Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Mother Nature

It's March 24.  I am ready for spring, which, by the way, started Wednesday.

Yesterday in St. Louis - 50s.  I ran outdoors with a long sleeved shirt and no coat.


Around 1 PM: 

And about 9:30.  It finally stopped with 11.5 inches

Not.  Cool.  It seriously snowed all day.  So much for running errands today.  I did go out and do a cursory cleaning of my car around 7pm (it was still snowing) so that it won't be so bad to clean off tomorrow.  I hope they get the roads clear since I expect to have to go to work at some point tomorrow.  

Before the snow hit, I was having a fabulous weekend.  Friday night I went to dinner with Dad and Janet at Pasta House (Dad's favorite) and then went over to Brad & Amanda's to see their new place.  Bricelynn gave me the tour and then we hung out for a little while.  I also got to snuggle with this cutie who even reached for me on her own - which I'm told is a big deal because she has a little strange danger fear.  She's always come to me though so I maybe she just knows good people when she sees them, lol.

Makenlee, 8 months

Saturday I went for a run around the subdivision (see the section about the running outdoors) for some incline training.  I only did 4 miles since shins are still bothering me but was pleased that my time was not much slower than it is when I am on a flatter terrain.  Good indication of how the middle 4 miles of the half are going to be I think.  Saturday night we went to a trivia night one of my co-workers was having as a fundraiser.  It was not one of the better run trivia nights I've ever been to and it took forever.  I did enjoy seeing my friends though and eating good food.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Luck of the Irish... does not include good weather

Saturday started out with me being kinda lazy before I headed out to our girl scout troop's cookie booth sale.  While it was cold (like 45 degrees) the girls did an excellent job selling cookies outside Dierbergs.  They sold every box we brought with us!  I was very proud of them asking people to buy cookies.  I'm sure their cuteness factor helped out too.  :)

Selling cookies 

Saturday night I went over to Kristen's new place for a pre-St. Pat's day party and cookie delivery.  There was food, booze and good company of some new friends.  Good times for sure!

KB and I 

Sunday I planned to go to the Dogtown parade with Nellie, Aimee, Cyndi and the associated children.  But it was cold and wet with the wet starting to freeze so we opted for Chinese food and beer at Cyndi's house instead with the babies.  It was a much warmer and enjoyable afternoon to which I failed to take pictures.  I did have my shamrock earrings & socks on though so it was festive.  :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

This week in a nutshell

I ran/walked 10 miles today.  At an even, acceptable pace.  I'm pretty pleased about this situation.  Makes me think that 13.1 might actually be possible.  Today is actually the height of the training plan - it starts tapering from here since race day is a mere 23 days away.  I need to get some of those fancy fruit chews and maybe some new running clothes for the day.

This week was kind of hellish at work and I hope that trend does not continue for the next month leading up to Walk.  Not holding my breath though.

Monday I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Krystal's wedding with her and all but 1 of the bridesmaids. We found dresses that I think are pretty cute.  Long, one shoulder (for added security and no pulling the dress up) and cute details.  She also modeled her dress for us since she bought it there but I don't know if I'm aloud to post pictures of that part of the evening.  She looks really pretty though, trust me.

Mercury dresses we will be wearing

I haven't ordered it yet because I wanted to do that at the St. Peters David's Bridal not South County but probably will soon.  Also, I should really start lifting some weights.  Nothing like dress shopping to remind you that summer is coming!

Tuesday I ran 5 miles.

Danny also turned 1 on Monday, and while I missed the cake smash because I was dress shopping (what are the chances?!) I was able go give him his gifts on Thursday.  He seemed most pleased with the fact that I put them in a bag that he could tip over and stand back up, but that's a 1 year old for you.  

Lieutenant Dan opening his gifts

He earned the nickname by crawling while dragging one leg behind him.  He looks like a wounded warrior, hence Lt. Dan was born.

Happy with his gifts

I'm ready for a weekend filled with cookie booth sales & St. Pat's Day fun.  Bring it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Training update

With race day for my half marathon just a month away I thought I'd update on how things are going.  Training is still going pretty well with my longest distance to date being 9 miles, which I even did outside on the Katy Trail.  I am pleased that most of my mile times tend to be within a minute of each other (all just under 15 minutes) so I'm pretty consistent.  Lots of stretching before a workout of my Achilles seems to be working too as my foot has not been going numb during workouts.  Yay!  I did have my first experience the other day with not eating enough and almost passing out at the end of a run but otherwise things are chugging along.  I am glad that the outdoor pacing is consistent and that running/walking is working for me for the entire distances so far.

I did (stupidly) look at the race map the other day and learned that there is a huge hill in the middle of the race.  Like you go up hill for 2 straight miles.  6 miles in (miles 7 &8.)  Ugh.  It's marked as "Holy Hill!" on the map.  Thanks logistics guys, you really didn't have to do that.  Makes me think that there's no way I'll be keeping up the right pace during that part but oh well, whatever I guess.

In other news, we celebrated Cyndi's birthday on Tuesday at El Maguey.  Welcome to your 30's Cyndi!

Last night I also went to dinner with Mom & Dave and to see Oz: The Great and Powerful.  It was pretty good!  

Charlotte 2013

Last weekend I went to Charlotte to hang out with the Dashner-Thorne clan.  I haven't been out there since Feb. 2011 so it was a long overdue visit!  George came in from Atlanta too so everyone was home for the weekend.  It was a super laid back visit and really more about the hanging out than going places.  You may remember this post from a few weeks ago - so I was happy to be a distraction from that for a few days.

