Monday, July 26, 2010

Stay-cation part 1

I'm off work this week - yay!  Even though I'm not in Florida (SAD FACE) I'm still going to enjoy my time off.  Not gonna lie, Friday was tough watching all the status updates from my friends leaving for the Sunshine State but I survived.

Saturday I lounged around the house in the morning and got out my puzzle.  I bought myself a 1000 piece puzzle to do this week to keep myself occupied.  Plus I love puzzles and will sit and do one obsessively, so I usually only do them when I'm off work for an extended period of time - usually Christmas.  Traditionally my mom does them with me but since I'm not at her house she's out of luck.  :)  Anyway, I'm 3/4 of the way done already.  I brought my kitchen table into the living room and set up shop there.  My kitchen looks weird but it's fun.  After starting my puzzle I took a break to go hang out with Sam and Max.  We swam for a while then had yummy Chinese food for dinner.  Sam is such a wonderful friend and I'm lucky to have her put up with me :).

Sunday was lots of lounging around the house again during the day (do I detect a pattern?) and then I headed to KB's birthday party that evening.  I had a great time hanging out and celebrating.  Today (Monday) Mom was off work too and we decided to go zip lining at Meremac Caverns.  It was awesome!  Their zip line is new this year (it opened June 1) and lots of fun.  It's a shorter one - great for a first experience.  I didn't take any pictures, but check out the video below from their site.

Mom and I loved it and we highly recommend it.  LOTS of fun.  We stopped for ice cream on the way home and picked up my car (it needed an oil change and alignment.)  It was a fun day - but hot!  You'd think there would be more of a breeze on those towers...

Run update:  I moved to week 2 of the C25K program tonight.  Today I jogged 90 seconds followed by 2 minutes of walking.  I did the whole thing so apparently the program is working.  I could definitely feel the change from last week to this week but it wasn't unmanageable.  Next week is a pretty big step up - so we'll see if I'm ready at the end of this week.  I'm hopeful.  I did learn this week not to read ahead in what the next few weeks have in store for me.  Weeks 4 & 5 look downright scary and un-doable from here!  No more of that!

I don't know what I'm really doing the rest of the week - I think lunch with Mel on Wednesday and Six Flags with friends on Sunday, but other than that I'm open.  Oh and I have to clean one day.  I'm open to suggestions!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So yesterday Krystal pointed out to me that I should actually be doing 8 intervals of running/walking this week instead of 6.  Oops, misread the directions!  I am happy to report that it was no big deal to add the extra 5 minutes to my workout.  I was tired and sweaty at the end but pleased to discover I wasn't dying.  In an excellent mood, I called my mom to report my success as I was driving home (I went to run at the school track near my house) and her response was "That's good.  You need to eat less too."  Thanks Mom.   I won't be calling her again after a workout!  So I'm blogging about it instead.

Just for fun:  5 good things about today

1.  Planning for Lura and I's work Pampered Chef lunch is going smoothly.  This is mostly thanks to Lura, but I helped firm up the menu and was not at the office most of the day today so she didn't have me pestering her about other things and could get more done.  :)
2.  My work day went almost exactly as planned.  This is very rare.
3.  I had quesidillas and grapes for dinner.  Kind of a strange combination but it was good.  I also remembered to bring my lunch to work today.
4.  One of my co-workers sent out an email today with "new staff shirts" for our bike ride.  They said "Like Our Spokes?" and had 2 bike wheels right over the boobs.  We're classy like that.  It made me laugh.
5.  I got to take a nap during a summer storm this evening.    


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Progress - a running update

You may remember that I decided to repeat week 1 this week instead of progressing to week 2 since last week I worked up to running all intervals and had to get my nutrition figured out so my calves weren't burning.  I am happy to report that tonight I successfully ran all 6 intervals!


I still probably need to eat more bananas (I bought some at the store though so that problem is easily solved) since my calves are still hurting a little towards the end of the workout.  Not nearly as bad because I can run through it without it killing me, but still not great.  You would think my breathing would be the problem at the end of the workout, not my legs since they're used to carrying me (and this extra weight) around all the time.  Anyway, things are going well.  And my friend Aimee texted me today to say I inspired her to try this program too and she started today.  You go girl!!  We're going to be skinny bitches in no time.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

BBQ, Trivia, Growlers, Em's birthday and Dad's birthday

I'm going to apologize in advance that this post has no pictures.

I had a busy week.  Fun, but busy.  Wednesday night I worked late, then went over to Aimee and Andy's for a bbq.  YUM.  It was fun to just hang out and see Cyndi before she left for California.  Thursday was trivia (of course) and we had a pretty good turnout - besides Cyndi and Nick everyone was there.  Good times.  I decided not to run on Thur. - I was going to go before trivia but it was too damn hot.  Ugh.  Oh well.

Friday evening I met the Ericsons and Bembowers at Growlers for dinner.  I love Growlers - and did you know they're now smoke free?  Very exciting.  Plus I got to play with Eli a bit and Max was in a pretty good mood as well.  Sweet.  I already want to go back.  mmmmmm.   After Growlers I headed downtown to BB's for Emily's birthday celebration.  The Stacy Mitchell Band was playing, so we enjoyed their music and a few drinks.  Good to see everyone down there too!  I miss seeing that group.  I need to work on that.  And it was nice enough that we could sit out on the balcony for awhile.  Loved it.

