Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some February fun

Since I was last snowed in I have had some fun this month.  February 8 was my cousin Becky's wedding but I started the day with breakfast with 3 of my favorite ladies - Lindsey, Cyndi and Aimee at The Egg and I.  Breakfast was delicious and the 2 hours of conversation with amazing company even better.

That afternoon John and I headed out to Pere Marquette for the wedding.   Becky and Ryan have been dating for 10 years (since they were sophomores in high school!) so this wedding was kind of a "finally" kind of event.  :)  Becky looked amazing and fun was had by all.  I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to take the ferry over due to ice but still not a bad drive over.

We also enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day the following weekend on Friday.  I got John 3 cards and boxes of candy (3 is his lucky number) as well as doughnuts for breakfast and he got me a gift certificate for a day at the spa from the beauty school.  We celebrated with dinner at Outback complete with free desserts.  

After Valentine's Day we went straight into one of my favorite celebrations of the year - my birthday!  I started Saturday night with dinner at Hacienda with friends.  Cyndi made an awesome 'deconstructed' s'mores cake and you got diabetes just looking at it but it was sooo good!  On my actual birthday I ate doughnuts for breakfast, got a massage, got my nails done and ice cream with Nellie and the we had dinner with my mom and Dave at Longhorn.  Pretty awesome day.  I was off on the Monday after for President's Day so even a long weekend to recover.  I got 2 new purses from John that I picked out yesterday (pictured below) - he's really setting the bar pretty high.  :)  I did suggest perhaps he get a card next time since I didn't get one for V-day or my birthday though, lol.  

This weekend was the start of race season (one of John's favorite celebrations) so he is thrilled for the Daytona 500 today.  Friday we went out to dinner and watched the Olympics and part of the truck race (compromise is everything in a relationship I hear.)  Saturday I had a girl scout event in the morning then lunch with Nellie and Julie (one of the girl scout moms we like) that was totally awesome.  I left John at home to watch the rest of the truck race and the start of the nationwide race.  We went to the outlet mall that afternoon to do some shopping and had dinner at Krieger's because dude loves Krieger's and he had been more than generous to me that day.  Afterwards I went out to see my friend Kristen's new place and hang out a bit while I left him to watch the rest of the nationwide race.  I'm sure I'll end up watching part of the cup race today and eating pizza.  Tomorrow we are off work and Sammy and Sally are going to the vet.  Fun for everyone!  And by everyone I mean no one.  Wish us luck.  

I also found out this week that I am going to be having surgery on March 6 to remove a cyst that has turned in to an abscess/fistula (which I kind of blame the dr for, but whatever.)  Shouldn't be a big deal but I felt like I should document it.  I'm just glad to finally be doing something about it.  

Happy Sunday to you!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A different kind of update

Now that you're up to date on all my activities as of late (because good Lord there were a lot of them) I also want to give an update on everyday life between the stuff.

Life is pretty good.  While I'm a bit burnt out on work and could maybe use a change, things there in general aren't bad.  I'm decent at my job and like the majority of my co-workers so the day-to-day usually is fairly pleasant.  John and I spend most evenings/weekends together. I drag his butt out of the house to go do stuff and he pretends to be happy about it. :)  Sometimes he even actually enjoys it.  We try to get work outs in a few times a week (though we could be better about this) and have dinner together more often than not.  We have somehow become addicted to the show Gold Rush.  I now know more about mining for gold than ever before.  I miss him when he's not around but don't tell him or it will go to his head. :)

Girl scouts has been a little rough this year with some Daisy mama-drama but I think it has finally calmed down or at least I don't have to hear about it anymore.

I still have the best friends a girl could ask for and am really thankful to have them in my life.  While I don't see them as often as I used to since many have families, etc. I really do value the times we are together.  I've made a few new friends in the past year too that I think are going to be great additions to my circle.

I am still keeping pretty busy and therefore when I have some downtime it's much appreciated.  I am still not a fan of the snow but at least it's helping me relax and get some things done I've been putting off.

Hope you're staying warm in STL or on a beach somewhere.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We're almost there.  Hang in there.  Almost caught up.

January started off with snow and it just. kept. snowing.  In addition to snowing new year's day the following Monday it snowed a foot.  Seriously.  12 inches.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The next weekend we took the girl scouts to Kokomo Joe's for some fun and that night John and I went to the roller derby.  It was super fun and we had a blast.  

