Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh how things change

Today I "ran" 2 miles around the neighborhood instead of going to Turbo Kick at the gym since the weather was perfect for it.  Things I learned:

-My days of actually running 3 miles are now a distant memory.  Maybe I'll work back up to it.  Maybe.

-It feels way different running with my ponytail down and in a bun.

-Tropical Sno is now open again.

-Tropical Sno is still way too close to the house (like a quarter mile)

-It's not so much being out of breath that was the problem as my leg muscles feeling like they're on fire.  I guess those work out classes are doing something.

-One of the neighbors has an old RV with a ladder going up to the top of it.  I kind of wanted to climb up there to see why the ladder was needed.  I refrained.

-I don't really like the new format of the C25K app I still use for the timer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Catch up

It's been a busy busy couple weeks.  I worked 3 evenings the last week of April followed by working 7 days straight (Sunday-Saturday) the week after.  This past week calmed down a bit work wise but that's about it!  Here's my last 3 weeks in a nutshell: 

I puppy-sat for the Brown's while they were on a cruise for their 12 week old beagle Molly.  

She's cute but has SO much energy!  That week confirmed my belief that I have no business owning a dog.  I'm just not home enough nor do I have the patience for puppy energy!  She was a good companion though a little crazy.  :)  

Our Mud Run was last weekend and the final day of my 7-day stretch of working everyday.  It was kinda crazy but the participants really seemed to enjoy it.  I was stationed at the Leap Of Faith obstacle most of the day (and have the tan lines to prove it.)

It's about a 6 foot high platform that they climbed up then jumped into 6ish feet of muddy water.  I spent a good part of the day yelling "1..2..3..jump!" and making sure people didn't jump on top of each other.  It was fun to get to see everyone though - including Cyndi, Nellie and Laura who ran in it!  Good job ladies!  Also, thank you to Andy for coming to hang out for awhile and taking this picture for me.  :)

Last Sunday was Mother's day and I went to lunch with my mom and talked to my grandma on the phone.  The rest of the day was spent in recovery mode from Mud Run - so mostly sleeping and then a little house cleaning.  I was tired!  

Nothing noteworthy happened during the week, but yesterday (Saturday) I went to lunch with Sara Cross who I hadn't seen in forever so that was cool.  That night we went to a trivia fundraiser for my friend Vanessa's work and had a good time despite the really hard trivia questions.  We had TONS of food and because it was there I think I had a little bit of everything.  I was uncomfortably full by the end of the night because I just kept putting food in my mouth.  It was delicious though!  

Today was a small family reunion for my Nana's (dad's mom) side of the family.  It was fun to look at the pictures and see how some of us resemble her relatives.  There was this one woman there, Barbara, who looks A LOT like my Nana did when she was younger... I did a double take when I saw here because my Nana is dead... it was crazy.  I had never met her but we were definitely related!  It was fun to see everyone and we got to decorate coozies so I  enjoyed myself.  :)

I also applied for some jobs that I would really like to get, so say a little prayer for that if you don't mind.  

I think that about wraps it up...