Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some February fun

Since I was last snowed in I have had some fun this month.  February 8 was my cousin Becky's wedding but I started the day with breakfast with 3 of my favorite ladies - Lindsey, Cyndi and Aimee at The Egg and I.  Breakfast was delicious and the 2 hours of conversation with amazing company even better.

That afternoon John and I headed out to Pere Marquette for the wedding.   Becky and Ryan have been dating for 10 years (since they were sophomores in high school!) so this wedding was kind of a "finally" kind of event.  :)  Becky looked amazing and fun was had by all.  I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to take the ferry over due to ice but still not a bad drive over.

We also enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day the following weekend on Friday.  I got John 3 cards and boxes of candy (3 is his lucky number) as well as doughnuts for breakfast and he got me a gift certificate for a day at the spa from the beauty school.  We celebrated with dinner at Outback complete with free desserts.  

After Valentine's Day we went straight into one of my favorite celebrations of the year - my birthday!  I started Saturday night with dinner at Hacienda with friends.  Cyndi made an awesome 'deconstructed' s'mores cake and you got diabetes just looking at it but it was sooo good!  On my actual birthday I ate doughnuts for breakfast, got a massage, got my nails done and ice cream with Nellie and the we had dinner with my mom and Dave at Longhorn.  Pretty awesome day.  I was off on the Monday after for President's Day so even a long weekend to recover.  I got 2 new purses from John that I picked out yesterday (pictured below) - he's really setting the bar pretty high.  :)  I did suggest perhaps he get a card next time since I didn't get one for V-day or my birthday though, lol.  

This weekend was the start of race season (one of John's favorite celebrations) so he is thrilled for the Daytona 500 today.  Friday we went out to dinner and watched the Olympics and part of the truck race (compromise is everything in a relationship I hear.)  Saturday I had a girl scout event in the morning then lunch with Nellie and Julie (one of the girl scout moms we like) that was totally awesome.  I left John at home to watch the rest of the truck race and the start of the nationwide race.  We went to the outlet mall that afternoon to do some shopping and had dinner at Krieger's because dude loves Krieger's and he had been more than generous to me that day.  Afterwards I went out to see my friend Kristen's new place and hang out a bit while I left him to watch the rest of the nationwide race.  I'm sure I'll end up watching part of the cup race today and eating pizza.  Tomorrow we are off work and Sammy and Sally are going to the vet.  Fun for everyone!  And by everyone I mean no one.  Wish us luck.  

I also found out this week that I am going to be having surgery on March 6 to remove a cyst that has turned in to an abscess/fistula (which I kind of blame the dr for, but whatever.)  Shouldn't be a big deal but I felt like I should document it.  I'm just glad to finally be doing something about it.  

Happy Sunday to you!