Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sunday we went out to Schlafly Bottleworks to take the brewery tour and have dinner.

The tour was great and I enjoyed learning about how they brew their beer.  I enjoyed the beer tasting at the end even more.  We had a good time sampling and learning.  We're all about broadening our minds.

Then we had dinner and drinks.  It was delicious.

Since Nellie's birthday was a few days earlier, we celebrated at dinner.  We sang and she got cake.  

She was even nice enough to share.  It was damn good cake.  

The end.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!

I was very excited this morning to get the call that today our office was closed and we were having a SNOW DAY!  And for good reason.  We got about 7 inches of snow in St. Charles and even more in some places around the city.

(It was deeper if you went out further so I'm saying 7 instead of 6.5)

view from the front door

View out the back

And, today is my friend Nellie's birthday and my hair stylist Katie's birthday (who I went to high school with.)  Happy birthday ladies!

Clearly the event that I was supposed to go to for work tonight got cancelled and it was re-scheduled for when I'm on vacation in Feb. so I won't be going.  We are also skipping trivia tonight so I'm just hanging out at the house.  I did go out and clean off my car though and cleared myself a path to walk to it so hopefully it will be a lot easier to clean off tomorrow if it does indeed snow again.  Or if I decided to venture out later then I'm set.  On a related note, I need to invest in some rain/snow boots I think.  I'll have to keep an eye out for some cute ones.  


Sunday, January 16, 2011

ONEder Fund

Sometimes I'm a bit of a stalker.  I read the blogs of people I've never met although I feel like I know them because they share their lives with me on the internet.  Sometimes I find delightful things unexpectedly because someone will post a link on the side of their page.  Or I end up reading about a friend of a friend of a friend's life.  It's crazy sometimes.  Anyway, about a year ago I came across Kelle's blog and have been following it ever since.  Check out the video she posted and consider donating here.  So far she has raised over $66,000 in mostly small donations of $5-$10 for NDSS.  It's pretty cool.  

Anyway, at least watch the video.  


Monday, January 10, 2011

Friday I went to the "moving on" party for Matt and Danica, my former co-workers.  Well, I guess Matt is still kind of a co-worker since he's doing the independent contract thing for Challenge Walk (why I have no idea, but he is so good for him) but whatever.  Everyone met up at Houlihan's for drinks and food and we had a good time hanging out.  It was good to see everyone outside of work and quite a few people who don't work at NMSS anymore came so it was fun to see them and catch up.  I'm sad to see Matt and Danica go but I totally understand and am glad they're moving on to bigger and better things.  I'm kind of jealous but I guess I should be happy to have a job even if it doesn't pay that well.  Yes I'd like some cheese to go with that whine but it's my blog so I'll whine if I want to.

Vanessa is also back!!  I am glad to have her back from Europe and hanging out with us again.  I missed her!  And she brought me a cool key chain from London - sweet!

It is now normal for me to run 3 miles at the gym.  Granted I don't necessarily run the whole way, but that is the beauty of the elliptical - I can slow down at the end and it's not a big deal and I don't have to adjust the speed.  This is mostly because I get lazy not because I can't keep running - but for some reason after 2 miles I kind of loose my motivation.  If you would have told me at this time last year that I would be regularly running 3 miles I don't know that I would have believed you.  But here I am.  I am back on the 3 workouts a week bandwagon (I was only going twice most of the time and that wasn't really cutting it) and maybe I'll start counting calories here too.  Although I often check the calories and half the time decide to eat things that are bad for me anyway.  Yes I realize I am doing that wrong.  I'll work on it.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NYE 2010-2011

As usual, I party hopped on NYE.  First I headed over to the Niethe's house where I didn't take a single picture.  I know, fail.  It was great to see everyone and catch up though!  The Niethe's also just re-did their kitchen and it's beautiful.  Way more counter space and it feels bigger.  And on said counter space someone brought bread and dill dip and I could have just stood next to it and eaten it all night.  But I refrained.  But damn it was good.  :)  Games were played and it was a lot of fun.

From there I headed over to the Quirin's, who had been at the Blues game earlier in the evening but were hosting a late-start party.  Perfect for me.  I had a little bit of trouble getting over there because there was an accident on 270 in the middle lane and people couldn't figure out how to go around that and you couldn't get off and go down Lindbergh because it was closed due to the tornado damage.  But I made it eventually.  When I arrived, this was happening:

Yes, that's 4 loko.  Now illegal.  Sweet.  

Aimee was picture happy which was good because I forgot my camera and that is usually my job.

Matt and Jaci before Jaci fell off the chair:

And after.

There was Rock Band.

And doggie cuddles

And since we were up till 6am drinking, stuff like this started happening

Yes, Andy is licking Aimee's head.  She coincidently didn't notice until she looked at the picture and noticed her head was wet.  

