Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interesting run revelation

I know.  You may be thinking 2 running posts in a row?  Is nothing else happening in your life?  Well, some stuff is happening but I decided to wait till the weekend is over to update on the rest of my activities.  So you'll have to settle for a 5k training update.

I finished week 6 of the C25k program today - and today's workout marks the end of the intervals.  From here on out I will just be running the entire time - eek!  Except I say "eek" but I can totally do it.  Which is weird in an of itself.  Today I jogged for 25 minutes with just a quick stop to get a drink.  And I had a revelation.  I run slower when I have to run the whole time.  Like a lot slower.

I think it's mostly in my head though - because today when the app told me my 25 minutes was up I could have kept going.  (Usually I'm counting down the last 30 seconds till I can stop.)  I think I'm afraid to push myself like I do in the intervals because I'm still a little concerned that I won't be able to make it the entire time if I do and there's not a scheduled break coming in the event that I'm dying.  It's a hard transition in my head to be confident in my ability to run for that long even though I can physically do it.  Today is proof - I wasn't even winded at the end since I wasn't going very fast.  But my brain still doesn't quite know that.  I'm going to have to get over it and  run faster though because as I said before, the intervals are no more.  And really if I had to walk a minute it wouldn't be the end of the world.  I'm strangely obedient to the man in the app who tells me when to run/walk - if he doesn't tell me to walk I don't.  I feel like I'm cheating if I don't listen to him.  Where is he when I need to be doing other things?  Maybe I need a house cleaning app too.  :)  (You must clean for 10 minutes before a 3 minute break then 10 more minutes.  I could make a fortune.)

Anyway, I'm hoping now that I'm aware of this mental block that I can overcome it.  Generally, I like running by myself because I don't have to worry about someone else's pace - but I wonder if maybe I need someone who runs a liiitle bit faster than me to help me set my pace.  Hm - any takers?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 6 has started

I started week 6 of the C25K program tonight.  Do you know what that means?  It means I conquered the 20 MINUTE run at the end of week 5 with no problem.  Sweet!

I'm to the point now where the program starts getting me to go longer than 20 minutes.  So today I did this:

Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:

  • Jog 5 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Jog 8 minutes
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • Jog 5 minutes
5 minute cool down

Today I also did a little experiment.  Since at this point I can jog without huffing and puffing at the end, today I decided to actually run (not jog) the first 5 minutes.  I did it but man did it make the rest of the workout harder.  It still annoys me that it's my legs that tend to cause the majority of my issues when I run.  My calves get tight (despite the fact that I stretch) and they just hurt by the end.  Not enough that I have to stop but enough to make me uncomfortable.  I'm wondering if different shoes would help.  Anyway, it's going fine.  I was half a lap short (1/8 mile) of going 2 full miles in the 24 minutes like I wanted, but oh well.  If I was at the pace of the program I would be running 2 1/4 miles in 25 minutes by the end of this week and 2.5 miles in 25 minutes by the end of next week.  Probably not going to happen in that time frame but I would like to be able to go at least 2 miles which I think is attainable this week.  

Shout out to my friend Holly who started the program this week!  (Who knew I would become a poster child for running?)


Reunions are fun

Sunday was a day of mini-reunions.  First I went to brunch because my dear friend Lindsey was in town for the weekend - you may remember her as the hot brunette from my trip to Chicago in June.

I met up with Lindsey, Cyndi, Aimee, Andy and Nick at Soulard Coffee Garden.  It was a yummy brunch and even better company.  I really enjoyed catching up with Linds and just chatting with everyone.  I should go to brunch more often.

From brunch I headed to O'fallon for a little Laws Hall/Mizzou reunion at Mel and Greg's house.  It was so fun to see everyone!  We hung out and told stories about the "old days" and had a lovely afternoon.  In attendance were Dan, Paul, Emily, Tyler, Missy, Dave, Stacy, Nate, Mel, KC, Greg, Olivia and I.  I managed to take 1 picture at the party.  Better than nothing right?  Mel took some though so all is not lost.

