Saturday, October 29, 2011

#11 in 11 - World Series Champions!!

The Cardinals are the 2011 World Series Champions!  I met up with some friends at a bar last night to watch the game and it delivered.  Thankfully the Cards didn't give me the heart palpatations like the night before (have I mentioned my undying love for David Freese on here yet?) and we enjoyed the victory.  After the win, we jumped in the car and went downtown to join in the celebration.

Me and Dan right outside the stadium.  You can't read it because I took this with my phone so all you see is the lights, but the score board reads "2011 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!"  

It seemed fitting that the Budweiser truck pulled up in front of the stadium as we celebrated.  

I took a little video of the craziness.

It was freaking amazing and crazy all at once.  I saw a few people I knew and high fived a ton of people I didn't know.  Everyone in STL is friends after a Cards world series win, lol.  And Freese won MVP.  Someone I know knows him and is going to introduce me.  Who's going to step up? Erin Chisholm, Crystal Mueller - I'm looking at you ;).  I need to buy that guy a beer - he did an amazing job this post season.  Simply amazing.  His back to back MVP awards (6th guy ever to do that) were well deserved.

I'm still in a little disbelief that it actually happened, but I'm loving it.  GO CARDS!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend of Awesome

Can we just talk about the awesomeness of this past weekend?  It was completely jam packed and I ended up having to choose between things but damn it was good.  

The Cardinals are in the World Series!  This picture of Hannah and Reagan is actually from the final game with the Brewers when we qualified for the series - not from this past weekend.  But it was cute so I put it in anyway.  I've been watching a lot of baseball this week!   

I also got to see Lura on Friday.  We went to dinner at 54th Street (delicious) and then headed out to Eureka to go to the corn maze.
 Which sadly was more of a corn walk than corn maze but we had fun anyway.  We even made friends in there - clowns called YumYum and BoBo.  They even played Marco/Polo with us at one point.  So even though it was kind of lame it was still a great night.  We are thinking about trying the one on 70 (which is an actual maze) this coming weekend.  Fun!

Saturday night was the long-awaited girls night.  We met up at Aimee's for some pre-party drinks then headed out to the Library Annex near SLU.  We watched the Cardinals blow out the Rangers then shook our asses for a bit there and at Novak's.

Vanessa, Aimee, Kristen

Nellie and me

Aimee and me 

They did such a good job posing!  Clockwise from the top: Lui, Lori, Nellie, Aimee, Cyndi and Vanessa

Favorite pic of the night.  Aimee said, "Open your eyes real wide."  I follow instructions well. 

We are suspicious. 

After the bars we hit up Steak N Shake (of course) then fell into bed about 4am.  No rest for the wicked though - I got up about 10 to head home and get ready to go to the wineries!  Sugar Creek has such pretty views and it was PERFECT weather for a day of sitting outside drinking.  Happy anniversary Kyle and Holly!  It was so good to see you guys.  

Holly enjoying her wine

Holly, Courtney and Mark

Courtney and me

After the wineries I stopped by to see Linda and Lindsey and talk about the Pampered Chef party Linda is having next month. (Let me know if you want something.)  I dropped off some stuff to Nellie for Aimee and headed home to watch the Cards game and The Amazing Race.  Good thing I'm off today to re-cooperate from all this fabulousness.  

100th anniversary of the birth of homecoming (Mizzou Homecoming 2011)

Oct. 15 was the 100th homecoming at Mizzou - birthplace of homecoming.  Homecoming is a big deal in Columbia - alumni really do 'come home' every year and it's simply awesome.  And the Tigers pulled off a win so that's always a plus.  

KC and I ready to tailgate

 Dan the grill master and our cooler of beer

Our tailgate group

Tyler and me

 Teren and Kelly

Dan and Nick

Dan and I 

Sandy with Joey and a beer

Kevin, Dan and me 

Here come the Tigers!

 Chillin' at the game

And the day ended with Gumby's before we drove back to STL.  Perfect. 

Happy homecoming!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you know about the sock bun?

Awhile back, I learned about the sock bun.  It's super handy for work and gives a bun a professional, polished look for not a lot of extra effort.  I had heard about it when someone posted on Facebook that they had done the sock bun curls and how well it had worked.  I was skeptical about it's effectiveness since my hair does NOT hold curl very well.  I was a fan of the bun though so all was not lost.

Last night I decided to try the curls.  What did I have to loose, right?  I mean I could just jump in the shower and un-do any damage if it was bad.  So I tried it.  The next morning I took out the bun and was shocked to see this:

I just parted my hair in the front, pulled the top back with a small clip and was good to go for the day.  Sprayed with a little hair spray and out the door.  Seriously.  all this curl for less than 5 minutes effort.  WHY DID I NOT TRY THIS SOONER?!

This has now become a hair option in my life.  I felt I should share and spread the good word that this does in fact work.  I apologize that the girl in the instructional videos is super irritating but she does a good job explaining what to do.  :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 year reunion

Yesterday (Oct. 1) was my 10 year high school reunion.  It ended up being a lot of fun.  I wasn't sure how it would go.  I still talk to quite a few people from high school so I didn't know if I would get there and just talk to the same people I see all the time.  But I didn't and it was fun to catch up with people I hadn't seen in 10 years and some I just don't see much of.  It was interesting to see who would call you out to say hi as you walked by, who you got hugs from and who barely said hello.  It was also interesting to see who still hangs out and who was drawn to who, etc.  They also had copies of our yearbook photos - including one from 6th grade... no one looked good in that one!  I really enjoyed myself, as illustrated by the fact that I didn't get home until after 2am.  Good job to the planners!  We took a group photo and they went and got it printed at a 1 hr photo place so we all got a copy before going home along with our pint glasses.  I loved that touch.  :)

Yeah, I took a picture of the picture.  Deal with it.  They had a photographer there so I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.  I completely failed at taking any myself but that's what a photographer is for, right?  Really, I had a blast.

Apple Picking

Last weekend (last weekend of Sept), Nellie, Aimee and I took Hannie and Reagan apple picking at Eckert's in Millstadt.  Nellie and the girls had never been and I think they were pleased with the experience.  The girls rode some kiddie rides, jumped on a pillow thing, we went through a corn maze and rode a spinning apple ride.  Among other stuff.  Here's a smattering of pictures from our day.

Hannah and Reagan ready to go in

Queen of the tire

Hannie is all serious face.  Aimee and I didn't get the memo.

Love these girls. 


Children of the Corn.  

Hannah and Aimee

in the apple ride

Nellie is a closet model. 

On the tractor picking apples

Tractor ride

We picked some apples too.  Apparently I didn't document that part.  It was a fun day!


Oh September, where did you go?

Bike MS was Sept. 10-11 (or Sept. 8-12 for me) and it went pretty well.  Considering the number of new staff we had it could have been much, much worse so I was pleased.  There were of course some hiccups but nothing we couldn't handle.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made my life easier and congrats to all the cyclists who completed the ride.  I can honestly say I'm just glad it's over.

I over did it a bit with my shoulder and had muscle spasms/ tingling/ soreness for about 5 days after we got back but it's fine now.  Overall my shoulder is doing pretty well.  I have good range of motion but am still really weak on that side as is apparent every time I do my exercises and go to PT.  Hopefully it will get stronger over time and this won't be "the thing" that bothers me the rest of my life.

The weekend after bike (3rd weekend in Sept) Nellie and I took the girls down to Forest Park for Balloon Glow.


And, just for fun, here's some pictures the girls took of themselves on a random evening...

You know I love a good self portrait.  :)