Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Are you still with me?  Ok, here we go.

So in December I did a fun little countdown to Christmas for John.  I loved it because I planned out our entire month to make sure we got all the fun stuff in we wanted to do.  

Some of the things included ice cream at Fitz's (their last day open for the season), putting up John's tree, dinner at Annie Gunn's, looking at Christmas lights at MoBot (Garden Glow was awesome) and at a local park, pizza at Costco, movie dates and more.  

Nellie and I also hosted the Daisy holiday party, I had girls night out with my friends and got to see Kim & Dan.

We took Hannah and Reagan out for their Christmas present - a tour of the ballpark, Chuck E. Cheese and the library.

We also did dinner and football with Nellie and Michael though not pictured and then suddenly it was Christmas.  
I took off for 18 days. It was absolutely amazing.  While I was off we went with Abi and Andy to see the brewery lights and cleaned out part of John's closet (a monumental task, let me tell ya!) 

We rang in the new year together and then it was the end of 2013.  What a crazy, awesome, busy year.