Greg cooked some awesome pork steaks and really all the food was delicious.  And I got a hug from Olivia before I left so that was icing on the cake.  (She's Mel and Greg's 2 year old so I only get hugs sometimes - but I can usually at least score a high five.)

Fun Sunday!


Eli visits

After sleeping late on Saturday morning (see previous post if you need an explanation), I headed over to the Bembower's to drop off a Pampered Chef item they'd bought recently.  Of course and added bonus to this little errand was of course the welcoming party...

Eli is now almost 5 months old and can sit up by himself!  Isn't he adorable?  He's a very smiley boy and was totally amused that he could see himself as I took this picture (my phone has a self portrait type function - I love it!)  We played on the floor for almost an hour while I chatted with Dan and Anna.  They enjoyed not having to entertain him.  Dan did offer to take some pictures for me though.  (Ignore my hair - I just let it dry however that day and it looks like it!)

That's all.  Just cute baby pictures.


Free food + free drinks + free tickets = awesome

One of our generous board members at work won a Cardinals package somewhere and decided to donate it to us for the staff to use.  What does this mean?  It means we got a free pre-party at Paddy O'Rilleys including food and drink - unlimited - and free tickets to the Cardinals game for 20 people!  Since only about 10 people from the staff wanted to go we got to bring a guest.  I invited my friend Phil who is in town on a break from his traveling theater job.  (Please excuse the blurriness in some of the pictures.  I moved too fast after pressing the button on my phone and didn't notice.)

So the pre-party starts at 5 and is basically over when the game starts - 7:15.  Phil and I were a little late due to traffic and rain (which always makes traffic worse) so we didn't get parked and up there till about 5:45.  We immediately order and say our hellos.  Since we (me, my co-workers and our guests) are determined to take full advantage of our free food and open bar situation, we start putting them back. 

I had 7 drinks in about 70 minutes - 1 beer, 4 rum and cokes and 3 shots of various things.  I admit I started the shots and was responsible for ordering the first 2.  I was "that girl" going around the room asking who wanted a shot and occasionally giving people crap if they said no.  Since about a dozen people (out of about 18) took part in them you can tell I was convincing and we got our money's worth.  Needless to say I have a nice buzz about halfway through this process.  If we've been out together, you know what happens next.  


Ah, drunk self portraits.  I love 'em.  Eventually we headed over to the game.  We were a little late and Phil told me his soul died a little bit because we were late but he got over it since it was for free beer.  Then he informed me that he needed a "walking beer."  Who am I to argue?

Unfortunately, the Cardinals played an absolutely dismal game and lost.  Luckily I was with enough awesome friends that I wasn't too concerned.  In fact, I didn't have a beer at the game and didn't loose my buzz until the 8th inning.  Awesome.  We had a great time.  After the game ended some of us headed back to Paddy O's to hang out a little bit more and some got another drink (only slightly cheaper than the stadium but since we didn't pay the first time we got over it.)  Soon we all headed home right before it started to pour rain on the highway.  I enjoyed chit chatting with a (drunk) Phil on the way home too.  We had never been out drinking together before so it was a good time.  Eventually we made it home and I headed for bed - what a fun day!


Not again!

Remember a few weeks ago (June 26 to be exact) when my AC suddenly stopped working on a 90+ degree day?  Remember how a week later (July 5 to be exact) I got a new one so that I didn't have to go through that again this summer?  How I thought I would be good for awhile with a new AC?

I was wrong.

My brand spanking new AC decided last Sunday (August 15 - exactly 5 weeks later) that it was going to stop blowing cold air.  WHAT?!?!?  So I call the repair people and they tell me they'll be out to fix it for free the next day.  Luckily it was only like 89 on Sunday and about that on Monday too... but still too hot to be without AC.  So they get there and the guy does some stuff and about 2 hours later it's working again.  I ask what the problem was (since it's NEW) and he tells me that during the installation something didn't get sautered (sp?) all the way and therefore there it was leaking.  He fixed it up and it was fine.  Awesome - so this was their fault?  Grrr.

At this rate, at least in another 5 weeks it should a little cooler when my AC breaks again...


