Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the unworn

How fitting that I'm getting around to posting this on new year's eve - the saying out with the old could not be more appropriate.

This week I cleaned out my drawers and closet.  I had to do it in sections due to the large volume of clothing (hence the cleaning out, which was WAY overdue.)  I have been putting this off for a while because I really didn't want to do it.  In my avoidance, I finished this guy:

Meet Roar.  

Side view

Eventually there was no more avoidance.  First, I started with the drawers.  I didn't count, but the number of t-shirts was a bit obnoxious.  I emptied all the drawers on to the bed so I could see what we had going on.  I have a queen size bed and it was covered.

That is a lot of t-shirts and whatnot.  

A different view of the mountain.

After everything was emptied, I decided to take a shower before I started sorting and trying things on.  (I was dirty, ok?)  When I came back, this had happened:

What, you didn't put this here for us?

I spent a lot of time chasing Sally out of the clothes during this whole process.  She likes to sleep on piles of clean laundry, as my clean baskets of clothes with cat hair on them when I go to wear stuff can attest to.  

Did you know that I am emotionally attached to my clothing?  Because I am and it was almost like disowning a child getting rid of some of this stuff.  It was hard.  I had to have a little self therapy session and kept repeating over and over in my head "you're not throwing it away, you're giving it to someone who will actually wear it."  It was weird to find stuff that I previously wore to work all the time - when I was working at Philip Morris I only saw people once or twice a month so I had a bunch of colored polo shirts in a rainbow of colors that I wore a lot.  They still fit and all, but they had seen better days and when you're in an office you can't really wear the same outfit everyday in different colors without people noticing.  So I kept one and let the rest go.  Especially painful were some of the t-shirts from places I've been or stuff I've done.  I still had a few from high school and a lot from college and trips.  I limited myself to 1 drawer of t-shirts that I would wear all day and half a drawer of stuff that I maybe wouldn't wear out but do wear to work out (the other half was workout pants, etc.)  I may have to try to go through those again because there's still prob. too much but I didn't anticipate them being that difficult to part with.  Who knew?  Anyway, I got through it all and put it all away.  

That was Wednesday.  Friday evening I tackled the closet.  This involved a lot more trying on and was easier because 1) it was mostly work clothes and I'm apparently not as attached to them and 2) I knew it didn't all fit right anymore whereas most of the t-shirts, etc. did.  It's hard to get rid of a thing that fits and nothing is wrong with it and you still like it alright.  There just wasn't space.  

You may be thinking, that pile of clothes on the bed wasn't THAT bad (no?  Pretend.)  Then you see this: 

The contents of my closet.  In addition to the drawers.  

Again totally covered the bed.  Had to chase Sally off these too. 

I might have been  heading towards a hoarding situation.  I did watch a marathon of Hoarders on Tuesday before I did this in order to motivate myself.  Again, I reminded myself that I wasn't wearing all of this and someone else would wear it if I donated it.  I was pretty proud of myself here - I got rid of some stuff that I wore this summer that was just looking worn and it was time to let it go.  I am still in good shape for winter but I think I'll probably get a few new shirts for work come spring/summer.  And I have 2 empty shelves in my closet.  SCORE. 

After it was all said and done, I had this to show for it: 

And I got to roll them down the stairs.  Thankfully the bags held. 

Seven bags (including a not entirely full bag of bags/misc stuff) of stuff are leaving my house today.  I loaded them in the car last night while I was motivated so there was no choice but to deal with it today.  That is a mountain of wardrobe victory.  (Yeah, I just said that.)  

There are probably some other areas of my house that could use a purge too but this was the most pressing and I'm glad it's done.  I'm taking today off from my house, but Sunday and Monday the tree/Christmas stuff will come down and I have to clean the bathroom and the floors.  Then it's back to work on Tuesday.  This break has flown by.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

It's the day after Christmas
And all through my house
Not a creature was stirring
And there damn well better not be a mouse.
The gifts are strewn on the table everywhere
And I'm kind of tired and don't really care.
The cats are snuggled all warm in my lap
Memories of yarn and ribbon dance in their kitty heads.
I might still be in my jammies laying on the couch
Thinking about taking a short little nap.
The bathroom needs cleaned and so does my closet
I'm really dreading dealing with the latter.
My Christmas was awesome
That much is clear
But I'm over this poem - try not to shed a tear.

Really, my Christmas was pretty great.  Friday before all the holiday fun started I had dinner with Krystal and her boyfriend on Main St. in St. Charles which is all decorated for Christmas.  We walked around and went in a few shops and had a lovely time catching up.

Christmas Eve started off with brunch at Cyndi's house for our girlfriends gift exchange.  Cyndi made delicious biscuits and gravy.

Kristen with her gifts from Aimee

Aimee with her gifts from me and Andy judging Pie Off.  

Me with my gifts from Nellie

Nellie with her gifts from Vanessa

Lori had Vanessa and Lindsey and Cyndi had each other so there is no pictures of them with their gift exchange gifts.  

We hung out then I (of course) wanted a group picture.  Andy had some trouble working the camera at first. 

But we worked it out.  

I headed home because my dad, his wife Janet and my sister and nephew were coming to my house for lunch and to exchange gifts.  I of course dressed Sally and Sammy for the occasion.

