Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High Hopes

Since I missed the classic "Goals for the New Year" post during the first days of 2012, I thought I'd share some of my hopes for 2012 and... I don't know, we'll see where this goes.  Ok.

Before I get into that, I should mention that this new year's eve was very different from ones in year's past.  For one, I drove myself home at 3am and slept in my own bed.  Seriously.  Everyone at the party I was at did actually.  Clearly we are getting old.  It was fun though.  Ironically we started the night out with quite a bit of liquor and I actually ended up not party hopping partially because I had a decent buzz going around 930 when I would have started thinking about switching locations (due to the mixed drinks and tequilla shots no doubt.)  We had a good time hanging out and started watching random music videos on demand at one point and Sarah and I might have talked about vampires for a little while.  ;)  It was a good night.

Hannah, me and Reagan on New Year's Eve.  
I'd fight their Mom for them but she'd win and then where would I be?  
PS - I have totally trained them to pose for pictures and to love seeing themselves in the screen.  They love to be "recorded" as they call it so they can play the video back.  They also love that they can see themselves when we take pictures like this.  And have learned that I will rarely turn down a photo request. 

Aimee and I - Happy New Year!

The year definitely started out differently than any from recent memory (no hangover and woke up in my own bed by myself.  Hello adulthood.)  I think the fresh start has given me an optimistic perspective that 2012 is going to be different somehow and that different is good.  I can't explain it but I feel like this year is going to be pivotal.  If it ends up being the end of the world then I guess that will explain it but I sense changes are coming.  I'm interested to see if this feeling lasts and where it takes me.  Well, that got philosophical.  Anyway.

Instead of setting new year's resolutions I think I'm just going to try to do things that give me better habits.  Like I decided to give up french fries for awhile.  Probably not forever, but for right now I'm consciously not ordering them.  When I did this with soda awhile back it dramatically decreased the amount I was consuming and now I rarely even drink it except when I need the caffeine kick or it's going to be a pain in the ass to get something else (read: mainly at events.)  I'm hoping that once I'm out of the habit of eating french fries a similar effect will take place and I'll just naturally ask for veggies with my meals instead.  As with soda, this is a huge pain in the butt when eating out because do you know what fries come with?


So I almost always have to ask for a substitution or just the sandwich and a water (which sometimes is hard to get people to understand - and why the f*ck is it so hard to get a large water in a drive through?!  I'll pay the damn quarter for the cup - just give me water for sh*t sake.)  So far this hasn't been too bad so I hope it stays that way.

I'm also trying to be more positive in my thinking and focusing more on things I can do something about.  Being bitchy about something is not going to make it get better so I'm really trying to be more positive when I can.  If I'm that concerned about something I can do something about it or accept the way things are.  I am responsible for my own happiness and need to be more proactive in my attitude at times.

Currently those things are my focus.  No french fries and a positive attitude.  Poetic, right?  Eventually I'm sure I'll focus on getting to the gym more and making sure to see the people who are important to me but baby steps.  And speaking of babies, the number of preggo friends is consistently hoovering at 10.  As soon as someone gives birth there's another announcement to round the number back out.  Another sign of the times I guess.

Have we talked about my love for books about supernatural stuff and esp. vampires?  I love those kinds of books.  I love lots of kinds off books but I seem to gravitate towards things that transport me to another world or at least another side of the world I live in.  I like the idea that there's more than meets the eye kind of thing.  So I've been reading the Black Daggar Brotherhood series.  It's about vampires.  I. Love. Them.  I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner.  I had to admit my love of vampires to my dentist and his assistant last week when I was in for a crown (there's some waiting involved and it helps to be distracted so I had a book) and they might have judged me a little for it but that's ok.  So if you have a thing for the blood suckers too you should check out these books by JR Ward.