Friday, August 13, 2010

Run Erin Run

So you may be wondering how my running is going.  No?  Too bad I'm going to tell you anyway.  I finished up week 3 just fine and was a little nervous to start week 4.  Week 4 goes like this:

-5 minute warm up walk
-3 minute run
-1.5 minute walk
-5 minute run
-2.5 minute walk
-3 minute run
-1.5 minute walk
-5 minute run
-5 minute cool down walk

Whew.  16 minutes of running and 5.5 minutes of walking during the actual workout.  I have to say the program is working, because I did it.  How did Josh Clark know I would be able to run 7 minutes more than I did last week (9 minutes during week 3)?  I don't know.  Wednesday's run was a complete and total disaster though, so I might either do this workout one more time or do the week 5 day 1 workout twice since I'm still dying at the end of the last run.  

What happened Wednesday?  Oh it was a mess.  For starters, it was still over 90 at 8pm.  Which granted is pretty much par for the course this week, but it wasn't a good start.  I also hadn't had any bananas (read: potassium) for awhile so my muscles were hurting like it was week 1 all over again from the start.  But I was running through that, just it was a little rough.  Then I started to get the shooting pain up my left shin.  Oh no.  I got through the first 3 runs then had to walk the last one because every step was accompanied by the shooting pain and it hurt pretty bad to even walk.  Awesome.  So I walked the last 5 minute run as my cool down then headed home to put it up.  Frustrating because besides the shooting pain I felt ok.  I made sure to stretch really good before running today and ate a banana and I was fine.  (Thanks Cyndi for the stretching recommendations for the shin!)  

Well, fine if you consider being totally winded and my legs being tired at the end of the final run fine.  And it was really hot today - I was actually a little worried I might pass out right before I got to my scheduled drink stop but I made it and the hydration fixed that problem.  

I'm currently running/walking about a 4.5 mph pace which would put me at running a 5k in about 42 minutes.  The program assumes a 6 mph pace so I expect it's going to take me a little longer than the length of the program to work up to 3.1 miles.  Which is fine with me.  I can run 1/4 of a mile in 3 minutes and I'm pretty happy about that after just 4 weeks.  I'm a little slower in the 2nd half of the workout though.  I do 1.5 miles in 21.5 minutes - but the first 3/4 of a mile I do in 10 minutes, the 2nd in 11.5.  But I'll take it.  

And, 3 people told me that I looked like I'd lost some weight this week.  Yessss.



Ah summer.  I love summer - the time spent outdoors, the bbqs, the warm weather.  It's been really really hot here for a few weeks now - 90s or higher almost every day.  Like Sunday it's only supposed to be a high of 89 and that's considered a nice, cooler day.  While I wish it was a bit cooler, I'm not complaining.  I will take the heat over freezing bitter cold any day.  When it's hot I just sweat more and drink lots of water and am fine - there's no crap on the roads and I don't have to bundle up to go out.  And I can wear flip flops daily with no problem.  Fall is still my favorite season, but it quickly turns into winter (of which I'm not a fan.)  Alright, enough about my thoughts on the weather.

Last weekend was pretty laid back.  My power randomly went out on Sat but Ameren came right out to fix it so it was only off for just under 2 hours.  Of course it went off right before I started drying my hair, so I rocked the wet-hair-in-a-ponytail look the rest of the day.  I hung out with Mom for a little while that afternoon (lucky plans since my power was out) and watched the Parent Trap (the newer one.)  I laughed hysterically when halfway through Mom says, "Is that Lindsey Lohan when she was young?  I didn't realize that."  Haha.  I also got a call from my friend Lee, who lives in Seattle.  I was pretty excited to talk to him and hear about what's going on in his life.  I miss the days when we had lunch and/or dinner 5 times a week.  We used to talk online a lot but I don't get on AIM like I used to.  Maybe I should just randomly start texting him... he does at least have a cell phone now! lol.  (You know I love you Lee.)

Krystal texted me while I was at Mom's asking if I wanted to come over for bbq'd steaks and to hang out since she was in town.  So I ran home to feed my cats and do a few things before heading back to South County.  We had a lovely evening and got snow cones - yum!  I also taught a lesson in hold'um to her family, which was funny to me in and of itself.  After I left there I stopped to say hi to the Quirins for a minute (where I was informed I needed to attend Millstadt Homecoming) then headed home.

Sunday night I made fruit pizza for the staff meeting Monday morning (it was my turn to facilitate) before and after my run.  Monday I went into work early so I could get off early to go to Six Flags for the glow parade.  Cyndi, Aimee, Nick and I met up with Cyndi's co-worker Jen again (who I really enjoy btw) and her friend Jenny.  We rode a few rides, got some ice cream then watched the parade.  It was fun!  Thursday was trivia, and today (Friday) I was off work and spent most of the day laying on the couch watching tv.  It was awesome.

I'll work on taking more pictures so these posts aren't so wordy...


Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 3 has begun

Today I started week 3 of the C25k program.  To be honest, I was a little nervous going into it because running for 3 minutes seemed kind of a long time and today I had to do it twice.

But I did it.

I was actually a little shocked when the app on my phone said "workout complete - cooldown."  Today I did the following intervals plus 5 minute warm up and cool down:

-run 1.5 minutes
-walk 1.5 minutes
-run 3 minutes
-walk 3 minutes
(repeat once)

I was dripping sweat when I got done (literally sweat was dripping off my face - very attractive) but I completed it.  Whew.  I made sure to stretch good before and after so I think that will help me for next time to do it again.  Cyndi suggested that she, Aimee and I do the Turkey Day 5k in Kirkwood this year - sounds like a decent goal to me.  We did a lot of walking yesterday at the park and Aimee would periodically tell me that it was time to run and we would jog for a little bit (like going through the long walkway up to The Boss, etc).  I think with us talking about it a few times during the day Nick was inspired to try it.  And my friend Carrie started it too!  Go girl!  'Cause let's be honest - if you've met me you know I do not even kind of look like I am a runner or even do any kind of cardio on a regular basis.  So if I'm doing it you know it's possible.

Next week is apparently the "hump" in the program even though it's only week 4... so pray I make it over the hump!


the rest of my vacay

The rest of my vacation was pretty relaxing and not too jam-packed which was just fine with me.  Tuesday I didn't actually leave the house (maybe I went to the pool, but I don't even think I got that far.)  Wednesday I got to go to lunch with Mel and Olivia at Tequila (a mexican restaurant near my house) and it was delicious.  I love mexican and I love Mel & O so it was an awesome afternoon.  After lunch I went shopping to get a pair of shorts and found them and some tank tops on clearance - score!

Thursday there was a little issue at work that I had to deal with (my boss freaked out over something that normally would be no big deal but she doesn't normally deal with it so it was one) then I went and took lunch to my mom at work.  I spent some time by the pool in the afternoon but not for long because it was so hot out.  The water was like bath water and I was sweating laying by the pool.  So that lasted like an hour, lol.  We ended up not going to trivia Thursday, which I was bummed about, and therefore was a little bored Thur. evening.  Friday I went to lunch with one of my co-workers, did some cleaning/laundry and went for a run.  Saturday was more laundry and a movie day - I watched all 3 Back to the Futures and Grease.  Dad stopped by for a little while to hang out and give me a key so I could go feed Bubba (his cat) while he is out of town.

Sunday I went to Six Flags with some of my favorite peeps - Aimee, Cyndi, Andy, Nick and Cyndi's co-worker Jennifer joined us.  We had a lot of fun and rode a ton of rides.  I hadn't been in forever so there were a couple rides I had never been on which was cool.  We hit all the coasters, Superman, Log Flume and Thunder River.  I think Batman is still my favorite but Evil Kenevil (sp?) is a close second.  We got the Big Six passes so we'll be going back again soon.  I think Aimee, Cyndi and I (and whoever else wants to come) are going to go back one evening to see the glow parade thing.  It looked fun.  Then we want to go for Fright Fest too.  Awesome Sunday.

I am still sad that I didn't get to spend my vacation on the beach (because I love the beach) but it turned out pretty good!