Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aimee's Bday

Sunday was Aimee's birthday.  She worked out a 4 day weekend for herself and did all sorts of fun things.  Saturday we celebrated at her house with a party.  That afternoon, my backyard looked like this:  

Apparently spring was having an identity crisis and it snowed like 5 inches.  This did not deter us from our partying and drinking but it did keep a few people from coming out.  Lame.  Alisha came out and she lives in Washington so I don't know what everyone else was so worried about.  :)  Anyway, we drank, had some delicious cake prepared by Cyndi and played some games (trivial pursuit 90s edition and drinking games.)  

making a wish (check out the fleur de lis cake)

This one turned out cute (Me, Andy, Aimee)

Maybe if I open my eyes reaaaal wide you won't notice my state of intoxication.  No?  Oh well. (Me, Kristen and Cyndi)

Me and Scott (Kristen's man friend as she calls him.  I call him awesome.)

KB spent some time separating the blue m&ms from the rest and then just ate those.  

You can tell we're getting older - at about 4am when we were done for the night (early for one of the Quirin parties... remember new years?)  Aimee wanted to make it till sun up but we faded.  And then instead of crashing on the couches/in the spare room/ wherever we landed we all had sobered enough to drive ourselves home to sleep in our own beds.  Apparently 28 was the threshold for that.  We still had fun though.  

Happy birthday Aimee!

Work fun

Last Friday at work was kind of a fun day.  We surprised Allison, one of my co-workers with a baby shower.  She had no idea obviously because she called in sick that morning and we had to fabricate a very important meeting to make her come in.  Her boyfriend was in on the surprise and was more than happy to drop her off at work for the "meeting."  (He works from home.) 

I got her monkey onesies and a nursing shield.  Onesies pictured.  :)

After work we went to Granite City Brewery for Elke's going away party.  Her official last day is April 5 but this day worked best for her.  We had a good time and Lura & Danica came out too.  It was great to see everyone and hang out outside of work.  Lord knows we all need a drink sometimes at the end of the day!  Apparently this is also new NMSS outgoing tradition.  Lura did one the previous week so now it's standard.

Go Elke!  

Another one down... 17th since I started.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011


So you may remember awhile back when I went to Sam's Oscar party that I mentioned an outing was planned to get more use out of our formal wear.  Yesterday, that plan became a reality.  Eight of us got gussied up and headed down to Soulard for drinks and dinner in our formal wear.  It was a more low-key night that I was expecting (I wanted to shake my booty a little) but I think the not wanting to walk around in the pouring rain and cold had a part in that.  (We actually took the bus down there so we would have had to walk to wherever we wanted to go.)  We had fun anyway and I loved hanging out with my girls.  You know how my blog is titled "Incredibly Blessed"?  These ladies play a large part in making that title possible.  :)

Nellie and I getting ready to go.  Girlfriend did my hair and it rocked. 

Finishing getting ready at Kristen's

Aimee and Nellie looking amazing

Lori Aimee Kristen Me Nellie Cyndi Vanessa Lui


Aimee Cyndi and Lui at dinner

Nellie and Kristen

Vanessa and I 

Another One Bites the Dust

Lura's last day was this past Wednesday and we had her going away happy hour on Friday at Trainwreck.  And by happy hour I mean I got there at 5:15 and left about 10.  Good times.

Lura and I


I will miss you friend.

Kimber and I

And there were blow job shots...

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do next week when Lura isn't in the cube next to me, but I guess we're going to find out.  Good luck in your new job LJ!

Beer School

Last weekend Aimee, Cyndi, Andy, Jon and I went to Beer School at AB.  It's an hour class that is 30 minutes of learning about beer (valuable life skills like how to pour certain kinds of beer and how beer is made) and 30 minutes of tasting said beer and finding out which are your favorites.  I am proud to say that we all passed with flying colors.

Andy and Jon


Aimee with her certificate
 (PS - guess what this girl gave up for lent?  Drinkin'.  Jesus would understand.)

Look what I got to upload...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras and Cyndi's birthday

Saturday was the Mardi Gras parade in Soulard and also Cyndi's birthday.  We combined the two events for a day of crazy fun.  We met up in the morning at Cyndi's before heading to the parade.  We took a few jello shots then piled into Nellie's car and headed out.  I took several pictures, but blogger is dumb and downloads them upside down since they're from my phone (I fixed them on my computer) so you'll just have to use your imagination.  I used to just do a quick copy/paste off Facebook since they upload the right way there, but Facebook doesn't let you do that anymore.  I am very annoyed by this in case you can't tell.

