Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

I'm sorry this post doesn't have any pictures.  I actually didn't take any - I was feeling kind of blah.

Christmas Eve started out a little rocky for me because I have a bit of bronchitis and a cold and wasn't feeling the best.  I just kind of laid around in the morning then headed to Dad's to hang out for a bit before church about 3.  Dad and Janet had everyone over for pizza and snacks, which was nice.  Then we headed to church for the Christmas Eve service.  Except it wasn't the candle lit service I was expecting and love so I was actually quite disappointed.  And they didn't print the words to the carols in the program - they said we are going to sing "from heart" - meaning everyone should know the words.  But we only sing a lot of these songs on Christmas so I don't know the words and the people we invited with us who had never been before definitely didn't so it was weird and I didn't like it.  Oh well.

After church Mom, me, Kristen, Devin and Tyrelle (Devin's dad who my sister is seeing again) headed over to Kristen's house for some dinner and to hang out a bit.  We watched "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and let Devin open a few gifts.  It was nice.  I made the cheese balls for the next day when I got home, did some laundry and headed to bed.  All in all a pretty good day!


Saturday, December 25, 2010


On Thursday, in addition to watching Max, I also made 10 dozen cookies with the help of Miss Lindsay Gill.

We made chocolate chip, snickerdoodles and those reindeer cookies you get at the store that I for some reason love.  MAJOR THANKS to Linds for helping me and lending me her kitchen so we could watch movies while we baked since the bulb on my TV bit the dust Wed. night!  THANK YOU!  

(I ordered another bulb online and successfully replaced it myself and my TV now works again.  Thank you also to Samsung for making that process as easy as possible and providing clear directions in the TV manual.)



So usually I'm the friend that parents call when they want a night out, often without their kid(s).  Generally speaking, I'm cool with that because everyone needs a break now and then and I'm fun.  And modest.  :)

But it's a little known fact that if you ask me to watch your kid(s) and I'm available, I will probably say yes.  (Unless your kids are mean or something.)  Then I get to spend evenings with cuties like Max.  

Max is telling me a story that I don't understand 
a word of but it's apparently hilarious.

He was SO good.  When he realized Mom and Dad had left, he paused for a moment then went right back to playing.  He was a happy boy and played and talked all evening.  He also loves Wheel of Fortune (and most game shows I'm told) so I turned it on for him.  He just randomly claps and expects you to do the same.  

"Um, hello Aunt Erin... why aren't you clapping?!"

He also likes music but was not in a dancing mood that evening.  He even played the piano for me for a minute.  He gets super excited when the cat comes into view and says "arf" at the window like the dog.  He has one of those little couch things that turn into a bed and he had a fun time sitting on it, laying down, getting back up and repeating the whole process.  We had a good time.  


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dinner Date

Pretty adorable, right?

Eli and I had dinner with his parents tonight.  He's getting so big!  Since Mark and Courtney are still recovering from the stomach bug thing that's going around I had dinner with this cutie instead.  Fun!

Also shout out to Mark - thanks for the firewood and I hope you and Courtney are feeling better!


Yoga on Monday Nights is Not for Me

Remember how I said Aimee, Cyndi and I were trying some different classes at Club Fitness?  Last night we went to yoga at the Lemay Ferry location.

Admittedly, it's been awhile since I've taken a yoga class but I do not remember it being as intense as this one was.  I was expecting more relaxing, stretching, doing things-that-feel-good-to-my-muscles kind of stuff.  I was WRONG.  We started the class basically standing on one foot for 10 minutes then switched to the other foot for the next 10 minutes.  Then we had 40 minutes of class left.  Eventually we went to more stretchy stuff and I have never been more pleased to do ab work in my life.  Anyway, I will not be going back to that particular class.

My stay-cation so far has been pretty awesome.  Saturday I made some Pampered Chef deliveries and had P'sghetti's for dinner (YUM.) I also went out to Dave and Buster's then Harrah's with Aimee, Cyndi, Andy and a bunch of Andy's fraternity brothers.  It was a fun time and I enjoyed getting to put some faces with stories I'd heard lol.  Anyway, a bunch of them live like 10 minutes from me so not only were they fun to hang out with but it was a convenient drive.  Score!  lol.

Sunday Neil and Kelly came through town so I got to see them along with Emily, Paul, Mike and Sara.  It was awesome catching up with everyone and hearing what's going on in their lives and what exciting things are coming up.  This is the good stuff, baby!

Monday I did a lot of laying around (until the yoga class) then went grocery shopping which was desperately needed.  I made a list of stuff that needs done around the house (mainly cleaning) and will start chipping away at that today.  I think Thursday is going to be my baking day (read: cookies!) so if you want to come keep me company let me know.  And Thursday I get to watch Mr. Max Ericson so I'm way excited about that too.

And I confirmed today that Lee is arriving the 29th for a short visit and I'm way excited about that too.

I love the holidays.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Insert Catchy Title

This past Friday I joined some friends for a trivia fundraiser for the St. Louis Sabers (the St. Louis women's rugby team.)  We had a blast and did pretty well at trivia (thank you to the Quirins who knew most of the answers) and saw LOTS of people we knew.  Seriously it was a mini-LHS reunion.  Anyway, despite being robbed the point on the color of Dorothy's slippers (we said ruby, they wanted red... I know, right?) we had a great time.  

Sunday I did a Pampered Chef thing out at my friend Jamie's new construction properties but it was a bust because it was SNOWING like crazy here in St. Louis.  I thought I was crazy for going out in it to be honest.  It would have been a good thing I think if not for the weather but oh well.  Monday I was off work (I'm liking this short work week business) and went to a zumba class with Aimee, Cyndi and Lui.  The class was just eh but it was fun to do it with them.  We're trying random classes at Club Fitness to see what the good ones are.  Should be interesting.  Maybe I can shake my annoyingly consistent weight for the last 6 weeks.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the snow.  Oh well.  

3 more days of work then 2 weeks vacation!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Devin turns 7

My nephew Devin turns 7 today.


Crazy how fast kids grow.  Anyway, he had his birthday party with his friends yesterday at Planet Fun in St. Peters.  If you've never been there, it's basically a bunch of tunnels and stuff for kids to crawl through and play and get out their energy.  Good thing for us since we had 8 first grade boys with us!  They had pizza and cake and ran around like crazy people.  It was a blast!

Devin and I

With his cake before we started singing

His cake - yum!

Since today is his actual birthday, the family is going to Chevy's to celebrate tonight for dinner.  His pick - last year it was Red Lobster... kid's going down in taste... lol.  Should be fun though!  

The rest of my weekend was pretty tame - I went to the mall and had dinner with my Mom on Friday, spent the day in my pajamas watching Christmas movies and doing some house stuff on Sat.  And I'm off again today!  I like this 4 day weekend thing... :)