Monday, June 27, 2011

It was the premise for a slasher movie...

Six awesome chicks on a farm in the middle of nowhere with copious amount of liquor?  Sounds like the plot for a slasher film, right?  Nope, just an amazing weekend away from my life for a bit.  Nellie, Aimee, Cyndi, Kristen, Vanessa and I headed down to Patty Creek Farm in Fredricktown, MO.  Well, kind of.  It's not really in town, per se.  Which was the point.

We arrived Friday night and immediately got to hanging out by the fire roasting marshmallows and drinking

 Kristen made breakfast Sat. morning complete with mimosas.  Yeah, we started drinking at 9am, what?

Then we headed to the creek which was conveniently right there. 

Fire area and outhouse with indoor plumbing.  There was also a bathroom inside which we were happy to discover.  

Me by the creek which was really clear btw.  

 Goals of the day included tanning and drinking.  Both were accomplished while floating in the creek.  Awesome way to spend an afternoon.  

Creek pilates

Floatie fun

V looked kind of crazy with her golf umbrella, but she wasn't sunburned so I guess it worked out for her.

Aimee and I (apparently in the same shirt)


Cyndi and Nellie

Kristen is happy. 

Nellie and I

 Us in front of the farmhouse we stayed in.  Kind of American Gothicish but I like it. 

It was a great weekend.  I would totally do it again.  Nellie will probably give a more detailed account, so you should check that out too.

Hope your weekend was awesome!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relax a little

This weekend has been fantastic.  Which was a pleasant surprise because I was expecting ordinary.  Friday night I went to dinner with Krystal and enjoyed margaritas and catching up.  Saturday morning I didn't want to get up for zumba so I went for a walk outside - the weather was in the 70s and it was great to be out there.  That afternoon I ordered a picture father's day card for my dad, took a nap and then went and got ice cream and a pedicure which I desperately needed (the pedicure not the ice cream.)

After the pedicure I came home to make pretzel necklaces in preparation for Brewfest that evening at Forest Park.  I enjoyed drinking all the different beers and was a tad drunk during the middle of the 4 hour session.  Let's be honest - I'm fun to drink with.  After a few drinks I'm friendly, have no personal space and am happy to have everyone else drinking with me.  I also tend to say whatever pops into my head and take a lot of pictures so I'm entertaining too.  I might be (am definitely) annoying if you're not drinking with me, but at least I'm predictable.  Jorge (Cyndi's dude) encourages my shenanigans and it's bad news.  At one point I realized what a mess I was and I was in no shape to fix it... so I just let it keep happening.  Oh well.  I had fun.  Pictures are on Facebook if you're interested.  I'm too lazy to put them here today.  Sorry.  

Today (Sunday) my mom, sister and nephew came over for lunch.  My mom was going on a bike ride on the Katy Trail with a meet up group and Kristen and Devin stayed to swim for a little while.  We had a lovely lunch and I enjoyed hanging out.  This evening has been pretty low-key and I'm excited to be off work tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Challenge Walk 2011

Last weekend was Challenge Walk MS.  It's a 3 day, 50 mile walk with 216 participants this year that will raise over $500,000.  They're pretty amazing really.  You can see pictures from the weekend here.  Nellie did my braids on Saturday which can be seen in the Circle of Strength album.  Not my most flattering picture ever but the braids look good.  :)  Just for fun here's what my hair looked like that night when I took them out.

I don't know if this year was just a little more dis-organized crazy than previous years or if I just noticed it more because I knew more of what was supposed to be happening but the weekend was definitely barely controlled chaos.  Probably a little of both.  I think I did almost every job we have at Challenge Walk and was the errand girl for most of the weekend, which was fine.  I made a conscious choice to be an "indian" and  to just roll with whatever I was asked to do - esp. if I was originally supposed to be doing something else.  This made my weekend much more enjoyable and less stressful because I just went with whatever decision was made and did what needed to be done.  I had our chapter president's credit card all weekend (hence I was the errand girl) and I was driving a borrowed car (the Dean Team graciously donated them for the weekend) and at one point I had her Sam's card too.  It was kind of like mom giving you money and her car and saying ok, go do this stuff for me, lol.  

Anyway, it was fun to see all of our Challenge Walkers again - and since I've worked with them a few years now I know many of them by name and most by sight.  I think some are surprised that I know their names and it's kind of a fun game for me to quiz myself on who's who as they come into lunch/ finish line/ dinner/ wherever.  Sometimes you just need a game to keep you going at an event.  

