Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Stuff and Staycation

When you work weekends at NMSS you rack up what we call comp days that can be used like vacation days but must be used within 60 days of earning them.  Since at the beginning of June I had 8 racked up, I took this whole week off and just stayed home.  It's actually been really nice to just sleep in and get some stuff done around the house.  And of course visit the pool!  

Danny's first time swimming - he was a fan

Emily and her son Hayden and Mel and her girls Olivia and Anna came over to swim too but I failed to get pictures of the cuteness.  I also got to visit with both of them individually (Emily at lunch before and with Mel for a bit after swimming) which was awesome.  SO good to see them!  

I was also really excited to discover that 141 and the Maryland Heights now officially connect.  

 I had lunch with Krystal while she was in town at P'sghetti's (one of my favorite South County restaurants) and we went to Target and Costco before heading over to the Quirin's to visit.  I was pretty pleased to get some Adriana snuggles.  Girlfriend is so cute.
Me and Adriana

I've also been doing some crafting and made this minnie hat for Abi's little girl among other things.  Danny was kind enough to model it for me.  

While I've been home I went to lunch with the Ericsons, saw Brave with my mom (not what I was expecting but still good) and of course went to Biggie's on Wednesday for drinks and to hang out.  Then there was this little gem calling to me at Walgreens: 

It totally did not suck.

Tonight I am going to happy hour with a friend and meeting up for another friend's birthday.  I'm going to enjoy my last 3 days off as much as possible!

KC trip

July 13-15 I went to KC to visit Paige and Kim.  I took the train because it's pretty reasonably priced (under $60 round trip) and I can do other things while traveling and get up and move around.  Maybe not something I would do if I wasn't traveling alone, but it was really nice to be able to nap on the way back on Sunday.

Train pulling into the station 

Awesome snack plan.  

Upon arriving in KC, Paige and I went to lunch and after walking around for a little bit ended up at World Market.  On the way back to her house, we stopped at the liquor store to pick up some things where they happened to be having a beer tasting.  We, of course, participated.  

Friday night Kim made us lasagna - which was amazing - and we kept her company while she did some baking for her nieces' birthdays the next day.  We had a lot of fun catching up and I loved seeing her house.  Also, since Paige's dress is being stored at Kim's, we had a little fashion show and I got a preview of how amazing she's going to look in November.   

There of course were pictures. 

love these girls.  

Saturday morning Paige and I went to the River Walk (I think?) farmer's market.  It's pretty awesome.  We got all kinds of fresh produce and I managed to refrain from buying fudge.  We rented some movies and ate lunch at home and even got a nap in.  Saturday evening we went for KC BBQ at Oklahoma Joe's.  We waited in line for like 45 minutes but it was totally worth it.  It was DELICIOUS.  

Paige waiting in line - almost in the building.  

Me outside the door. 

Sunday morning we went to brunch at Kate's Kitchen and all ate french toast because it's amazing.  

This picture is actually from a previous trip to the same place. 

After brunch we played some games at Paige's house, talked and did some grilling for a late lunch.  Soon it was time to say goodbye and head to Union Station to head home.  I arrived at the perfect time to walk in and get right on the train.  Awesome trip!

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July 2012

On the 4th, Nellie and I had planned to hang out.  Michael (her husband) wanted to go to the Science Center.  We were a bit skeptical of this plan, what with not having been there in awhile, but it was really fun. They got a membership so we were able to do all kinds of fun stuff, including go to the Omnimax.  

Hannie and Reagan build an arch 

Don't be fooled by the brave faces.  They were a bit freaked out by the moving dinosaur but he was the biggest hit of the day.  

Oh no!  Dinosaurs! 

No problem, we'll offer Danny up as a sacrifice.  That'll keep us safe. 

We also went to the nano area  (where they learn about cells and stuff) and stood on the bridge over highway 64/40 where only Reagan would stand with me on the glass windows in the floor.  

She's crazy for pizza.  
I told her to smile and this is what I got. 

After the Science Center Nellie and I took the girls swimming at my house which they enjoyed.  The water was a bit warm but they didn't seem to mind.  Later that evening I met sister and Devin in Bridgeton to watch fireworks.  One of the booths was selling Ted Drewes, so I got some of course.

Perfect end to the holiday!

Lady Antebellum!

Last Friday Mom ended up with an extra ticket to the Lady Antebellum concert so I went along.  It was really hot before the sun went down but it was a great show.  Thanks Mom!

Mom and I at the concert

Saturday Nellie and I got pedicures and ice cream.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon when it's hot as hell.  

Adriana and Makenlee

There were 2 new babies born last week that I got to go visit.  My friend Laura (who is having her 3rd this fall) commented "On the baby tour again?"  Always, Laura.  Always this year at least!

Adriana Katherine Quirin made her grand entry on June 25.  Aimee and Andy were super proud and excited to meet her.  Though she went about a day without a name, she has one now and everyone is excited to get to know her.   

Adriana and I

squishy cheeks

Proud Daddy

I also got to meet Makenlee Ann Steinkamp on July 1.  She was 3.5 weeks early but Amanda, Brad and big sister Bricelynn were super excited to meet her.  She was 7lbs and 20 3/4 inches long.  

Makenlee close up

baby snuggles 
(I love Melanie in the background)

They're so sweet when they're little and new.  :)