Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gus turns 1 and Burlesque!

Yesterday I went to hang out with my dad for awhile then headed over to Abi's to celebrate her son Augustine's first birthday.  We had yummy chili for dinner and got to hang out!  

Paige Abi and I enjoying the party

Gus wasn't in the best mood at this point, but he did enjoy some birthday cake.

After Gus's party, I headed over to Aimee's to meet up with her, Cyndi, Kristin, Lindsey and Vanessa before we went to see Burlesque! at the theater.  It was both completely terrible and awesome at the same time.  We had a good time watching it and mocking some of the things that were a little far fetched.  But it was fun!  

Today I am doing stuff around the house and tomorrow I have jury duty.  Should be interesting.  


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I'm not usually a crazy early shopper on Black Friday unless there's something really good that I want or need.  I'm just not that dedicated.  But I did go out to the stores to cash in on some good deals out there.  I went to Target and Wal-mart to get a few things and will probably do some more Cyber Monday shopping online.  (Maybe while I'm sitting around for jury duty?)  I was pleased that the stores I went to seemed to be prepared and I didn't have to wait in line too long and things seemed to be signed well for me to find them.  It was a pretty good experience!

Friday night Kyle and Holly were in town so we went to Growler's for dinner.  I actually went early to put our name in and Andy (Aimee's husband) came up and had a beer and appetizers with me while I waited.  There was a bit of a fiasco with the host putting a large group who called in in front of us (they don't take reservations or anything like that or we would have called too) but overall we had a good time hanging out.  After dinner we went over to Storm's house to meet Kyle and Holly's new addition - a french bulldog puppy named Bella.  She's really cute and full of puppy energy.  Storm's dog, Brewsky, wasn't quite sure what to do with her but we were impressed by his tolerance of her.  We did a little reminiscing about when he (Brewsky) was that small (he's a 2 year old Beagle that Storm got when he was 8 weeks old) and how crazy he was too.

We ended the night looking up random You Tube videos on Storm's TV (he has Apple TV and you can do that - its pretty cool) and laughing our asses off.  It was a good time and I was glad to see everyone!


Thanksgiving 2010

My Thanksgiving this year was pretty awesome.  After I did the 5k, I went home and got ready to go over to my Aunt Pat's (Dad's sister) and my Aunt Kathy's (Mom's oldest sister) houses.  It was awesome seeing all the family and catching up.  It even snowed for a minute but didn't stick and was just enough to be pretty without causing road issues or anything.  Awesome.

I think it's some kind of blogger rule that you have to post a list of things you're thankful for for Thanksgiving.  Who am I to buck tradition?

Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving:

-I have the best friends a girl could ask for.  I mean, really - I have a few groups that I hang out with and they're amazing.  I've made some new friends this year and have gotten back in touch with old ones and it's been great.  I feel like I should list you all individually but people don't have that kind of time.  (This is reflected in the fact that I can't bear to cut anyone from my 77 person long Christmas card list lol.  :))

-My family is also pretty great.  Sure we have our drama like everyone else but at the end of the day everyone loves each other and would have your back in a fight.  Unless we're fighting amongst ourselves - then it's every man for himself.  (I would like to give a special shout out to Brad here.  3 years ago when I decided that I wanted to get back involved with that side of the family he really made me immediately feel like I belonged and was welcome.  Not that everyone else didn't do that but he really just erased the missed years.  So special props to him.)
-I am thankful that I have a job still and that I don't dread going to it everyday.  While I may be looking for something that pays a bit better, I've got it better than a lot of people.  Plus my co-workers are pretty cool.  What would I do without Lura to complain to and listen to my nonsense everyday?  She's the best cube neighbor.
-My health - I had a medical scare this past month when I noticed a rather large lump on my neck.  After lots of tests and doctor's visits it now looks like it's nothing to be worried about.  Thanks God!
-I was able to get my shit together and run/walk a 5k without falling over and dying.  This may seem small but I am thankful that I got my butt off the couch and started working out again and was able to achieve this goal. Maybe I would have liked to be a little faster, but I finished and that was what mattered.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kirkwood/Webster Turkey Trot

On Thanksgiving morning, I got my butt up and went down to the Kirkwood Farmer's market in the cold and misty rain to run a 5k.  Luckily the rain stopped so I decided to go ahead and do this thing.  