I worked a lot the next week.  It was a rough first full work week back to work after snow days and vacation!  Over the next few weeks I celebrated Nellie's 31st birthday with her (doughnuts, pedicures and chinese/vietanamese food and shopping), started a quilt for John with some of the excess t-shirts and attended girls potluck night where I was pleased to find out I matched one of my favorite little Mizzou fans.  

Pretty great.  Work remained crazy throughout the rest of the month and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.  I'm getting pretty burnt out but it pays the bills!

And just for the record John and I spent Super Bowl at home by ourselves.  There.  Now you're caught up.  

Amazing what a evening snowed in (again) by myself will do for my blogging.  


Are you still with me?  Ok, here we go.

So in December I did a fun little countdown to Christmas for John.  I loved it because I planned out our entire month to make sure we got all the fun stuff in we wanted to do.  

Some of the things included ice cream at Fitz's (their last day open for the season), putting up John's tree, dinner at Annie Gunn's, looking at Christmas lights at MoBot (Garden Glow was awesome) and at a local park, pizza at Costco, movie dates and more.  

Nellie and I also hosted the Daisy holiday party, I had girls night out with my friends and got to see Kim & Dan.

We took Hannah and Reagan out for their Christmas present - a tour of the ballpark, Chuck E. Cheese and the library.

We also did dinner and football with Nellie and Michael though not pictured and then suddenly it was Christmas.  
I took off for 18 days. It was absolutely amazing.  While I was off we went with Abi and Andy to see the brewery lights and cleaned out part of John's closet (a monumental task, let me tell ya!) 

We rang in the new year together and then it was the end of 2013.  What a crazy, awesome, busy year.  


The first weekend in November was Samuel's baptism and laundry because, geez, that piled up.

The next week I went to Denver for work (got back late Saturday) with a bunch of our top fundraisers, Amy and Fiza.  Then I decided not to leave town again for awhile. :) 

I also took our girl scout troop to the planatarium at the Science Center, celebrated my sister's 29th birthday, Gus's 4th britday and enjoyed Thanksgiving with our families.  John and I were off for 5 days at Thanksgiving and it was fantastic.  We put up Christmas decorations at both of our houses because the weather was lovely.  

Then it was December.  Wow.  


Ok, so I lived out of a suitcase in October but it was a lot of fun.

First John and I went to Kansas City.  We got to see Paige & Bryan (who graciously let us stay with them) and Krystal and Chris.  

The next weekend was Krystal's wedding.  In Kansas City.  Me and 70 spent a lot of time together that week.  We had a blast though!

The next week I helped host a baby shower for my co-worker Katie. 

I actually stayed in town that weekend.  I got to hang out with Abi & her family, go to girls potluck night at Aimee's house and go with my girl scout troop to the Zoo.  


John and I left the following week for North Carolina to visit with my family and drove up to Martinsville, VA for another race.  (Some pics included above.) We drove 13 hours each way and didn't kill each other.  Winning!  Then it was Halloween and the month was over.  

Whew.  Again.  


I worked Bike MS the first full weekend it Sept.  It was by far my easiest ride to date despite the weather challenges (super hot Saturday and rainy cold on Sunday.)

The next weekend I went to Chicago.  Saw Lindsey and Becky and rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. 

I also went to a NASCAR race.  It was wet and cold and loud.  But this guy loved it. 

The next weekend was also jam packed.  John and I went to Balloon Glow and during the week I went to the ballgame with Mom and my co-workers.  

I also worked the Washington Walk, got a facial then attended Krystal's 2-day bachelorette party.  Saturday was busy.  

The next weekend my sweet godson Samuel James was born.

And I went to St. Louis Fashion week with Alicia (John's sister).  We saw Project Runway cast members and Viktor told me my dress was an excellent color for me.  We totally sat in the front row like the VIPs we are.  :)

I also hosted a girls night at my house.  And hung out with the Mollering kids while we waited for Sammy.

Pretty sure that about covers it.  Whew.  

Is this thing on?

Hi friends.

It's, uh, been awhile.

I've been busy.  I kind of want to start blogging again.  But I'm so behind and I'm so linear that getting caught up is a very daunting task.

I'm going to try though.  Not just for you (assuming anyone still reads this) but for my own records.  Just this weekend I was reminded how much better shape I was in at this time last year by looking back at a blog post.  Who was that irritating girl reminding me I used to easily be able to run 5 miles?  (Better get on the relay training, huh?)

Anyway, I'll work on it for you.  Be warned - it has been a really busy 5 months.