Sunday, April 24, 2011

Work + the weather = not too pleased

Mostly this past week has been about work and the weather and I'm not to pleased with either one so we'll just skip that part.  The weekend has been pretty good though - I did get to have a yummy dinner at the Gill/Brown house on Friday but missed Lori's birthday party due to the tornadoes.  Saturday I went over to my dad's new wife's daughter's house (my step-sister now I guess?) to celebrate their marriage last Friday.  Congrats Dad - hopefully 3rd time's the charm!  That evening I got to go to dinner with Nellie and Vanessa to a yummy mexican place in the Loop.  God I love mexican food.  And margaritas.  Yum.  Happy Easter too!  This morning my sister and I went to church with my mom then most of the family came over for lunch afterwards.  Even Brian came into town so it was fun.  I still wonder about some of his life choices but that's a discussion for another time.

I hope your week overall was better than mine!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some weeks are just busy

This week has been busy in both the fun and crazy way.  Walk MS was today and I ran the St. Peters walk.  It's our 2nd largest walk and of course the weather was absolute crap compared to what it was ALL WEEK.  It was cold (40s with wind chill) and very windy which is not ideal for a walk.  But we were at the St. Charles Community College and were lucky enough to be able to move most things besides the walk itself inside - a luxury no other site had so we were very thankful!  (In case you were wondering, the college is awesome to us and you should tell them I said so if you're ever talking to a member of their staff.)  Despite the weather, things went well and I think everyone had a good time.  We had about 650 show up (about 900-1000 were registered.)  I had a great group of staff and volunteers and they totally made my job easier.  Special shout out to Kathi, Katie, Debbie, Laura and Julie for being awesome.  We had a few hiccups but nothing major.  And now it's done and I'm pretty excited about that.

Despite the absolute crazy at work during an event week (and a few new staff to break in with varying degrees of success) I did get to have some fun in my personal life.  Monday night I went to dinner with Lura (whom I dearly miss at work) and catch up with what's been going.  Tuesday I took a glass class with Aimee and Cyndi and The Glass Workbench in old St. Charles.  The regular guy was out so the class was kind of lame but we made some fun jewelry and enjoyed hanging out.  Wednesday I got to go to dinner at Growler's with Kyle, who's in town from Dallas for work and see Steph, John, Mark and Courtney too.  Awesome.  Thursday we skipped trivia but I went to zumba which I really enjoyed that night.  I had had a rough day and it put me in a much better mood :).  Friday Lindsey Oliver was in town so I went to diner with her and some other people at Olive Garden and we shut the place down.  They were cleaning up around us so we thought we'd better go home.  Tonight I'm laying low because I'm pretty tired and it's been a long day.  Tomorrow is Devin's baptism at my mom's church and lunch after then I think I'm free.  Monday it's back to work and the aftermath of 10 walks on one day.  Whew.

Thursday is our night walk at Kiener Plaza (where there is beer and live music - it's a lot of fun - 6pm if you want to come) then WALK IS OVER.  You know, just in time for the Bike kickoff ride and Mud Run.

Sally is laying in my lap begging to be petted so we're going to hang out and go to bed early.  Have a good weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Koeltzow baby shower

I am so excited for my friends Emily and Paul to become parents.  They're going to rock at it and let's face it, their kids are going to be adorable.  Hayden Matthew Koeltzow (LOVE their name btw) is due to make his grand entrance into the world next month and I can't wait to meet him!  Our friend Jamie hosted the shower at her house but was assisted by Mel, Sara and KC in the planning.  I think the only way I managed to escape the hostess group is that there were probably too many people in charge of it already from what I heard.  :)  I offered but they had it covered.  Which was cool with me - they did a great job!  We hung out and Em and Paul got some great gifts.  Some of her family was able to come in from Evansville and Paul's parent's came in from Troy so we had a good time.  

Doesn't she have the cutest profile?  Love it. 

Olivia (Greg and Mel's daughter), Dan and Kevin soaking up some sun.  Later Dan, Greg and Scott (Emily's dad) taught Olivia how to be the beer girl.  Classic.  

Em and her hostesses:  Jamie, Mel, Emily, Sara, KC
Such a fun group!

So Emily loves this book so I bought it for Hayden.  It is apparently one of Olivia's favorites too.  I also got some other stuff for them including Mizzou onesies, bath stuff and pacifiers.  Like I said they got some great stuff I were very humbled by everyone's generosity.  I can totally see them reading to Hayden in a few months!

Congrats again guys!  


It's been a pretty good couple weeks.  Not much is going on but I always seem to be busy if that makes any sense.  Just livin' life.  :)  

Last weekend I went to a fish fry Friday night (one of the main benefits of living in STL during Lent) and went to a 3 year old's birthday party on Saturday as well as to dinner with my sister.  Sunday I got to hang out with 2 old friends.  Monday was the regular gym routine, Tuesday I went to my first Cards game of the season and Wednesday I got my hair cut/colored.  Thursday was trivia and then it was the weekend again.  Whew.  I take that back, it appears a lot is going on.  

Friday after the fish fry I went to hang out at Nellie's for a while.  Hannie and I put together princess goodie bags for her sister Reagan's 3rd birthday party the next day.  There were a few rings left over and it made me laugh when she put them all on the same hand.  Bling bling!  

Nellie says I hang out at her house so I can get my baby cuddle fix.  
Look at that face.  Of course I do.  I like Nellie too though to be fair.  She rocks. 

 Saturday I had fun hanging out at Reagan's party for a bit and dinner with my sister was nice.  We went to Friday's and had a few drinks and yummy food.  My sister and I aren't really close but I am making an effort to try to hang out with her more without the rest of the family.  We get along WAY better than we did a few years ago at least and it was nice to see her.  It's also interesting talking to her about just stuff and seeing how different we are despite growing up in the same house and being so close in age (22 months apart.)  Anyway, it was good.

Remember awhile back when the Pay it Forward thing was going around Facebook and I told you I made aprons and a tie blanket?  Sunday I got to deliver the blanket and see my friend Laura who I don't think I've seen in person for more than a few minutes since high school at least.  Maybe even middle school.  It was so fun to chat and catch up.  I loved hearing about her family (she has 4 kids!) and how things are going.  I think she liked the blanket (which I was really nervous about so whew) and of course the day I delivered it it was 85 degrees after weeks of cold crap in which you would use a fleece blanket.  Ah well.  Later that evening I met up with my friend Heather from Mizzou who I signed up for her Pay it Forward.  She made me watermelon jolly rancher vodka.  WIN!  Again it was fun to see her and meet her little boy.  And I got liquor. She knows me so well.

Monday was my mom's birthday but we celebrated before the Cards game on Tuesday by going to dinner at JBuck's.  It was delicious food and fun to hang out.  Mom got upset that I forgot her birthday card at home but what can you do.  We have a set of seats this year (my birthday present) and here is our view for the summer.  Section 359 - right under Hardee's.  Love it.  

Wednesday I got my hair done, and boy did it need it.  The bottom part of my hair was so dark I had an identity crisis every time I pulled half of it back.  It was crazy.  So Katie did a few more foils this time and it's back to it's regular bright awesomeness.  Thank God for good hairdressers!  Love you Katie Chavez!

Thursday night at trivia Jose joined us.  Jose is Vanessa's fiance who just returned from spending the last 9 months in Europe studying law.  Vanessa couldn't make it that night so we were a little surprised to see him.  He must have missed us.  He brought us gifts from his travels and seemed happy to be back.  

The little boy bottle opener with the giant corkscrew  penis is my favorite.  Apparently he's everywhere in Belgium.