 Before it started, we were hanging out and freezing our butts off but excited to get going.
Laura, Kristin, Cyndi, Alisha, Aimee and Me

So we did it.  Aimee, Alisha and I did it together.  The last mile was mostly uphill so that definitely kinda sucked.  We would have run more if it hadn't been for that and therefore finished a little slower than my runs at home have been.  But we still rocked and were very proud of ourselves.  (Randy, can you please talk to these people about logistics?  Cause they didn't even have a Finish banner for me to stand next to take a picture.)

We're done!  Yay!  Go us!

And that was the day I ran/walked a 5k. 


Dinner parties

Monday my sister came over for dinner with Devin and Devin's dad, Tyrelle.  We made this mexican salad kind of thing that is really really good.  Kristen and I had a good time talking and chatting about stuff.  I also gave her her birthday present (it was the Friday before) of wine and a stopper and a re-usable wine bag.  She loved it!  

Tuesday I met Mel and her daughter Olivia at O'Charley's for dinner and catching up.  :)  It was good to see her and I loved hearing what's going on in her life.  I fell so blessed to have such good friends in my life and there are just some I don't get to see enough and Mel is one of them.  Damn our busyness!  

It was also announced to us this week at work that we have a new Director of Development.  As soon as he starts I'll update you as to how that's going.  It might be a rough transition due to some hard feelings but hopefully there will be minimal blood shed.  I of course have Jury Duty on his first day (Monday) so I won't be there to watch it in person, but I'm sure Lura will update me.  


Shopping, turkey and Harry Potter

Last Saturday after I got home from the slumber party Mom and I went shopping for my Christmas presents.  The last few years I have wanted clothes for Christmas so one day we head to the mall and go crazy.  I picked out some really really cute stuff this year and I am quite excited to wear them.  Mom will actually wrap everything though for me to open on Christmas morning so I'll have to wait a whole month.  But it's cool.  I am also quite excited to tell you that I have dropped a pant size.  YES!!

After shopping with Mom I went over to Krystal's to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with her and her family and some of their family friends.  The food was delicious and it was fun to see her since she didn't come in for actual Thanksgiving.  She also invited this guy Mark who we went to high school with (she was better friends with him than I was) who I haven't seen since I don't think so it was fun to catch up.

After dinner I headed to the movie theater to meet up with Mom and Brian (his shopping excursion for Christmas was after mine and then they went to dinner as a mom-son thing) to go see Harry Potter 7 Part 1.  I enjoyed the movie and am excited to see the next one.  Mom didn't quite remember some of the stuff so I had to explain some of it as we went but it was good.  After seeing the movie I decided I needed to re-read the last book to refresh my memory a little.  I knew there was some stuff that they left out but the plot of the story was going the same way so no big deal.  But I wanted to read it again so I remembered.  The second half is action packed so it should be a really cool movie.

The next day (Sunday) we (Mom, Brian, Me, Grandma, Devin, Kristen and Devin's dad) went to the church's Thanksgiving Banquet.  Our old pastor (who baptized me and was there during some very hard times for me) was there and I was thrilled to see him and his wife.  Great weekend!


Slumber parties aren't just for kids you know

Last weekend, Nellie hosted a girls night complete with sleepover.  We went over to her house first for dinner then headed out to see Vanessa's brother's band play.  We decided we were cool so half the car was wearing sunglasses despite the fact that it was dark out.  

 In the car heading to the bar.  Nellie started the sunglasses trend but is not in this picture

 Vanessa and I at the bar.  There is a whole series of these shots but I'll just post the one for you.

 Cyndi and Aimee got in on the self portraits too.

All our fun picture taking and having fun scored us a free pitcher of beer from a nearby admirer.  Nice.

Cyndi, Aimee, Vanessa and me 

Nellie and me 

All of us at the end of the night.  Love it!  

After the bar we went back to Nellie's house where girl's night kind of came to an abrupt halt because her husband ended up coming home instead of staying elsewhere as previously planned.  But instead of going to bed he decided to come sit and hang out with us - so that was the end of girl's night.  We had fun though!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Crap I'm behind

Stuff I need to tell you about:

-Slumber party adventures
-Early thanksgiving dinner with Krystal
-Shopping with Mom
-New boss
-Dinners with Mel and my sister
-Thanksgiving and the obligatory list of things I'm thankful for
-The 5k I ran this morning (well, I finished anyway)
-the other awesome things that I'm going to do this weekend because it's jam packed
-Anything else I decide might be important between now and then

Geez this list is long.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life is good

Life has been good this weekend.

