Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!  A few pictures from my festivities...

Christmas with friends at Cyndi's house
Lindsey and I (and the only picture I managed to take the entire evening)

Christmas Eve at Dad's house
Dad in the Mizzou shirt I got him

My brother and my dad

Christmas Day lunch at Mom's house
Stockings hand made by Mom

Nephew Devin and I 

Mom waiting to open presents

My sister and nephew opening presents

We went to my Aunt Kathy's house for dinner and stuff with Mom's side but I didn't get any pictures.  It was a lovely Christmas - hope yours was great too.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

December fun

Some pictures from the last few weeks:

Devin at dinner on his 9th birthday

Meeting baby Alex Niethe for the first time

Organized office christmas party fun

For Christmas this year instead of getting them gifts, I took each of Nellie's girls out for a special day just them and me.  Reagan was first with a trip to the Zoo and Bob Kramer's Marionettes. 

With the puppets

I took Hannah to an event at Purina Farms (complete with dog shows) and then to Lone Elk Park to visit the World Bird Sanctuary.

Danny.  Not a special day, but cute anyway.

Sally loves present wrapping day

Girl scout troop caroling

Sammy supervising while I do my Christmas cards

Monday, December 3, 2012

Leslie + James

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my cousin Leslie's wedding.  I like James and am happy to have him become an official member of our family.  The day seemed to go off without a hitch and Leslie said the day was perfect, which is really all that matters.

Here comes the bride... :)

James is Scottish so they had bagpipers and the men in his immediate family wore kilts. 
Very cool.

Mrs. & Mrs. McQueen

There was a huge (like 5 hour) gap between the ceremony and reception so I met up with Nellie and the kids and went to Costco for some food and shopping.  Soon it was time to head to the reception at the Franklin Room in Soulard.  The reception was fun and I enjoyed hanging out with family.  There were lots of highlights, but I was really excited to get this picture with both of my aunts on my Dad's side.  Aunt Pat is my dad's older sister and Aunt Sue is my late Uncle Bill's wife who lives in Virginia.  I don't often see both of them at one time and they're getting older so moments like this are special.  

Aunt Sue, me and Aunt Pat

First dance

Devin and I at the reception

My cousin Laura and I 

Gorgeous bride and I 

Dancing the night away

Congrats to the happy couple!