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Post about my New Year's coming soon.  As soon as Aimee uploads some pictures. :)


Tornadoes are Scary

On New Year's Eve we had unusually warm weather (60s) and unfortunately in this part of the country that usually means severe weather in the form of storms and in this case tornadoes. Sunset Hills (about 5-10 minutes from my mom's house) was hit the hardest and some of the houses were completely leveled. The video below is from my friend Mark's house. Luckily just the garage and trees were damaged and not the house or any people, but you kind of get an idea of how powerful the storm was.

The picture below is from my friend Dan in front of Anna's parent's house. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Many trees were uprooted and S. Lindbergh is just a mess for those familiar with the area.  Thank God for the sirens to warn people to seek shelter or this could have been much much worse.  


Nellie and Lee and Brian oh my!

Wednesday I met up with my girl Nellie for drinks/food at Fridays.  Can I just say I love this girl?

This picture is not from our trip to Fridays.  I just included it because I like it. 

It was good to just hang out and talk about life.  We talked about our jobs and babies and friends and eating habits and working out (Nellie is a rock star.  Click here to read about her awesomeness) and everything under the sun.    I really enjoyed it and love that she lives so close.  I don't think she has any idea how often I contemplate just walking over to her house and inviting myself to one of the awesome dinners she cooks.  Cause y'all know I rarely cook.  Anyway, I had a great time. 

Then Wednesday night Lee arrived.  I cannot tell you how excited I was that he was coming town and that I was going to get to spend time with him.  Lee and I met working for Res. Life at Mizzou in Laws Hall.  We were on staff together and quickly became friends.  He cracks me up and is a fantastic friend.  Seriously, he rocks.  (Yeah, I said it Lee.  Like you didn't already know.)

Also not from this week since we are like 5 years younger here.  
And I clearly had a crappier camera with a hair on the lens.  

Wed. night he got in about 10pm so we caught up a bit then headed to bed.  Thursday morning we met up with Mel for breakfast and had a good time catching up with her.  I love Mel.  Back at  home Lee slept half the day because the genius stayed up the entire night on Tuesday then only really slept on the plane (about 3 hours) then Wed. night at my house.  Boy was tired.  It was also funny to see him with my cats.  Lee is not a cat person but Sammy and Sally didn't seem to care and kept trying to go lay on him.  He would flinch/jump/freak out and they would get down and I would laugh.  Good times.  

Lee came in for another former Res. Life staff member's wedding, our friend Brian.  Since he was in the wedding we had to go pick up the tux from South County Mall and Brian met us down there to get his too and have some dinner.  Unfortunately I started feeling sick during dinner and kept having to run to the bathroom, but it was really good to catch up with Brian and hear what was going on in his life.  I think it's neat that he and Lee have stayed such close friends.  I didn't say much at dinner but enjoyed listening to them talk and learning about Brian's life.  Congrats to him on his marriage to Christina!  

Since I kept getting sick (I think maybe a touch of light food poisoning from breakfast?) I went to bed pretty early Thursday night (like 10:30) and left poor Lee to fend for himself at my house.  I hated to waste the little time I had but I was terrible company!  Luckily I was feeling better the next morning and was able to say bye and see him off.  Good visit!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Secret Santa with the Girls

The Monday after Christmas I went to dinner with my girlfriends at the Cheesecake Factory to exchange gifts from our Secret Santa.  It's always a fun party even though we were missing 3 girls this year - shout out to Theresa, Vanessa and Lori!

It's been quite awhile since I had been to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and it did not disappoint.  The food and drinks were yummy although a bit pricey (hence I had not been in awhile!)  We started our party with Cyndi giving out these awesome wine glasses that she had made for us with candles.  So cute.


We ordered our food then it was on to exchanging gifts.  Though there are somehow no pics of it, I drew Aimee's name this year and got her fleur de lis jewelry hooks, a sparkly nail file and slipper socks.  She loved them of course and laughed when I told her the hooks came from the Icing at the mall. :)

I got these books and earrings from Theresa

Linds got awesome frames from Cyndi and Cyndi got penguin socks as a bonus gift (cheater! lol)

Kristen got fabulous earrings and a gift card from Vanessa

Cyndi got outdoor running gear from Aimee and a penguin BF necklace (aw!)

Good times!


Christmas Day

Christmas day started off at Mom's house opening presents with the immediate family.  I was thankful that I had gotten everything ready the night before because all I had to do was get ready and head out.

I got some awesome gifts this year and was blessed to be able to give gifts to the ones I love.  Here's Mom with the purse I got her

Devin with his Sponge Bob slippers from Grandma

Mom hosted Christmas for her side of the family this year so we helped her finish getting everything ready and then the family started arriving.  We had a yummy lunch then it was time to open presents.  

This picture is my favorite from the whole day.  My cousin Danielle, me and my sister Kristen with our gifts from our Grandma - complete with framed pics of Grandma.  

My Mom with her sisters - Kris, Kerry (my mom), Kathy

I also went over to my cousin Danny's to see my dad's side of the family for a bit too.  It was lovely to see everyone even though I had started to feel a little under the weather (and in fact spent the whole day Sunday sick on the couch.)  

I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!