I went to church at Webster Groves Baptist Church and St. Mark United Church of Christ that evening and both services were lovely.  I also found out one of my cousins is expecting so we will have a new baby in the family this summer!  Christmas day we started out at my mom's opening presents and drinking hot (warm) chocolate with Bailey's.  It was nice to have the immediate family together.  From there we went to my Aunt Kris's house for Christmas with Mom's side of the family.  I was glad that everyone liked their presents - my aunts modeled their ear warmer headbands for us and my cousin Danielle was like "I want one!" and my grandma loved her calendar with pictures of the family.

From Aunt Kris's house I headed over to my Aunt Pat's (Dad's sister) to see that side of the family for a bit.  It was fun to visit and see everyone and the kids enjoyed their gifts too.  I got Bricelynn some dress up clothes and she modeled them for us.  Very cute.  Sharon took pictures - I'll have to see if I can get a copy.  I should have taken one myself I guess.  Laura got a copy of the Cards World Series games so we watched Game 6 and ended the night watching Freese hit the walk off home run.  Went well with the ornament I bought myself for 2011:

I was glad to head home to a quite house and relax the rest of the evening!  I did some more work on the lions I'm crocheting and watched tv/movies.

Hope your Christmas was great too - I'm excited to start my 2nd week off and it's supposed to snow tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December stuff

Devin turned 8 earlier this month.  I can hardly believe it.  
I was quite the proud aunt when he asked me for books for his birthday.  He asked for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and I of course got them for him.  He's big.  It's crazy.   

The weekend after his birthday we went to see the lights at the zoo.  The butterflies were beautiful. 

The polar bears (below with my sister) weren't bad.  Overall  the lights were kind of lame though.  And made worse because Devin complained the entire time we were there about everything despite being excited to go when we talked about it.  8 year olds. 

Afterwards we went to dinner at Rigazzi's and it was delicious.  Overall a good night for sure.  Before I went out with Kristen and Devin I had lunch at my Aunt Kris's house and we hung out and talked about crocheting for a bit.  My grandma joined us too.  We watched a kind of weird movie and had a lovely afternoon.  

At work last week we had our holiday party which included a ginger bread house building competition.  We had a random item that had to be included in our display.  Ours was a knight.  So we built a castle.  
I'm actually impressed it even was standing.  That thing was not well constructed lol.  
Therefore it was fitting that it won this award: 

Yeah, that sounds about right with the buttresses and whatnot.  Castles aren't cheap man. 

Friday night I was very excited to go to dinner with the Koeltzows and the Finleys.  We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Chesterfield.  The food was great and the company was even better.  

This was the most recent picture I could find of the 3 of us.  I think it's time for a new one ladies.  Look how little Olivia is!

Some more recent pictures from when Hayden was born... Mel, Olivia and Hayden (note how much O has grown!) 

Koeltzow family :) 

Since I'm not at working again until Jan. 3, there has been a lot of this going on:

I have been able to get some stuff done around the house and get some errands done so far.  I intend to deal with going through my closet/drawers before I go back to work.  Right now I am doing laundry so everything is clean, then once it's all put it away (I know, seems counter productive but then I can really see what I have) I will start purging.  Nothing like watching a marathon of Hoarders on A&E to remind you of what is happening in your own closet.  I'll write a post on the disaster that is my closet later.  

Today I went to the orthopedist and he declared my arm officially healed.  He said it will continue to get better pretty much until a year from the injury (next August) but said it looks really good for 4 months out.  Praise the Lord I don't need surgery!!!!  

I also baked cookies today and decided to take them over to the local police and fire stations.  I even managed not to eat any and the people at the stations were excited to get them.  It made me wish I had made more cookies because it was really fun delivering them.  Thank you to those who serve us everyday.  
Cookies.  Yum.

I also finished some crochet projects today - these are ear warmer headband things.  I saw these at Target for $10.99.  I made these:
Not bad, right?  I hope their recipients like them.  

I just realized that I spent the day going to the orthopedist, baking, snuggling with my cats and crocheting.  When did I turn 83?  

I'm going to a bar or something.  You know, if I wasn't already in my pajamas.  

Oh dear.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Things that have happened since Thanksgiving:

-Went shopping on Black Friday with Mom.  Got some sweet boots and a few gifts.  It was gorgeous outside that day and I spent it in the mall.  Those boots are really cute though.
-Met Mom's boyfriend, Dave, and we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack

Mom excited for her crab

-Had a delicious dinner with my girlfriends and exchanged names for the gift exchange this year.  Highlights included getting to see Lindsey.  Probably should have taken a group picture here, huh?  Oh well.
-Finished crocheting a baby blanket and a scarf.  You can tell the scarf was the 2nd project - it looked a lot better and didn't require an intervention to fix it, ha!
Crap.  Chains are important. On both sides. 

No problem.  Nellie fixed it for me. 

Finished baby blanket


-Had lunch with my Dad and Janet (his wife).
-Put up my Christmas tree.

-Put up my Grandma's Christmas tree.
Grandma making some final adjustments

-Am trying to get back to going to the gym more consistently.
-Got my hair done.
-Ordered many a gift during cyber Monday.
-Nellie made this awesome mac & cheese, sausage, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower concoction that was so good I not only went back for 2nds but ate leftovers the next day and would have had it again if there was any left.  She saw the dish on the side of an Eckert's truck.  Lucky for me.
-Saw Arthur Christmas.
-Worked the Bike MS Awards Party for work.
-Saw the Norivel family and enjoyed talking with Beth.
-Got my 2012 photo calendar.  I love it!
-Probably some other stuff too.  It's been a busy week.  :)