Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Win

I have to admit, my Labor Day weekend was awesome.  Not only was the weather great, but I had a lot of fun. Friday night I went over to Cyndi's for a party and got to see some old friends, make a few new ones and of course see people I keep around on a regular basis :).  I also learned that I am still awesome at flip cup even with just one arm.  It was a good night.  

Sunday was a completely lovely day.  I went to the Mills with Nellie to do a little shopping (have I mentioned that I love that girl?  A lot.  Like I really think God dropped her in my life at the exactly right time.  Anyway.)  and then we went back to her house to make dinner (I brought some food over and she cooked it - I should pull that more often.)  After dinner we took her girls outside to play because it was so gorgeous complete with bubbles.  Bubbles on a windy day are amazing.  And the girls frolicked in them (5 & 3) so it was kind of like a movie at one point.  From her house I headed out to Growler's to meet up with Kyle & Holly (among other fabulous people) who were in from Dallas for a few drinks, etc.  It was so good to see them and catch up with everyone.  I don't see much of that group these days for some reason but I'm always glad to see them when I get a chance.  

Monday I went for a walk outside because 1) it was SO pretty out and 2) I can do it in a regular bra.  Since I still can't get my arm over my head and won't be able to for awhile longer, I can't get a sports bra on and it is greatly impacting my workouts.  I mean, if we've met, you know I need support when doing any kind of cardio.  :)  Nellie and the girls went with me (she has a great subdivision for walking) and we thought the girls could walk with us instead of go in the wagon.  Joke was on us because we ended up carrying them part of the way.  Just some extra weight lifting, right?  Got a little more than we bargained for!  lol

Today it was back to work, and it's Bike week so it's CRAZY.  It's so weird being one of the 'veteran' staff at the event and someone that is in charge of large chunks of the event and other people.  It'll be my 3rd ride - and it's a weird spot because I don't feel like I've been here that long but at the same time like I've worked here forever.  Don't get me wrong - I know my shit (sometimes the crap I know surprises me) and am comfortable telling other people what to do (ha - who's surprised there) but it's a newer role for me in our dept. and I'm still getting used to the idea that I have that authority.  

Have a great week!

If you have a second...

Please say a prayer for Cole.  I came across his mom's blog (Sarah) a few months ago when someone else was asking for prayers for this sweet family.  Cole had major brain surgery 5 days ago to try to stop the 100's of seizures he was having everyday.  You can read their story here: http://beatingepilepsy.blogspot.com/ if you're interested.