Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Since my Saturday sucked really really bad, I was really glad that I had such a fun Sunday planned.  

It started with pedicures with Cyndi and Aimee.  We decided to get festive for July 4th and get red, white and blue toes.  We wanted sparkly and thought fireworks would be fun.  This is what the nail techs came up with.  

Fireworks on the big toes and red with white stripes on the toes.  (It's like the flag with fireworks, get it?)  I love it.  

After our pedi's we met up with Nick (Cyndi's boyfriend) and headed to the Kirkwood pool.  Between the lazy river, going down the slides, a game of catch in the pool and a little bit of laying in the sun it was just about perfect.  



It's getting hot in here...

Saturday I was at the Mud Run for work, right?  Hot hot day outside in a field more or less at Harrah's.  90s.  The event went well as far as I know despite the heat.  So we get done around 2:30 (we got there at 6am) and I'm looking forward to a cold shower and nap in the AC.

I get home and it's about 77 in my house.  I can hear the AC trying to kick on (I keep the house about 75-76) so I go about my business.  I take my luke warm amazing shower and lay down for a nap.  When I wake up about 2 hours later, it's pretty hot in the house.  I check the thermostat and it says 80.  Um, what?  So I start troubleshooting - change the battery in the thermostat, check the breaker, etc.  Finally I go outside and see the fan isn't running on the outdoor unit.  Awesome.  I get a hold of a repair guy and he finally gets to the house about 10pm (he said that's how they're running these days and it was no cheaper to have him come the next day) to see what's going on.  So he does a bunch of work and the unit still isn't working right... you guessed it, I need a new AC.  There's apparently a leak somewhere, and with the new energy efficiency standards, you can't just replace the outdoor or indoor unit because the new one won't work with the old one.  So he dumps a ton of refrigerant in it (that's what's leaking apparently) to get it running and tells me this is basically a band-aid until I can replace it.  How much to do this you may ask?  About $4,000.  He leaves about 2am and my house is finally cooling down (from about 84 - it was cooler outside.)

So I won't be going to Florida next month since I'm shelling out for the AC.



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

I think I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that my daddy is awesome.  I'm definitely a 'daddy's girl' and pretty much always have been.  If my dad needs to be talked into something, I'm a front runner for people who will be successful at convincing him.  He'll do anything he can to help me or my siblings and is always willing to help a friend.  He drives like he's 80.  He's a social guy and likes to go out and do things with people.  He likes obscure rock in addition to classic rock.  He's not very "handy" but gets things done when necessary - and knows when to call in a professional.  He annoys me to no end when he calls my cell and after I say hello he says, "Erin?" like he's expecting someone else to answer.  (Maybe the cats?)  He thinks he wants to move out to the middle of nowhere until he realized that it will be more than a 10 minute drive to go to the grocery store, and chances are that store won't be Aldi or Wal-mart.  He loves baseball and taught us kids about the game.  It's not uncommon for him to order a shot of Jack with his meal.  Then of course a fine AB beer.  He thinks I'm a bit of a beer snob.  :)

In addition to lunch with my dad for Father's Day, I also went by to see Bill (Mom's sig. other.)  Morgan was there too (my 1yr old neiceish) and she was being really cute playing in the sprinkler and blowing bubbles.  A fun day for sure. 


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty damn awesome

This weekend was pretty damn awesome.

I was off work Friday and after sleeping in I got a massage.  After coming back home for a bit, I headed to Forest Park for the St. Louis Brewers Festival (Brewfest).  We had a pretty big group and it was extra special because Kyle and Holly came in for a visit!  Kyle's birthday is next weekend and this was what he wanted to do.    Twist our arms to sample beer all night!  Brewfest was fun and the beers were decent.  I didn't feel like it was amazing this year but still a good time.  With 60 beers to try, how wrong can you go, right?  We also had awesome pretzel necklaces for between drink snacks.  Unfortunately, they didn't last long in the humidity (stale and mushy by the end) - but they made awesome heart medallions as Holly is showing you here.

Saturday I went to an afternoon bbq at the Bembower's that lasted till 9pm. We had a good time eating, playing games and just hanging out.  Oh, and of course everyone had to get some Eli snuggles in.  

Kyle and Eli the rock star

I was supposed to got to Shakespeare in the Park to see Hamlet on Sat, but it got rained out.  I think it turned out for the best since our bbq went so long (it was supposed to be over at 6!)  

Today I worked the Trailnet ride for work then came home and took a nap.  I was going to go to the pool, but never made it out there.  Maybe this evening.  Back to work tomorrow.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Challenge Walk

I'm beat. It's been a long couple days.  Good, but long.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday was our Challenge Walk.  209 people walked 50 miles in 3 days and raised a minimum of $1000 - $1500.  Wow, right?  Pretty intense.  This group is projected to raise $500,000 this year - do the math, there's some major fundraisers there.  Anyway, we stay at the St. Charles Community College (who are absolutely wonderful to us might I add) and our participants walk all over St. Charles county.

While I worked the event last year, I wasn't really involved with it until the event itself.  This year we changed things up a bit and I worked with some of the teams and worked more heavily with Matt and the committee working up to the event.  So this year was a totally different experience.  Not only do I just generally know people now (there's so few walkers compared to our other events you get to know them pretty fast) but I've been working with people so they know me too.  It's always rewarding when at the end of an event someone comes up to you and hugs you and says thanks you did a good job.

Working 15ish hour days with no weekend break makes for a crabby girl though.  Not only did nothing really go right for me this morning, but I was a crabby, tired girl on top of it.  This combination led to me leaving the office in frustrated tears this afternoon and my co workers prob. thinking I'd gone off the deep end.  (Any really strong emotion brings tears.  I don't really get it, but it's how I release my stress I guess.)  So I came home and took a nice long nap and feel much better.

It was a good weekend for a great cause!