Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some stuff

This past weekend was very laid back and I enjoyed not having a jam-packed schedule.  I skipped Mardi Gras this year for the first time in like a decade (Paige and Bryan didn't come in this year) and opted for the gym and a trivia night instead.  Sunday I actually didn't have anywhere to be and I actually got bored for a little bit.  I actually don't recall when the last time was that I was bored at home.  I like to keep busy so this weekend of not a lot was unusual and at a welcome point.  When I decided to train for this half marathon, I didn't comprehend how time consuming it would be in my everyday life.  I mean, duh, right?  If you're going to work out 5 days a week at increasingly longer distances it's going to take up more and more of your time. Somehow I didn't realize that this meant my evenings would go by significantly faster.  Oh well.  Anyway, so the time at home was nice.

Monday night I got my hair done and since we had to work late today I went out to dinner with 2 of my coworkers before I headed home.  It was a lovely dinner and I enjoyed spending time with Karen and Diana.  I also saw a specialist today about my foot going numb while running.  His theory is that since my Achilles is so tight it's causing me to put extra pressure on the ball of my foot when I run and there may be another separate mild nerve issue that combined is causing the numbness.  So I'm taking some vitamins to help with the possible nerve thing and doing some major stretching to see if it helps.  I'm trying the stretching on my own for now but he said I could see a PT and have them do it.  I am going to try it myself for a few days and see if I feel like I'm making any progress.  If not the nurse said to call and they'd get me a script for the PT.  I hope it helps since I have no plans to stop training and neither doctor suggested it (I also saw my primary care.)  This Friday I'm doing 8 miles so here's to hoping.

Tomorrow I'm meeting an old co-worker for happy hour and my birthday is on Saturday.  It's going to be a good week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello February

February started off with a 4 day weekend full of fun stuff.  Friday Nellie and I did some marathon grocery shopping (Costco, Aldi & Wal-Mart) and got a lot accomplished.  I was able to drop my car off for an oil change while we did it as well which was good because it needed one badly.  Friday night we had our first joint Daisy troop event, a movie night at Julie/Cadence's house.  All 13 girls (12 Daisys plus Reagan) enjoyed pizza & popcorn and watched Brave.  We felt kind of brave for having that many of them in one house!

Everyone seemed to have a good time and they got their movie night patches so all was well.  :)

Saturday I jogged for 5 miles (!) and did some food prep for Super Bowl and our 2nd potluck at Aimee's house that evening.  One cheese ball and a batch of tortilla roll-ups later I was ready to head out to Aimee's. We had a good time hanging out, playing with the babies and eating yummy food.  Thanks for hosting, Aimee! 

Everyone is even looking at the camera.

On the way home from Aimee's we unexpectedly ended up in a crazy snow storm.  It was supposed to snow but not the couple inches that we ended up with!  Driving down the highway was a little like traveling at warp speed through space.  

Pic Nellie took out the front windshield as I attempted to find lane markings on the road. 

After slowly making our way home safe and sound (and playing the game of "are we in a lane?" every time we went under a bridge) I was really glad I had already been to the grocery store.  :)

Sunday morning I went to church (roads were clear by then) and went to my cousin Jeff & his wife Sharon's Super Bowl party.  There was of course tons of food and I enjoyed hanging out with everyone since I didn't see most of them at Christmas.   Bricelynn wanted to take some pics of us with her tablet so I took the opportunity to take one too.  :)  

Bricelynn and I 

I took off work today and am really glad I did.  I slept in and had my furnace tuned up/repaired (only half if it was working - not very efficient) and went for a jog outside since it's in the 50s today.  Sadly my workout was a bit of a disaster but I finished it at least.  I don't really understand how things can go so well on Saturday and be such a mess today but whatever.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Tonight Nellie and I are going to have dinner and craft time which makes me happy.  Then it's back to work tomorrow for a crazy busy day full of meetings.  

Hello February.