Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm not dead, I swear

I'm not dead - really.  I've just been sick (so I kind of felt like death) and neck deep in Walk prep (12 walks last weekend) so between the two I haven't been up for much blogging.  The past week was basically work and sleep (with some baby cuddles mixed in - thanks Nellie for the break there!)

but ended well with successful walks.  I ran the St. Peters Walk MS on Saturday (our 2nd largest with around 800 people) and it went extremely smooth and I was very pleased.  I also worked our Godfrey walk on Sunday and it went well too despite it being cold and wet.  Thank God they're almost done though!

I finally went to the doctor yesterday to discover that my allergies were out of control and the crap in my sinuses was dripping/draining into my throat (awesome) and caused an infection (hence the sore throat death feeling that wouldn't go away last week - even more awesome) that I am now on antibiotics for and am feeling much better.  I also have a whole new allergy regiment to keep things in check including prescription strength stuff that I am to take through mid-June.  Antibiotics are already doing their job and I'm feeling much much better.  My co-workers are thrilled it wasn't strep. :)

Before all the sick/walk crazy started, I was able to help Cyndi with Aimee's baby shower invites.

We had a productive afternoon.  :) 

Other fun stuff that has happened recently: hung out with Steph before she moved to FL, hung out with Dan and had good life discussions, stayed out past 3am and went to work a booth for work the next day (ok that one wasn't so much fun as just reliving my college days), celebrated Lori & Jorge's birthdays, finished some crochet projects, got wedding invitations in the mail, filled the fridge with birth announcements, went for walks outside in the nice weather.  

This has been a bit of a haphazard post - sorry about that!  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen!  Happy Easter!

Here's a little song from Reagan to go with your celebrations today...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm not in the mood to write an actual post, so here are some pictures from this week.

Pinterest hair style I did one day

Hannie, me and Reagan at the baptist fish fry (yes, you read that right.)

Me and Mom at the Cave Winery

My cousin Danielle and I at the winery

Mom, Aunt Kris and Aunt Kathy during their winery photo shoot

Aimee holding Danny at her birthday celebration
(and his first time at a bar - even if it is mostly a restaurant. :))