Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer cliff notes

Um, hey.  

I got busy and stuff and blogging kind of went to the back burner.  So now you get the cliff notes version of my summer.  You're welcome - I can be kinda long winded anyway.  :)  

One of the main reasons I'm short on time to blog these days is this guy.  

This is John.  He's pretty great.  I get shoes instead of flowers and now know more about NASCAR than I ever expected to in my life.  He is happy to allow me to plan everything and tells me I look good even when it's clearly not true.  He is extremely smart and as a pharmacist always wants to know what kind of drugs people are on when I tell him someone is sick.  He's one of the pickiest eaters I've ever met and tends to decorate like this: 

But he puts up with me and takes me out for ice cream so there you go.  

Ok back to my summer.  

I went to Kansas City to visit friends. 

Celebrated Kristen's birthday, helped throw a wedding shower for Krystal and went peach picking.

Went to baseball games, ate ice cream and got pedicures.  

Took Hannah to Columbia for her special birthday trip.  

Went up in the Arch.  

More baseball.  

Made new friends, went swimming, worked a lot, went to BBQs and played trivia.  But you'll just have to take my word for it.  

So there you go.  Caught up to Labor Day.  Now I'm only a month behind.  Ah, well.  it's something, right?  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Makenlee turns 1

Sunday after the 4th we celebrated Makenlee's first birthday (it was on 7/1.)  Makenlee and I are buddies so I was excited to celebrate with her!

Photo after I fed her watermelon (hence she's shirtless)

Sparkly birthday tutu


Cake aftermath.  
Laura didn't think about the blue food coloring.  :)

Lake trip and more fireworks

Friday morning Mom and Devin came over to swim and that afternoon Krystal and I headed out to Goose Creek for some lake time!  We had a blast hanging out, drinking, making s'mores and of course going out on the lake!

Krystal and I decided to come back Saturday night instead of Sunday morning so I decided to head down to the Counting Crows concert and fireworks at the Arch.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time.  

After fireworks we went over to KB & Jim's new place to check it out and have a few drinks before heading home.  Their new roof patio is awesome!  

4th of July 2013

This year 4th of July started out with the Hagy/Berthold family at Grant's Farm.  I met up with Abi and the fam at her parent's house and got some play time in with Gus while everyone finished getting ready.

Then we headed out to feed some goats and see some elephants.

Abi and Gus on the tram 
Me, Anna and Abi 
Elephant show

We had a great time catching up and spending the morning together.  We went back to the house for lunch (where I was promoted to sit next to Gus, lol) and to chat a little more.  From the Hagy's I headed over to my dad's for a little while to eat some bbq and visit with him and Janet.  It was good to see him and hear about how his bike riding is going.  

After going home for a nap, I met up with Kristen and Devin and some of their friends for fireworks.  We were at the Bridgeton ones but you could see Hazelwood and St. Charles too so it was quite the show.  I love fireworks!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of June

Last week was lovely weather-wise and a lot of fun.  It started Monday with pasta, beer and a trip to the pool.

For some reason people have started leaving their crap at the pool.  Irritating.  

I had a string of pool-related visitors - Amy & Nellie and their littles on Thursday and Emily and Erin on Friday - which was really fun.  Saturday I had my new door installed by Mom's boyfriend Dave (thank you!) and got to attend Adriana's first birthday party.  

She crawled over and was like, um, aren't we taking a picture? 
Clearly we're good friends.  

After the party I met up with Krystal and her mom and sister for dinner and Ted Drewes.  Then we talked about her wedding (the one I'm in in Oct.) at her mom's house afterwards because we both were cool with not spending a bunch of money, lol.  

Sunday I saw World War Z and took a nap.  I love naps.  

This weekend is going to be amazing - happy 4th of July!

New floors, new furniture, new front door... ok half a new house

In the past few weeks I have gotten new hardwood floors

New couches

And a new front door but since it pretty much looks exactly like the last one due to the condo association requirements there is not a picture of it.

It's all very pretty and now I might be eating ramen for awhile because pretty is not cheap.  :)


I stacked my entire living room minus the long couch in the kitchen while the floors were installed.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Emily's Wedding, Andy's birthday and Father's Day

June 15 I had the pleasure of attending my cousin Danny's daughter Emily's wedding.  The ceremony was at Grant's Lodge on the patio.  It was beautiful and sunny for the ceremony.

Hanging out with Makenlee before the ceremony.

Here comes the bride

Wedding party

The reception was next door at Orlando Gardens in the afternoon.  The food was good, the pretzel bar was awesome and we danced the afternoon away.  I managed to secure Sharon and I mimosas from the bar and, well, I started drinking at noon that day.  :)

Leslie and I 

Brad, Becky and I

Me and the beautiful bride

Kyle and Emily Smith

Ben:  We look alike. 
Me:  Yeah, like we're cousins or something... 

Since the wedding was over at 5, I was able to attend Andy's birthday dinner that night at Kirkwood Brewing Station.  He sampled all the beers and had a great time. 

Andy and his 11 beer samples

Sunday was Father's day, and after church I went over to Dad's house for bbq and to hang out for a little while.  I got him a Big Dog t-shirt at the outlet mall the weekend before and was pleased that it fit.  He liked it too.  My dad is always there for me and I'm lucky to have him as my dad!

Dad and I at the wedding


My favorite St. Louis summer festival was 2 weeks ago - St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival!  I love trying all the beers and hanging out with friends.  We went Friday night, which was a good choice as Saturday night the had to close it due to lightning and thunderstorms.  Andy, Aimee, Cyndi and I met up with one of Andy's co-workers, Kyle, and his wife Chelsea.

Aimee and I with one of our first beers 

Cyndi's here!  We should take pictures with her. 

Our group

We decided we like Chelsea and forced her to take photos with us.

She was a good sport about it. :) 

Andy and I 

I ran into some other friends too and ate a giant Companion pretzel so it was a really fun night!  I also got a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  Win!