Saturday, March 24, 2012

A concert and a setback among other things

This week ended up being pretty busy but good.  Monday I was off - which was awesome because I really needed a day out of the office - so after I went to the gym I hung out with Nellie and co.  We had a relaxing afternoon at her house just hanging out with the kiddos.  We had a little fashion show with Danny to make sure all the outfits that his momma had crocheted for him would fit for his newborn photos on Wednesday.  Good thing because the one of the hats was a bit small!  You can see the other outfits here.

Danny in his christening jacket made by Nellie and bunny hat made by me for Easter.  

Tuesday I got tickets from work to go to a special Jerrod Nieman concert.  He's a up-and-coming country singer that will be opening for Miranda Lambert this summer.  The concert was at Club 360 and there were only about 100 people with tickets - very VIP style with security at the elevators and a list and everything.  Laura came with me and we had a great time.  I love seeing artists at this stage in their career because they're so accessible and you get to see what they can do even though they're still learning their craft.  So cool.  

Laura and I enjoying the performance

Yeah, we're maybe 15 feet away from him.  Awesome. 

We got to meet him and take a  picture afterwards.  :)

And I got a pic with Remy from 93.7 the Bull who I listen to every morning.

It was pretty cool.  Not bad for a Tuesday night, right?  

I had a little setback this week on the running front.  I have developed posterior shin splints, which basically means the muscle right where my calf and shin meet on the inside of my leg hurts like hell.  I skipped my workout on Thursday to let the muscle rest and ran again today for the first time since Monday.  I didn't run as long as I was supposed to in order to ease the stress on the injured muscles but I was still hurting a little bit afterwards.  I have decided to postpone trying to progress in the c25k workouts (even though I'm probably actually ready) until I can really run all the intervals without sharp pains.  Hopefully this clears up quickly.  I'm bummed to not be able to move forward next week but I don't want to do more damage than good.  I am encouraged though because from the waist up I felt good when I was running today and like I could have kept going.  Progress there at least. 

Wednesday night I had to work late and then went over to Biggie's to hang out with Dan, KC, Paula and Chris for a little bit.  Wednesday was also apparently my own personal official start to allergy season so sitting outside was kind of miserable but at least the company was good.  Friday I met up with Lura and Stephanie and a few other people at Fast Eddie's for drinks after work.  They both live on the east side and it was my turn to go to them.  :)  Steph is moving to Tampa at the end of April which is exciting for her and sad for me because I of course don't want her to leave.  And I'm jealous of her soon to be beach life!  She said I could come visit though so I am totally going to take her up on that.  I was just happy to see Lura since it's been a little while.   

After my workout this morning I came home and showered and then went over to Sam & Taylor's to watch Max so they could go see The Hunger Games.  He slept for a bit and we played outside and went to the park.  He's such a cutie.  After S&T got back we went and got some ice cream and hung out outside for a bit.  It was good to see them!

Max in the back yard.  

At the park on his favorite slide

(He took several pictures of himself and actually took one of us too.  I think I took this one though.)

It's easy to say yes to babysit him when he's so good for me.  He loved my "tails" and had a good time counting them.  Max is also really, really good with names and I'm always impressed when he remembers mine without any prompting even if I haven't seen him for awhile.  We're friends.  :)

This evening I'm doing laundry and maybe some grocery shopping because it desperately needs done and I have to work an event tomorrow.  I know, exciting Saturday night, right?  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This week in a nutshell

Things that have been good this week:  sunshine most days and temps 70+, driving with the windows down, snuggling with babies, working outside the office, hanging out with friends, progress on Leslie's blanket, getting offered tickets to the special Jerrod Nieman performance this Tuesday, having the windows open while it rains and having the house smell good, kitty cuddles

Things that have not been so good:  finding out my boss, Angie, is having surgery next week and will be out for 6-8 weeks (it's a super busy time of year and I really like my boss so this was definitely NOT good news),  getting a call that one of my besties is in the ER, ants walking in my front door this morning (nipped that in the butt), the laundry situation at my house, having to deal with a douche bag, going back on 'budget lockdown' to try to save some money and therefore not going out for St. Pat's 

Better eating/workout update:
Giving up mac & cheese is starting to have an effect.  Now when I eat certain things that are delicious going down my body makes me pay for it.  I feel like there should be less complaining from my body during workouts if this is going to be the reaction I get from bad foods.  A little support would be great here, body.    

This week was a little rough for workouts.  Tuesday was rough as always when starting a new week of c25k.  No surprise.  Thursday, however, was a disaster.  I had some pain right where my calf meets my shin on both legs (though left was worse) and decided to walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes instead of running.  Not my best workout but I think it was the right choice as it was still a bit sore the next day.  Today I was back to the running routine and things went fine with some extra stretching.  I think I'm going to do at least 1 if not 2 more workouts at this week's intervals before moving on since I struggled in the middle.  Overall, my move back to running and working out 3x a week is going well.  

Sorry for a kind of boring post with no pictures!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hannah and Reagan

I hung out with Hannah and Reagan on Sunday while we waited for their brother to be born and again today  for awhile to give their parents a little break and let them enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had today (80!)  Here are some pics from the last few days.