Friday at lunch we ordered Imo's and that seemed to set the tone for the day.  That night I went to see Mike in Annie Get Your Gun.  He did an awesome job as did the whole cast.  I hadn't seen the show before, so it was cool to learn a little bit about Annie Oakley.  Mike had a pretty good turnout - in addition to me, Mark, Courtney, Dan, Anna and Storm came Friday night too.  We had a good time!  After the show I met up with Dan, Mike and Ed Niethe for a couple drinks at Seamus McDaniels (or something close to that.)  We had a good time hanging out and Dan, Mike and I ended the evening with a trip to Uncle Bill's for yummy breakfast food.  Pretty damn good day.

Saturday morning I got to go hang out with Sarah (Cohen) Born.  I have missed her sooooo much!!!  We went to Starbucks and just talked for hours.  I'm so lucky to have a friend that even after many years of not seeing each other I can still sit with her and tell her anything and everything.  She's amazing.  And her girls are just gorgeous too!  I hope it's not so long between visits again and that I'll see her again soon.  Did I mention life is good?

After I got back home from hanging out with Sarah I relaxed a bit then did some cleaning.  I also got my 2011 calendar ready for the new year with birthdays, etc.  I went to bed earlyish because I was really tired and slept late this morning so I guess I was.  And it was one of those sleep-like-the-dead nights where you wake up and the covers haven't moved and your hair still looks decent because you were so still.  Tonight I'm meeting up with Linda to closer her PC show then who knows.  This week is my last full 5-day week of work for the year, and while I'm way excited about that it's going to be sooo busy.  Oh well.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You for Serving

I'm a pretty patriotic girl.  I love my country and think very highly of those who serve it or have served it in the past.  Thank you to all the vets out there who have served or are currently serving our country!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Confessions of a Couch Potato Who Plans to Run a 5k

Oh running.  I have such a love-hate relationship with you.  

My Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k is coming up (on Thanksgiving obv.)  The first two miles go pretty well.  I could probably even get them a minute faster (each) in the next two weeks if I wanted to.  Then there's mile 3.  Mile 3 is significantly slower and generally a giant mess.  Part of the problem I'm sure is that I have minimal interest in fixing this problem.  But I'm running this damn turkey trot and I should probably consider addressing it.  *sigh*  At least I got to run outside today since the weather was so nice.  So that's a plus, right?  

I ran in one of my ROTC learning community shirts from Mizzou today since it's the Marine Corps's 235th birthday today.  I'm kind of surprised I have made it this long without owning at least one Navy/Army/Marines shirt.  I mean, really, how many guys have I dated that were in the service?  (Don't answer that.)  I might have to work on that.  Anyway, tomorrow is veteran's day so thank you to all the men and women who serve our great country!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

3 day weekends are great

This weekend I was able to head down to Springfield to visit some friends.  I was really excited to spend some time with Paige and to see my friend Carrie again.  I drove down Friday after work and got in kinda late, so we talked for a bit then went to bed.  Saturday morning Paige made french toast for breakfast (yum!) and we decided to head to Carthage, MO to check out the Precious Moments Chapel.  Neither one of us had ever been so we were excited to check it out.  When we got there we were not disappointed!  The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed looking at all the figurines and paintings and hearing some of the Precious Moments history.  

Paige and I in front of the cute fountain outside the entrance

The beautiful mural inside the chapel of what Sam Butcher pictures the entrance to Heaven will be like.  

Angels getting their halos (another cute mural)

There were lots of paintings in the chapel and several depicted this cottage that was built for Sam Butcher's grandchildren in the middle of the river.  So we took a picture with it.  

Car pic!  Isn't she adorable?  :)

That evening we headed down to Branson to have dinner with my friend Carrie and her daughter Analise and to go look at the Christmas lights (which have been up in Branson since like mid-October.)  It was so good to catch up with Carrie and hang out - and you know I love me some Christmas lights!  It's funny how you appreciate them more when you don't live there.  But sometimes if I was in a bad mood I would drive around and look at the lights to cheer myself up when I lived down there.  Ah, memories.  lol.  

Sunday Paige, Bryan (Paige's boyfriend) and I went to breakfast at Gailey's.  Mmmm sooo gooooood.  

After breakfast Paige and I went for a quick walk while we waited for the furniture stores to open.  Then we went to look at new sofas for Paige.  Fun times on furniture row in Springfield!  Then it was time to head home.  What a great trip!

Sunday night I watched Toy Story 3 (Mom bought it) and my regular Sunday night tv.  Monday I was off so I slept in and got to hang out with Abi since she was in town for a conference.  And I got to see Gus (her almost 1-yr old - how did he get so big?) since he came in to visit Oma and PaPa while Mommy was at the conference.

It was so good to see her!  It was a great weekend - too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween a little late

Me at work on Friday