Sunday, June 23, 2013

Emily's Wedding, Andy's birthday and Father's Day

June 15 I had the pleasure of attending my cousin Danny's daughter Emily's wedding.  The ceremony was at Grant's Lodge on the patio.  It was beautiful and sunny for the ceremony.

Hanging out with Makenlee before the ceremony.

Here comes the bride

Wedding party

The reception was next door at Orlando Gardens in the afternoon.  The food was good, the pretzel bar was awesome and we danced the afternoon away.  I managed to secure Sharon and I mimosas from the bar and, well, I started drinking at noon that day.  :)

Leslie and I 

Brad, Becky and I

Me and the beautiful bride

Kyle and Emily Smith

Ben:  We look alike. 
Me:  Yeah, like we're cousins or something... 

Since the wedding was over at 5, I was able to attend Andy's birthday dinner that night at Kirkwood Brewing Station.  He sampled all the beers and had a great time. 

Andy and his 11 beer samples

Sunday was Father's day, and after church I went over to Dad's house for bbq and to hang out for a little while.  I got him a Big Dog t-shirt at the outlet mall the weekend before and was pleased that it fit.  He liked it too.  My dad is always there for me and I'm lucky to have him as my dad!

Dad and I at the wedding


My favorite St. Louis summer festival was 2 weeks ago - St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival!  I love trying all the beers and hanging out with friends.  We went Friday night, which was a good choice as Saturday night the had to close it due to lightning and thunderstorms.  Andy, Aimee, Cyndi and I met up with one of Andy's co-workers, Kyle, and his wife Chelsea.

Aimee and I with one of our first beers 

Cyndi's here!  We should take pictures with her. 

Our group

We decided we like Chelsea and forced her to take photos with us.

She was a good sport about it. :) 

Andy and I 

I ran into some other friends too and ate a giant Companion pretzel so it was a really fun night!  I also got a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  Win!

Bits of June

I dragged Nellie out of the house one night to get pizza and ice cream with the kids.  She mostly went so she wouldn't have to listen to me give her crap about it but I think everyone had fun in the end. :)

Pjs and pearls

I also went and got a pedicure with my mom and sister.  Fun times!

Girl's weekend at the lake

The 2nd weekend of June I headed down to the  Lake of the Ozarks with Cyndi, Aimee, Nellie & Vanessa. We had a blast at the Lee's lake house, who graciously let us stay there for the weekend.  Cyndi and I got there first and spent the afternoon laying out on the dock.  Fabulous.

We went to the grocery store and had dinner at a 'mexican' restaurant while we waiting for everyone else to arrive.  

Cyndi at the enthusiastically decorated Tres Hombres

Aimee joined us first and the shots and drinking began.  Aimee demanded a photo and I obliged.
Slightly drunkish

Eventually Nellie and Vanessa joined us and we stayed up until like 2am playing drinking games and talking.  

Saturday we layed on the dock, swam, drank and cooked.  And attempted to make s'mores.  We eventually just accomplished this task in the microwave.  

Rum punch
Sitting on the deck

Hair braiding.

Love these girls.  (Me, Vanessa, Cyndi, Nellie, Aimee)

Safety first. 

Sunday we had a lazy start and after cooking breakfast headed to the outlet mall since it was raining.  Of course the rain stopped after we got to the outlet mall but oh well.  We all found some things to buy and stopped at Andy's on the way back.  

Vanessa and Nellie headed back Sunday night and Cyndi, Aimee and I continued the party.  
Braid aftermath 

It was a great weekend and a much needed break after a crazy few weeks at work.  Loved spending time with my girls!

First week of June

Here I am again playing catch up after a busy couple of weeks.

The first week of June started with working Challenge Walk MS at Washington University.  The event went well despite some weather challenges (rain and tornado warnings!) and the participants enjoyed the event.  Friday of Challenge Walk was MS night at the ballpark and they got to go on the field.  I got to go too!

I managed to refrain from grabbing his ass.  Barely. 

Challenge Walkers on the field

After Challenge Walk, I attended a newcomers dinner at my church.  It was good to meet some people and learn more about the congregation.  So far I like what I hear.  :)  I also finished Angie's baby blanket for her little Nash, who will be joining us this week!

And I went to a game with Diana, Amber and another co-worker named Angie (not my boss)
Diana and I waiting out the rain delay