Nellie and I at the parade

We hung out at the parade for awhile then headed to warmth for delicious New Orleans style food for lunch.  I had a shrimp po boy and it was awesome.  Back at Cyndi's we did Hour of Power (a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes) in which I failed at completing the hour.  I missed 4 and was still so full from lunch that I did have to pray to the porcelain gods for a minute in the middle because there was no more room in the inn so to speak.  Anyway, after that I rallied and kept drinking for the rest of the evening since I felt sooo much better.  Ah, nothing brings out the 21 year old college student in my like Mardi Gras.  We hung out and had drinks and food till about 10 when Nellie and I decided it was time to head home.  It was a great day!

The pictures would have made this post so much better.  Grr.  


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sunday night was the Oscars and Sam had people over to watch.  She suggested everyone dress up and old bridesmaid or prom dresses were totally encouraged.  It was a blast.

Me before heading over

Sam and I

Sam and her sister Emily

The Oscars themselves were pretty boring, but I had a good time hanging out with everyone.  There was lots of good food and cute kids to watch play.  Fun!  And, my bridesmaid dress inspired a whole other outing with another group of friends go dress up.  Yay for re-using bridesmaid dresses!

Other highlights of the week:
-Getting to see Lindsey Oliver while she was in town and trying a new coffee place
-Dinner with Dad and Janet at Buffalo Wild Wings
-Zumba with Nellie on Sat morning (she somehow convinced me that the 8am class wasn't too early... I'm still not sure how that happened.)


Charleston, SC

While we were in Charlotte visiting family we took a day trip to Charleston.  The weather in Charlotte was awesome for the most part (60s and 70s) but it was definitely colder by the water!  Mom and John had to buy warmer clothing at the City Market.

It feels a lot like the French Market in NOLA... I think in the summer it would even more so.

We had lunch at Blossom - yummy!

After lunch we walked around the city for awhile.  We stopped at Waterfront Park which is right on the bay.  It was really pretty but the wind coming off the water was a little bit chilly!

You can take a ferry out to Ft. Sumter, but we decided it was too cold.  It's out there, trust me.

We also walked down Rainbow Row, named because of the bright colors of the houses.  Most have been converted into townhouses these days that sell for about $3 million each.

Most of the older houses actually face the side because back in the day you were taxed based upon what faced the street.  So they put the skinniest part of the house to the street.  Many have faux front doors because of this and awesome gardens.  The porches are also like another room.  Beautiful.  If the town houses were $3M I can only imagine what these are.

Cannons used in the civil war

My mom and Alex

There were also some sword fighters putting on a show.  You could get your picture taken with them.

After walking around we took a horse drawn carriage tour through the city.  There are 4 different routes and you don't know which one you will get.  We of course got the one that went through where we had just walked, but it's the best one so we weren't upset. :)

After the tour we headed home (about 3 hours).  I took a nap in the car.  :)  Jackie and I went to a movie when we got back (Just Go With It) which was funny.  I love hanging out with her... too bad we don't live in the same city!

Overall it was a great trip.  I love going to visit them and always have a good time.  Jackie and I get along great and we can always pick up right where we left off like no time has passed.  Good times.



The day after my birthday Mom and I headed to Charlotte, NC to visit family for President's Day weekend.  Our flights out there were uneventful and we arrived in Charlotte about 11:30pm.  John, Jackie and Christopher picked us up at the airport and after chatting a bit we all headed to bed because it was pretty late.  Friday morning Mom and John (her cousin) headed to see the Biltmore (a mansion about 3 hours away) and I hung out with Jackie (my second cousin, John's daughter) and her boys, Alex and Chris.  We went out to the outlet malls and did some shopping (yay Old Navy deals!) and caught up.

Alex (3) and I 

Christopher (7 months)

Friday night I hung out at Jackie and Patrick's house with some of their friends and George (Jackie's brother).  We had pizza and played games.  It was fun.  Mom, John and Aline (John's wife) went out to dinner at their country club (George was mad he missed it.)  Saturday Jackie and I went to lunch and did a little shopping since we didn't have the boys (a treat for her) and that afternoon I hung out with Mom, John and George in the hot tub.

Sat. evening Jackie, Patrick (Jackie's husband) and I went out for sushi for their friend Rachel's birthday.  It was REALLY loud in the restaurant but the food was good and we had a good time.

Mom and Aline watched Jackie and Patrick's boys and their night was kind of rough, but they survived.  :)  Sunday we all went to Charleston, but I think I'll do a separate post about that.  Monday came all too soon.  We all hung out at Jackie's for a little while then back to John and Aline's for lunch and to hang out some more before it was time to go to the airport.  Unfortunately, our flights were delayed big time and we sat in the Charlotte airport for several hours because of a ground stop in Chicago.  We finally got home around 1am - it was a long evening!  

Great trip!