Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Recap

After running the half on the 7th, I spent the next 2 weeks pretty much working with all of the walks happening at work.  At least we had decent weather this year, although the wind was a little crazy.

I did manage to sneak in a girls potluck night at Vanessa's, which was a welcome break in the work craziness.  I didn't take any pictures but it was a fun night.

Last weekend I went with my sister for mexican and margaritas on Friday after a long damn week at work.

Saturday we had a family winery trip.  The weather was great and the company was awesome!

Kristen, me, Danielle (our cousin)

Aunt Kathy and Danielle

Banana in honor of my mom, who couldn't make it that day.

After the winery I headed to Build A Bear to meet up with the girl scout troop.  They made bears and had a blast!  Someone commented that they appreciated that I went boozing before girl scouts.  It really is the best way to deal with 12 kindergartners at such a place.  :)  They made special girl scout bears and got daisy uniforms for them to match theirs.

Sunday I worked another walk and was sick on Monday.  Wednesday for our regular girl scout meeting we took the girls to Pump It Up, which is basically a big bounce house kind of place.  They do a nutrition patch for scouts and the girls got to jump around and play.  I definitely went down an inflatable slide and climbed through an obstacle course with them.  They loved it.

Yesterday (Friday) I got to hang out with the Ericson's  (again no pictures) but it was awesome to see them.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Remember back in January when I signed up to do the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon?

Race t-shirt 

Today was the day.

Start line

I got my butt up nice and early to go downtown for the race.  I am pleased to tell you that I accomplished my goal of finishing it!  I was slower than I was hoping for (3:28 officially) but considering I walked the last 4 miles because my hips hurt so badly I am totally ok with that time.  I was on pace to be under 15 minute miles (average) through the first 9 but then was hurting bad enough that I was concerned that if I kept running I would not be able to walk and potentially not finish.  I was mad about it because it meant the last few miles took forever, but I was able to jog across the finish line at least.  Mom, Dad, Janet, Nellie & the kids came to watch me finish which was really cool. I think next time I just want to do the relay because the first 6 miles went really well.  And I could maybe avoid the gargantuan hill(s) in the middle of the course!  (Middle for the half anyway.)

Mom brought me a flower and big smiley face balloon (she said it looked happy) which made finding her super easy.  I ate my post-race snacks and headed home soon after.

With my balloon and flower from Mom.  

Medal.  I might sleep with it.

Mom was nice enough to go pick me up lunch and meet me back at my house to eat.  I took a shower and a nap and while I'm sore am overall feeling pretty good.  I can't believe I actually did it - and I wasn't last!

Easter and Mom's birthday

For Easter this year I went over to Dad's for lunch and enjoyed some yummy ham (which I was excited about) and got to visit with him for awhile.  We took a walk in their subdivision and Dad told me he wants to get more active now that the weather is nice and start riding his bike again.  I hope he does!  I met up with Mom, Dave, Kristen, Devin and Grandma for dinner at Pasta House that evening.  We had a great meal and Mom gave me and Kristen each a chocolate bunny and these super cute salt and pepper shakers.  The little plate they sit on says He is Risen.

Thursday was Mom's birthday and we went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner to celebrate.  Mom enjoyed some delicious crab and sea food and got to dress up as a princess while they sang to her.  

Work has been really crazy this week but it was nice to celebrate with Mom for her birthday!  

Aimee's 30th - we're getting too old for this

Aimee turned 30 and last weekend we went out to celebrate.  We started out at the Quirin's house with some free drinks and baked goods by Cyndi (delicious).

Birthday lunch on Friday included Adriana snuggles

Birthday girl 

From there we headed out to the Shack and Talayna's for more drinks and some ass shaking.  We ended the night with food and then I finally arrived home around 5am.  We can still party apparently, though I don't recover like I used to!


1 was not enough apparently :)

Andy:  Oh is it time for this now?  Excellent.

Happy birthday Aims!

Firehouse trip

We took our Daisy troop to the firehouse on March 27.  The girls had a blast touring the house, seeing the trucks and the lights.  Me?  I enjoyed the firemen.  :)

A few photos from our visit: