Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I do not understand why people like to run on the sidewalks with the hills when there are perfectly good school tracks and treadmills.

Francis Howell North, you are dead to me right now.  You have had football games on both Monday and Wednesday night this week and since Friday is a typical football night I'm not holding out much hope.  You force me to choose between the damn hills and a gym membership.  (I'm hoping to put of paying for the gym membership for another month - we'll see how fast it gets cold.)  How do you expect me to know exactly how far I ran when I'm just wandering around the subdivision for 30 minutes?  (PS - I can run for 30 minutes.  Crazy.)  Sure I can drive my car around to figure it out, but how annoying is that?

I had planned to move my training to the subdivision eventually with the hills or to at least run on an incline at a gym if it got cold really fast.  But I was hoping to be able to run a little faster on the nice flat track before I did that.  Apparently FHN has other plans for my training.  Sigh.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekends rock

I had to work late this past Thursday evening for our John L Trotter Research Program (till like 9:30) but was rewarded by getting sleep late on Friday since I was off!  I pretty much spent my day off laying around.  It was fantastic.  Friday night was game night at (Jen) Lui's house complete with bbq so I made Sam's cheesy potatoes and headed to Ballwin.  It was fun meeting some new folks and hanging out with the ones I already knew.  Great party Lui - I'm glad you're hanging out more with us!

Saturday morning I did more of the sitting on my butt and sleeping in thing.  Amazing.  That evening we planned a surprise dinner and girl's night for Vanessa since her boyfriend just left for Europe for a year over at Lori's.  We had good food, lots of wine and great conversation.  It was a blast!

Sunday I decided it was time to deal with the disaster that was my bedroom.  Translation:  a whole day of laundry.  Blah.  I did some other minor cleaning too, but laundry and getting everything put away was a major task.  I am pleased to let you know that there are currently NO BASKETS OF CLOTHES in my room right now - clean or dirty.  It's a housekeeping miracle at my house.  I even took pictures I was so excited.  We'll see how long it stays this way.  I give it about a week or 2 before the novelty wears off and I have to do another load of laundry that may or may not get put away.  We'll see!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Run update

Maybe you've noticed that I haven't updated in awhile about how my running is going.  No?  Ok well I haven't because I ended up taking 2 weeks off with Labor Day weekend then Bike and a busy week after.

Anyway, previously things had been going quite well - I could consistently run for 25 minutes and was working on getting faster and that seemed to be working out.  Then the break. It was rough coming back.  It took me a few workouts to work back up to my previous endurance levels, etc.  I can now run/jog again for 28 minutes (the workouts for week 8) and can run 2 full miles.  The good news is that I'm back to my previous consistent mile times - the bad news is that I'm still pretty slow.  I'd be more upset about it except that prior to starting this program I could barely run at all (remember week 1 when I was dying after running for a minute?) so I feel like I've come a long way.  And since I don't plan to stop running after next week (the end of the C25K program) I figure I'll get faster eventually.  I'm not breathing really hard at the end of my runs so I know I can go faster, I just have to push a little harder and have the confidence that I won't die if I do.  There's definitely still a mental factor.  I'll figure it out I'm sure!


Oh well

Someday maybe I won't end up with a weekend full of activities right after an event.  Maybe.  But I did make up for some sleep I missed, so all was not lost.

Friday after a long day of physical labor cleaning out our warehouse, I headed over to Syberg's for Paula's official going away party.  I am still sad to see her go but it's awesome for her and I wish her the best.

I enjoyed hanging out with my co-workers and getting to hear about Paula's first week at Express Scripts (her new employer.)  Changes are coming to our department at work but it was fun to celebrate the fun we had and moving forward.  Several shots were taken and drinks and fun were had.  Good times.

Saturday I went to lunch with my mom and sister and then to Devin's soccer game.  I don't know when the last time was that you watched a bunch of 6-7 year olds play soccer but it was hilarious.  I found myself cracking up at some of the silly things they did since they're still learning the game and are, you know, six.  Devin is the kid on the right standing off by himself.  My mom was constantly telling him to "get up there!" Ha. 

After Devin's game I headed over to the Ericson's to spend the afternoon with Sam which turned into the whole evening.  I loved catching up with her and hanging out.  Max was in a great mood (until right before bed time of course) and was fun to watch and play with.  Once he decides that I'm not scary and am not going to steal him he warms right up and can be so affectionate.  I love baby Max kisses!  He's getting so big these days too and I got to witness him gain a new word - keys.  I offered him my keys to keep him happy ("Want my keys?") and his response was "Keys!" Not to be confused with "Please" which he also says (peez) when he wants something which I think is adorable.  It's cool to see him learning.  Anyway, we went to dinner at O'Charley's with Sam's parents and then all went back to her house and played spades.  Fantastic Saturday afternoon/evening.  