Wednesday was my dad's birthday, so Saturday I hung out with him for awhile.  I wanted to go to the Card's game, but Dad thought he would melt so we went to lunch instead.  After lunch we decided to drive through Lone Elk Park like the old days.  It was nice - we saw some turkeys and elk from the comforts of our car.  When I left Dad's, I stopped by my mom's for a bit to say hello then headed home and might have played computer games most of the evening and watched episodes of Ace of Cakes.  I'm a nerd, I know.

Today I slept in and went for a walk/run after it finished raining.  It was HOT though so I ended up cutting it short.  Oh well.  I went, right?  That should count for something.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"run" update

Day 2 of the new running regime.  I went and ran 4 of the 6 intervals.  I'm thinking I'm going to do week 1 again next week since I seem to be working up to it this week.  Calves still hurt but I pushed for the extra 2 runs.  Except I think my running is more like jogging at this point (definitely not sprints!) but at least its faster than walking.

The running playlist I made for myself is AWESOME though.

On another note, Sam and Max came over last night and we had dinner and went for ice cream.  So fun.  Max is getting so big and talking and walking (well, when he wants to) now.  I loved how excited he got when he spotted one of my cats (Sammy even let him pet her and Sally sniffed him).  He also loves chocolate ice cream and learned that I was happy to share with him.  :)  I always love catching up with Sam and hearing what's new.  Love her!

I'm going to relax the rest of the night.  I'm tired just thinking about the completely packed day I have tomorrow!


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Recently my facebook newsfeed has been filled with people deciding to take up running for one reason or another.  Ok.  Normally I am not swayed by such fads, but today for some reason I was motivated to try this program my friend Liz  has been doing where over 9 weeks you work up to running/jogging 3 miles.  Three miles is doable, right?  I could walk that far, so working up to running it seems attainable.

This is a big deal because prior to today I really only ran for one of three reasons:

1.  I am being chased.
2.  Someone is hurt.
3.  There's an ice cream truck that is getting away before I can get something.

(You can guess which of those scenarios is most likely.)

I'm a big fan of doing things as I'm motivated to do them.  This may mean stopping another activity (like pausing a movie in the middle or putting down a book mid-chapter) to do whatever it is I'm suddenly motivated to do.  (Usually this is cleaning related.)  So it wasn't a big surprise that when I was motivated to run at 10:30 that I immediately went and got ready - meaning I started this adventure at about 11am on a hot July day... not my brightest move ever.  Nor did I remember to stretch first.  But I was going.  The program says that for the first 3 workouts (or however long it takes you to work up to this) that you do a 5 minute brisk walk to warm up followed by intervals of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking until you hit 20 minutes.  Alright so 6 bouts of running/walking.  Got it.

I ran twice and walked the rest of the way.

In my defense, it was actually my calves that kept me from running more (not being out of breath the whole way.)  Since we got back from Chicago I've randomly been having spasms/cramps in my calf muscles - so after 10 minutes of running/walking they were hurting.  So when my breathing was back under control and I was ready to run again my calves made their protests known.  Perhaps if I'd stretched first this would not have been such an issue.  I think next time I'll adjust my route though - my second bout of running was up hill and I was not a fan.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and it was a good workout.  I was definitely sweating when I got done.  People say running does such good things for your body I'm willing to try it.  We'll see if I keep this up.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th

We returned from Chicago just in time for July 4th.  I love this holiday and celebrating our country's independence.  On the 3rd I went to a pool party/bbq at Sam's house.  We had a great time playing volleyball in the pool, playing with babies and playing Phase 10 in the evening.  I failed to take any pictures, but it was a good time.  On the 4th I went downtown with some friends to watch the air show and fireworks.  We went over to the Casino Queen in IL so we didn't have to deal with so many people.  It was fun and the show was great as always.  

We even lit sparklers for our own enjoyment.  I ended the holiday weekend by getting my new ac installed on Monday and going to see Eclipse with Sam.  Great ending to my vacation!


The Windy City

Last week during my vacation I went with my mom, sister and nephew to Chicago for a few days of fun.  We took the train (something we had never done before) and it worked out pretty well.  I haven't gotten the pictures off my camera yet, but the ones from my phone are below.

After we got settled in our hotel we had dinner at Bubba Gump's at the Navy Pier and then took a boat ride for a river/lake tour of the city.  It was pretty but got really cold!  It was only in the 70s all week and got down in the upper 50s at night so out on the lake we were freezing.  It was fun though.

Wednesday we headed to Shedd's Aquarium (one of my favorite places in Chi-town) and to the Field Museum.
Outside the Shedd

There were baby belugas and I always enjoy watching the penguins

I also got to have dinner that evening with Lindsey, who I love and adore.  We went to this yummy italian place and walked around a bit.  I loved catching up with her!

Thursday we kind of kept it low key during the day.  We spent the afternoon hanging around the hotel swimming/napping and the morning at the Sear's tower... where I did this:

Yup, we went to the top and stood in the glass boxes that hang over 1,000 feet above the ground.  The first step is a little scary, but once you realize you're not going to plummet to your death it's fine.  It helps that safety is only like 3 feet away at most too.  The views were amazing though!!  That evening we went to Taste of Chicago and it was PACKED so we didn't stay very long.  We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and getting stuff together.  

Friday we went to the Adler Planetarium, which I had never been to before.  We saw a few shows and checked out the exhibits before heading to the train station to go home.  (The hotel kindly held our bags for us.)  The ride back was uneventful and the end to a great trip.