jimmy and John) so it was good to see them too. Definitely a busy day!


Max's 1st Birthday Party

Max's 1st birthday party was today! He officially turns 1 on Thursday but we had a good time celebrating at the park today. He's a sweet boy, although a bit of a momma's boy at times and I love watching him grow!

With Dad and Mom eating his cake

Cookie Monster cake his mom made him :)


Happy birthday Max!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day! In honor of this holiday, I have decided to write a little bit about my Mom.

Mom with her henna tattoo in DC a few years ago

My mom and I are a lot alike. In fact, I'm slowly turning into her. Sometimes this makes us argue because we both like things a certain way (our way) and think everyone else should understand that. My mom is outgoing and will talk to just about anyone - and will talk to you like you've been friends for years. She will bend over backwards to help you if you ask - but don't do something stupid and expect her to feel sorry for you when you have to fix it. Her favorite color is blue. She's good at lots of things - sewing, cooking, managing finances - but isn't always the most patient teacher. (She hand-made all of us kid's stockings for Christmas and the grandkid's too. She even made us Barbie clothes when we were little.) She is fiercely loyal and loves with all her heart. She believes everyone should know how to drive a stick shift.

She will tell you what she thinks and tell it straight. Sometimes she thinks she can't do technology-type things herself because she doesn't want to read the directions and it's easier if others do it for her - despite the fact that she is perfectly capable of doing it herself. (She comes by this honestly though - her mom is the same way. This annoys me to no end.) She really can do almost anything. She loves fettuccine alfredo. She uses things until they are dead - or until someone replaces them because they're so worn out or out of date. She's really pretty. She's not very organized but is somehow always able to find things no one else can. She is very logical and has a good sense of direction.

She is a supportive mom and usually the first person I want to call when something happens, good or bad. She doesn't give false praise, so when she tells you that you did a good job you know she means it and it's all the more special. She gets excited when things go right and doesn't sweat them when they don't. She likes to be in charge but is a good follower too. She likes to be outside and has taken up gardening. She loves the Lord. She says "warsh" instead of wash just like her mom and sisters. She is a cat person. She loves the Cardinals and watching baseball is a sacred past time in our family. She has a sweet tooth but can resist if the bag isn't open or it's hidden out of sight. Spiders are her enemy.

It's amazing how much of this is true for me too. Yup, I'm turning into Mom. I can definitely deal with that.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Mel & Olivia

I also wanted to mention that last Wednesday I had the pleasure of having dinner with Mel and her beautiful daughter Olivia. We had pizza and bread sticks and I loved catching up with her. I hope our monthly-ish dinners continue for a long time!!

I didn't take any pictures, but it was fun so I thought I'd share.


Day off

I was very thankful to be off work today. I was ready for a break! Even though I worked on Sunday, I still feel like I had a weekend. It was nice.

Saturday I went to the Cards game with my Mom. We had a lot of fun and the Cards won!

Saturday evening I hung out at home since I had to get up early on Sunday for work. (Challenge Walk training walk in Forest Park went great on Sunday in case you were wondering.)

Today I got to sleep in and went to get a massage. It was unfortunately one of the worst massages I've ever gotten, but they offered me a free 30 minutes since it was so bad. I was down in Sunset Hills, so I also stopped by to visit the Bembowers. And I got a special treat - Eli learned to smile yesterday and was all about showing it off! I love every minute of his open mouthed grins. I'm sure his momma will post a picture here soon. He's definitely Dan and Anna's child - that boy has legs for days! His fingers have always been long, but I think the inch that he's grown in the last month has all been leg. :)

After I got home I did a little cleaning. I have also decided that I need to clean the kitchen floor more often. I am so thankful that no one was there to see how dirty it was - I was embarrassed enough the way it was! None of the other floors were like that - so I don't know how that one room was so much worse, but it was. After conquering the kitchen, I went to work out.

Upon arriving home, I noticed something was wrong with the TV/DVR. After a little investigating I discovered that one of the cats tripped the surge protector button into the "off" position and therefore none of my shows taped this evening! Aaahh, so annoying!

It's back to work tomorrow, but at least today was pretty good!