Waiting for a brother.  


Silly face Reagan

Silly Hannie

Today at the park running (or sliding) off some energy 

After the park we went to feed my cats (and I changed clothes - I was going to have them change too since they stayed at their grandma's last night and just put their big sister shirts back on but I forgot to grab Nellie's house key.  Oh well.)  They requested mac and cheese (Hannah) and a hot dog (Reagan) for dinner.  I knew just the place to go for those items.
Hannie waiting patiently for her food. 

Reaggie enjoying her meal. 

After dinner I returned them to their parents and learned that they had both taken a nap and relaxed.  I got the job of waking Daniel up so he could eat and we had a nice chat (well, he was awake and looking at me and at least attempting to listen.)  I headed out soon after and did a little house cleaning because I noticed when I brought the girls over my house was a complete disaster.  Good day for sure.  

Baby Boom

This week I have spent a lot of time cuddling with new babies.  I had 5 friends give birth this week and got to see 3 of the brand new babies.

It did not suck.

First born on 3/6 was Anna Virginia Berthold (Abi) - but she was born in Omaha, NE so I haven't met her in person yet.  You can see pics of her and her brother here: and please note she is totally wearing the hat and diaper cover I made her which just makes me so happy.  I can't wait to see her!

Next up was Anna Elise Finley (Mel).  She was born on 3/8 at 12:53p and I got to meet her that evening.  I sang her happy birthday and got to feel her soft, soft baby skin.   I brought her a balloon and Mizzou themed hat and diaper cover, mom a cookie cake and Olivia a Strawberry Shortcake ball for the big sis gift.  O loved the ball and I loved seeing the newly expanded family.

Big sister Olivia was on hand to introduce me.  

Anna Elise

Baby snuggles.  

Finley family of 4! (Mel, Anna, Olivia, Greg)

While I was visiting with Mel, I got the text that the Bembowers were headed to the hospital to welcome baby Colton Daniel.  He was also born on 3/8 at 11pm.  I went to visit the next day (Friday) to say hello and get some new baby snuggles.  I brought the lions I made for him and big brother Elijah and gooey butter cake for mom.  

Eli checking out the lions with Mom (Anna)

Lions!  (Eli and Dan)

Hanging out with Cole - love his red hair!

Colton Daniel Bembower

 Friday my friend Becca Solovic gave birth to her first baby, Lucas.  I didn't go visit her, but I stole this cute picture from her Facebook page.  :)

Luke and Mommy (Becca)

Sunday 3/11 I got the call that Nellie was in labor and that evening Daniel William Moellering joined us.  I took his sisters up to meet him and got to introduce myself and sing happy birthday.  Hannie and Reaggie were pretty excited to meet their new brother.  

Meeting Danny for the first time.  

There was quite the crowd on Sunday night so I went back today for more baby snuggles and to take Danny's sisters out for awhile (more on that later.)  

Get used to these pics D.  Your sisters learned to love them and you will too. :)

Hanging with baby Daniel 

Moellering family :)

Whew.  It's been a good week.  Also, if you need a hospital comparison for the maternity rooms just let me know, lol.  I'm excited to watch these  little ones grow up.  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The past week seemed to fly by.  We are now officially to the time of year at work where I have more to do than time in the day so I think that is helping some of the days to go quicker.

Tuesday I did my 2nd day of running and it was a little rough, mainly I think because I had ran the day before and my body is still adjusting to the change in routine.  I could definitely feel 2 days in a row of running after and have had to go back to stretching in the middle of the workout to make the rest of it "comfortable" for my muscles.  I stretched before I started but I find the stretching more effective after my muscles are good and warm - it really makes it easier to finish the workout strong and run all the intervals.  I ran again on Saturday and though I was tired at the end, it went fine.  I'm pleased that I can run all the intervals at a 6 without too much trouble.  I mean I am definitely tired the last few but I can do it.  Hopefully this keeps up as I have to run longer periods of time.

Wednesday I went up to Biggie's and enjoyed hanging out with Sara, KC and Kim and everyone.  And the Tigers won so that was a nice bonus.  Thursday I ended up staying home and Friday I went to dinner with my sister and Devin at Friday's.  I was proud of myself for looking up the nutritional information before hand and knowing what I needed to order to keep the calories in check (petite sirloin - 370 calories plus broccoli - 50 and a splurge of mashed potatoes at 290 but I didn't eat them all so I figure it was really only 250 for at total of 670.  I only put a small amount of the butter topping on the sirloin though so maybe even a little better than that but I did have a margarita...)    And I refrained from telling Kristen that the burger she ordered was like 1400 calories because she didn't ask and who really wants to be judged like that.    After I got home, I made this as requested by Abi.

Saturday I went to a co-worker's housewarming party for a little bit- house looks great Randy - then headed to Cyndi's house for her birthday party.  It was a fun night and I loved seeing lots of cool people.  And Cyndi totally looked hot in her new dress which I did not get a picture of but it was cute.  Today I'm being lazy for a bit and need to do some laundry and clean the floors (as always).