Perhaps one of the funniest thing to happen at the event (though I didn't really think so at the time) was that I was driving our refrigerated (refer) truck and it ran out of gas.  On 94 in St. Charles in the midst of all the construction.  This is what the gas gage looked like when it ran out:  

Hence I thought I still had time to get to the station.  I was wrong.  There was lots of cussing. 

So Randy (one of my co-workers) came to rescue me and all was fine.  And I had to defend myself the rest of the evening convincing people I wasn't a total moron.  Hence I took the picture.  And I got to Sam's 30 minutes late and our cakes that I was picking up still weren't ready.  Comedy of errors I tell ya.  

There were some other annoyances/funny stories from the weekend but I feel like they won't be as good to those of you who weren't there or don't work with me (or haven't in the past) so I'll skip them here.  

Overall it was a good event but I'm really glad it's over!

Saturday fun

Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was low key but awesome.  I did some work around the house during the day then went by my dad's house to pick up a sander and hang out.  Except Dad and Janet had plans earlier than I expected so I needed a new dinner plan.  Brad and Amanda recently moved to Imperial so I called them and asked if they wanted to do dinner.  They graciously invited me over for homemade pizza and to hang out.  It was SO fun and I loved chatting with them.  Bricelynn (3) is adorable and I think if we saw more of each other we would be good buddies.  She's so smart and talkative and I enjoy paying with her.  

We're clearly related as she enjoys being the center of attention and has a love of self portraits.  Like Hannah, she loved seeing herself in my phone's camera.  She took a whole series of these pictures but I just included a few for your viewing pleasure.  


B:  Let's make silly faces!  Me:  Alright.

Pretty girl. 

After dinner with the Steinkamps I headed to O'Leary's for Aimee's new job celebration.  It was fun to hang out with everyone and I enjoyed the Long Island special on drinks.  There was also karaoke - and apparently a lot of older people.  We had a blast though!  I met Cyndi's boyfriend for the first time and was pleased that he is a nice guy and put up with my tipsy ass as well as he did.  He also brought a friend with a delightful southern accent that I enjoyed listening to.  What is it about an accent?  

Aimee and Andy signing to each other

Aimee with her "no more retail" card from me.

I am thrilled for Aimee to have her new job and that she'll be available to come out with us on Saturdays now!  Congrats Aims!

Nellie and Erin's Adventures

Nellie and I always have a good time when we hang out - even if we're just doing stuff at home.  The other day we took her girls for a walk around the neighborhood, went to Wal-mart and then went and got a swing from her mom's old house to take to her house.  I love the Moellering girls.  I've put in the effort to become a favorite of the little girls and their mom is pretty awesome too.  

Hannah and I are buddies.  Reagan and I are friends too but it's taken more effort with her since she's younger whereas Hannah and I bonded almost immediately.  Apparently all girls enjoy being able to see themselves in the camera of my phone.  I find it to be a handy mirror and handy for self portraits.  Hannah likes to see herself for pictures too.  :)


Hannah Banana

My little buddy

Reagan wanted to get in on the action too and asked met to take her picture.  Done.

Nellie tackling the swing. 

So after we (Nellie) got the swing apart, we had to get it in the car to take back to her house.  To make it fit, we might have draped it over Reagan's head.  She was freaked out at first but quickly decided it was as funny and we thought it was.  

This is just how we roll.  Then we turned on the Black Eyed Peas in the car and the girls sang along.  



There are some places in my house that were still in need of painting.  When I moved in I did a bunch, but eventually I got tired of it and/or ran out of paint.  I decided to tackle a few of those projects the last 2 weekends in May.  

Some before pictures:  

Entryway with wood doors

another angle and you can see the wood trim in back.


Well, in the middle - trim going from wood (right) to white (left)!

Doors went from wood to white and entryway got painted brown to match the other walls. (The wall with hall doors was already brown - the entryway and other side got painted.)

I also re-stained my back steps since they were looking pretty sad and the condo association said I had to.  

It looks a lot better but I'm done painting for awhile!

Hayden Matthew Koeltzow

Hayden was born on May 16, 2011 and is absolutely gorgeous.  Mel, Olivia and I went to meet him the next day.  I can't wait to watch him grow up and to see Emily and Paul become awesome parents!

Koeltzow 3 :)

Me and Hayden

Mel, Olivia and Hayden

Paul, Emily and Hayden.  Love.