Sunday Cyndi had tickets to the Cardinal's game from her work and invited me and 2 other friends to join her.  We had fancy seats in the Red Bird Club so they were cushioned and covered (though it didn't rain but they were dry when we got there as it had rained earlier.)  Cardinals won and we had a great time.  

After the game I headed home for laundry and hanging out at home.  Pretty good weekend if I do say so myself!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bike MS Bubble

3,400+ bikes.  65 team tents.  Lots and lots of spandex.  Gators.  Start/finish banners that have grommets that never seem to line up.  These are the things that signify Bike MS to me.   

In case you aren't aware, I work for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Every year we have this little fundraiser in September called Bike MS that raises half of our revenue for the year.  So on Thursday I packed up my crap and headed to Columbia for a 5 day stay in accomodations that leave much to be desired.  (To give you an idea, the room doors to our 'hotel' are on the outside of the building.  Use your imagination.)  But we're here and getting things ready for the ride that promises to be the biggest and best yet. 

Generally speaking, I think the ride went pretty well.  I could hash out the details for you, but that would not be very exciting for you.  I will, however, say that the team tent village (which is my responsibility) was awesome.

We had a whole field of tents with cyclists drinking and having a blast.  It's pretty cool.  Anyway, it's a really long couple of days of getting up really early (think 4am) and going to bed late.  Because of this, you end up in what I like to call the Bike MS Bubble.  In the bubble, anything and everything relates to Bike.  The rest of the world stops.  Bike is it.  So it's kind of weird to come back and discover that the rest of the world kept going while I was gone.  That everyone's life didn't get put on hold and narrow to the Boone County Fairgrounds and thousands of bicycles. 

Obvioulsy I know the rest of the world kept going but that doesn't make it less weird to try to get back into it.  It's like the bubble has burst and I have to catch up on the past week that was spent in a haze of spandex and early mornings.  But I'm adjusting.  Now that I've slept off some of the exhaustion, I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Like I cleaned before I left, but it's been a week now and I have to do it again.  Awesome.  But it's good because another Bike ride is behind me.  Whew. 

There was a very sad moment that came with the end of Bike for me though.  My beloved director Paula's last day was the Monday after the ride.  While I know it was a good move for her, etc, I'm still sad to see her go because she's a rock star.  In true Development style, we celebrated the end of Bike with her in Columbia Sunday night in style - dinner at Flat Branch and lots (and lots) of drinking for all.  Lura, my friend and co-worker, took some video during our binge that I hope never sees the light of the internet but rest assured we had an absolute blast. 

If you were at the fairgrounds with me this past weekend, I hope you had a blast and that you didn't talk to me late Sunday afternoon when I got a little bit bitchy.  :)  Good times, right? 

Hopefully this weekend will include some time to relax and see my friends.  It feels like labor day was forever ago so I hope to get some good friend-time in this weekend!  (Aimee, Cyndi, Sam - I'm looking at you!)

I think that's it for now.  :)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Family fun

Sunday I spent the day hanging out with family (after I slept in of course!)  I headed out to my cousin's son Ben and his wife Kristal's house for their son Parker's 7th birthday party.  

A little back story:  My dad's sister, Pat, is 18 years older than him so my cousins are actually my dad's age (56.)  Their children are who I think of as my cousins.  For the sake of simplicity, I consider their children like nieces and nephews instead of whatever my aunt's great-grandchildren would be.  To further complicate matters, my dad and my cousin Pam got into it about 20 years or so ago and have not really spoken since and therefore I have barely seen and barely know that side of the family.  About 3 years ago, when my Nana turned 90, I decided that this not seeing anyone on Dad's side of the family business was stupid and started making an effort to see people.  Dad and my brother and sister see them at holidays now at least but I have made an effort see my cousins more often.  So I am always excited to be invited to simple things like birthday parties.  :)  Now you're all caught up.

I had a blast hanging out with the family - I got over there about 2:30 and didn't leave until about 7 so you know it was good.  It's cool because with the older cousins we fall into an easy companionship so easily and I love it.  And Ben and Brad's kids are pretty freaking cute.  Parker was super excited to get his big present from Ben and Kristal - a Nintendo DS!