We started our visit with a trip to McAllister's (which is coincidentally where we always have lunch when I get off the plane) and ran a few errands to pick up stuff for Alex's first t-ball practice (more on that later.)  I spent the afternoon hanging out with John and Alene (who I stayed with this time) and getting settled.  John cooked a delicious dinner, everyone talked for awhile and afterward Jimmy, Jackie & I watched Pitch Perfect.  I hadn't seen it all the way through yet and thought it was hilarious.

Alex dancing to Justin Bieber, his favorite singer

Friday I went for a run in their subdivision then Jackie and I went furniture shopping for some new couches.  We ended up not getting anything that we looked at during this trip but we had fun hanging out anyway.  Later that evening we took Alex to his first t-ball practice, which was really entertaining.  The kids had the attention span of gnats and watching them attempt to throw, catch and hit was great.  While the kids seemed to have a blast, we were freezing because it was only in the 40s by that time and we were just standing around.  Brr!  Later that evening Jackie and I went to dinner with her friend Barb and then we all went to the $2.25 show to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and to Target.  Yes, we're that kind of people.  :)  Super fun.  

Saturday morning it snowed for a little bit but quickly turned to rain and all evidence of snow was gone by the afternoon.  However, this meant I skipped my run that morning and t-ball was cancelled for the day.  Jackie, John and I went back to the furniture stores and found a couch, love seat and recliner for Jackie's living room.  The old sofas were stained pretty badly from when Christopher was sick and held lots of memories so Jackie said they needed to go for her mental health and, well, they were stained.  The stuff she got is gorgeous and is going to look great in the living room with the new floors.  (They pulled up the carpeting too.)  That afternoon Alex had a birthday party and I hung out with Jim & George.  Very laid back and relaxing afternoon in the theater room. (Yeah, they have a theater on the 2nd floor of the house.)  

Theater snuggles with Uncle George

Alex and I

Jackie and Patrick joined us later and Jackie and I beat the crap out of Jim and George in spades before dinner.  John made us a lovely dinner again and then there was more spades (George and I beat Jackie and Patrick) and then just cousin hang out time before bed.  Love spending time with them.  

Patrick and his mini-me

Dashner-Thornes (John, Patrick, Alex, Jackie, George, Jim, Alene)

Dashner siblings 

Photo bomb :)

Jim and I 

Jackie and I 


Another of Jackie and I 

Sunday morning Jackie, Jim, George, John, Alex and I went to brunch before I headed to the airport to go home.  It was a yummy meal and the perfect way to end the trip.  Thanks for a great visit guys!  See you again soon! 

Fish Fry Friday & Queso

Feb. 23 Nellie and I took Hannah and Reagan to a fish fry, as is tradition in St. Louis during Lent.  It was delicious!  You may remember we brought them here last year too.



Afterwards we went back to Nellie's for leftover birthday cake and to just hang out.  

Already loving the self portraits :)

This photo was taken by Danny.

Saturday night I went to dinner with my friend Sara, who I've been friends with since Kindergarten.  We ate delicious Mexican food at El Maguey and caught up.  It was so fun to see her and spend time with her!  Unfortunately since our visit her father passed away from cancer/liver failure.  I am thinking and praying for you Sara!  

Holy Snow Batman!

Feb. 19-20 I got to go to Jeff City and visit legislators at the Capitol for work.  We had MS Legislative Action Days and went to talk about the home access tax credit and Medicaid expansion.  Unfortunately our day ended up getting cut a little short because there was a huge snow storm coming so the Capitol closed at noon that day!  All in all a good experience though.

Good thing they sent everyone home too!  We didn't get the storm until Thursday but KC got it full on Wednesday.  We got 5-6 inches of snow in the metro St. Louis area which is a lot for us.

5 inches and still coming down

It was definitely a bit of a winter wonderland!  The kids got 2 snow days out of the deal and I worked from home on Thursday.  Snow is still piled up in some places in parking lots where it was stacked high since there was so much of it.  And we've had some warm days!  

Dirty 30

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which meant that I still got to do all of my birthday traditions except with company.   The day started out with sleeping in (of course) and then meeting up with Nellie around 12:30 to start the festivities.  Our first stop was Yo My Goodness for ice cream/lunch.


After picking up our ice cream, we headed across the street to eat it while we got pedicures.  I have to admit eating ice cream, sitting in a massaging chair, getting a pedicure, getting calls from friends while in the company of your best friend was pretty great.  

cute toe color

Nellie getting her pedicure

After our pedicure, we headed over to Massage Luxe for massages.  Aaahhh, so nice.

After massages we headed home to get cleaned up and ready for the evening events.  Mom picked me up around 6 to head over to Llywelyn's Pub for dinner with the family.  

Balloons from Mom

Me and my mom

After dinner I headed upstairs to have a few drinks with friends and eat cake.  Thanks to Cyndi for making my cake and to everyone who came out to celebrate! 


Jim and Kristen


Breaking fire codes


Letting Danielle know that she's a lame loser

(I know I took a picture with Krystal too but apparently not with my own phone.)

Since I got myself a bit drunk, Krystal took me home and dealt with all my stuff.  :)  I slept it off Sunday because I don't recover from these nights like I used to!   Sunday I went to lunch with my dad at Bread Co (we were going to try a new place close by but apparently they aren't open for lunch on Sundays) and enjoyed catching up with him.  

30 started off pretty well!