Sunday, September 16, 2012

Girl Scouts

Last week I also started a new volunteer adventure with Nellie - Girl Scouts!  We are working with Hannah's Daisy troop and I'm really excited about it.  Look forward to more pictures in the future!

Hannie in Nellie's girl scout vest

You know you want to sing along...

The number of craft projects I want to do with them is a little out of control!

Relaxing weekend

After the Bike MS craziness, it was really nice to have a relaxing weekend with not a ton going on.  Friday night after work I headed to Forest Park with Nellie and the kiddos for Balloon Glow, one of my favorite STL fall events.  We packed a picnic dinner and ate while we watched the balloons go up as the sun set.  It was lovely and the weather was heaven.

Reaggie and I 

Always the tongue with this one


Again with the tongues


I know you're jealous of our glow-in-the-dark shirts


Happy Danny

After the sun set we packed up our blanket and dinner and walked through the balloons.  It was so cool!  Every so often they blow an air horn and all the balloon people fire up their balloons and everything glows.  It made me happy every. single. time.  Loved it!

The Energizer Bunny balloon continues to be my favorite. 

Glow toys :)

They were looking and everything and it's dark.  Of course. 

Saturday I was lazy most of the day.  That evening I went over to my dad's house for bbq and enjoyed visiting with him.

dinner by Dad

Today I got to have brunch with Cyndi and Lindsey, who was in town for the weekend.  We went to Mosiac in Des Peres (where I had never been) and it was really good.   I love Sunday brunch and the company was second to none.  I ran a few errands and am now doing laundry.  Glad to be off tomorrow!  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bike MS 2012 - Whew

In the world of the National MS Society, where events are the way we make most of our money, there are Walk chapters and Bike chapters.  Gateway is a Bike chapter.  This means that Bike is our largest fundraiser of the year and we are well known among other chapters as doing it well.  Out of 100 or so rides, we are in the top 10 in money/participants.

Our ride was last weekend, which means I lived and breathed Bike MS for about a week to pretty much the exclusion of everything else.  This year the event faced some staffing challenges as our Director of Development was unexpectedly no longer with us as of 10 days before the ride and my boss (our Assistant Director of Development) was going to be at a wedding in Mexico for her cousin.  So our Director of Marketing and Communication and I ran the fairgrounds portion of the ride.  Granted, I would have also been running part of the ride if our DOD was still there, but not as the go-to girl.  I am proud to say that I think Dan (our DOMC) and I did a good job and things went very smoothly especially considering he jumped in to help at the 11th hour.  The entire staff busted their butts all weekend and it made things SO much easier.  I was so proud to work with them.  We had a few issues over the weekend (like a storm that took out 11 of our 10x10 pop up tents that had to be replaced Friday night and a lack of a volunteers at a few key times) but overall things went well.  No one knocked me out and locked me in the Tiger Ice trailer so I think this can be counted as a win (Stacey totally had the opportunity too.)

Finish line in front of the team tents - the place to be Saturday afternoon!

Since I was in Columbia for 5 days, I was pleased to be able to slip away for a few minutes on Wednesday night to see Meredith and her sweet daughter Olivia.  We went to Flat Branch (my favorite Columbia restaurant by far) and it was so good to catch up with her.  I only had to take 1 call from my tent vendors while we were there so it was quite lovely.

Miss O enjoying being able to see herself in the camera on my phone

Photo: Dinner with Mer is definitely the highlight of my day!  Going early to bike ms has its benefits I guess.

Unfortunately we stayed at the Budget Inn at the Midway Truck Stop which definitely left a lot to be desired as far as hotel rooms go.  I mean there was a freaking meth bust at the hotel Saturday and they had to hire security to keep us safe that night.  Only the nicest places for NMSS staff.  

Another definite highlight of the weekend was getting a pie from the Amish family who hosts a rest stop on Day 1 of our ride.  I got a chocolate one for $5.  Oh. My. Goodness.  

Amish chocolate pie straight from the source

I might have eaten all but one piece myself and finished it off today.  It was that good.  

I can honestly say I'm am thrilled Bike MS is over for this year! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day weekend at Goose Creek

I was thrilled when Krystal invited me to come down to Goose Creek with her this weekend.  I am a water-loving girl so a few days at the lake is always a "yes" in my book!  Unfortunately, it was a bit of a chilly weekend and rained a bunch (no rain most of the summer but of course this weekend) but we still had fun.  We went down Saturday morning and were able to even get in the lake for a little bit on Saturday.  The lake is really super low thought - we went down to Sherry & Rick's lake lot and were able to stand by the dock where the boat would normally be - so the water there was less than 5 feet deep.  SHALLOW!  I don't know if we would have been able to get the boat in the water if it was sunny and warm because the water was so low!  Anyway, we swam for a bit and had yummy kabobs for dinner.

Before dinner we were able to take the 4 wheelers out for a bit of fun.  This seemed to be a popular activity this weekend as there were hardly any boats on the lake but we saw tons of people on their 4 wheelers.  This is def. my kind of outdoor fun!

Krystal's first time driving the 4-wheelers.  Loved it. 

Super fun (don't worry, we wore helmets)

We spent the evening drinking on the deck and sending drunk texts Kristen's aunt.  Good times were had by all.  There were even fireworks since they didn't get to shoot them off July 4th.  

Sunday it was wet again (and I kept sliding around in my flip flops down the stairs - so graceful, I know) so we played cards, had a few drinks and snacks and decided we needed an activity.  We all piled into the back of the trucks and took a ride to the damn and just messed around for a bit and drove through the mud. Someone really should have been blasting Brad Paisley's "Mud on the Tires" for us.  

Sherry and Krystal in the back of the truck 

Kristen and I 

After our joy ride Krystal and I had to head back to STL.  Super fun weekend!