His face totally lit up when he opened it.  I loved watching it.  I got him some books which he also seemed excited about.  While Parker was opening presents, I entertained Bricelynn (Brad and Amanda's almost 3 year old daughter.)  She is a sweetie.  

And she's a girl after my own heart who loved seeing herself in the screen of my phone (the camera has an awesome function where you can see yourself) and I helped her take some self portraits.  She laughed the entire time.  

Love her.  Then we had cake.  

And I enjoyed hanging out with the family - like my Aunt Pat.

Logan and Parker (brothers) playing :)

After the party I stopped by my dad's house and went for ice cream with him and Janet (his lady friend.)  I hadn't seen him in awhile so it was good to catch up.  

Another fun day!


Millstadt Homecoming

Andy (Aimee's husband) is from Millstadt, IL.  He's been telling me pretty much since I met him that they have this thing called homecoming there and that it's the best weekend of binge drinking ever.  Since I am a Mizzou alumni, I know a thing or two about homecoming.  In case you were unaware, the University of Missouri created homecoming.  We started the whole damn thing when Chester Brewer, Athletic Director at MU, invited all the alumni to "come home" for the Mizzou-Kansas football game in 1911.  There was a parade and spirit rally and 10,000 fans packed the stadium that day and the tradition of homecoming was born.  Seriously - wikipedia it.  

So I decided that this year I would go check it out.  It was advertised as having a parade and drinking in the street so I figured this would be a party I would enjoy.  They threw beads during the parade.  Andy was thrilled that with his beads he now matched his favorite beer - Stag.  

Nice, right?  Overall it was a fun evening.  I didn't quite get the full experience since I had to drive back home that night - but I got the idea. :)  It was also fun to meet some of the people that I've heard a lot about but hadn't yet met.  So there was a lot of internal "ooohhhh yeah, you're the one who..."  lol.  Good times!


Go Tigers!

Saturday I went to the Mizzou-Illinios game in St. Louis at the dome.  We of course had to tailgate first though!  It was a ton of fun and I loved getting together with everyone.  Plus the weather was absolutely perfect for it!  Check out the pictures.  AND the Tigers won so it was even better!!!!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

a little catch up

I promised you a post about what's going on in my life besides running and then completely forgot about it.  Oops.  Anyway, last weekend was pretty tame.  I had the pleasure of going to Hurricane Harbor on Sunday afternoon with Aimee, Cyndi and Lui and we had a great time.  The weather was perfect for it (mid to upper 80s) and we enjoyed the slides, lazy river and laying in the sun.  Perfect.  At work we're getting ready for Bike MS (which is next weekend) so things are kind of crazy there.  Thank goodness it's almost over!  Saturday after I went for a run I called up Phil to see if he wanted to go grab a beer somewhere close by.  It's so convenient to have him just down the street - otherwise I would have had to drive south to meet up with someone.  We went to a bar near my house that was doing karyoke.  We had a blast!

Monday was Phil's birthday and we went out to the Pink Galleon in Creve Coeur.  If you've never been there, it used to be a strip club and when it was turned into a bar they didn't put a whole lot of effort into making it not look like a strip club anymore.  Exhibit 1:  a "tiki man" on a lighted stage in 2 different places in the bar around a central stage which was at one time just a pole.  Hehe.  I had a blast hanging out and playing pool.  It's been awhile since I've been to a bar that has pool and I forgot how much fun it is.  And it was free at PG that night so bonus.  (PS - I think I've seen Phil Gill more in the last 2 weeks than I have in years!  I'm going to miss him when he's gone in a few days!)

I am still attending trivia most Thursdays and could probably post most weeks about funny things that happen there but they would probably only be funny to me.  But this one you'll enjoy.  Some of you may be familiar with a shirt I own that says "Beer cheaper than school."  BEER is in (large) green letters right across my boobs and the rest is below it.  It is Andy's (Aimee's husband) favorite shirt of mine, which is saying something as I own a plethora of low cut shirts as well.  Anyway, I wore it to trivia recently (since trivia is at a bar called Tower Pub it's appropriate) and Andy has started stating his belief that I should wear it every week.  This cracks me up because at some point in the 2+ hours that we're there, he will ask me "What, no beer shirt?  WHY?  It's the perfect shirt!"  Maybe I should start wearing more low cut shirts to trivia?  Hm.  Luckily his wife does not seem to mind!