Sunday, March 16, 2014

Surgery FAQ

So how are you feeling?
-Pretty good, though still sore and uncomfortable when sitting.  Don't be surprised if I bring a doughnut in with  me to sit on.  I have an open wound on my rear for goodness sake.  There is not much change day to day at this time.

You have an open wound?
-I do.  The wound has to heal from the inside out and at this point it needs to drain.  It's really gross if you were curious.

At least you have good drugs, right?
-Yes, they gave me good drugs.  I however had an allergic reaction to the strongest pain killer that resulted in a huge rash.   It's clearing up now thankfully.  

I see the doctor again on Wednesday and will know more about the next steps.

Friday, March 7, 2014

In like a lion

Shortly after I posted on 2/23 I came down with an awful stomach virus that thankfully lasted only about 24 hours.  I had nastiness coming out of both ends and spent my day off in bed sleeping after being awake most of the night. Sammy and Sally's vet appointment had to be rescheduled to the following Friday since there was no way I was going to make it.  Of course this was the day the nurse called to take all my medical history for surgery too. At least I was available to take her call I guess!  My tummy finally started feeling normal from this illness this week - just in time for surgery.   

That Friday John helped me take Sammy and Sally to the vet for shots and a check up.  The travel was of course traumatic for them but they were good at the actual appointment.  We talked to the vet about what to do when we decide to introduce them to Abby (John's cat) and got some advice about a behavioral problem that seems to be working great.  $150 layer we were out the door and back home.  Most of out plans for that weekend were in Sunday and it iced and snowed (again!) so they all got cancelled.  Which was really ok with me as I still felt kinda crappy from the stomach thing earlier in the week.  We did manage to get to the grocery store before everything hit this time though.  Look at us learning and stuff.  :).  We worked for 3 days then it was surgery day for me.  Went by pretty fast!  


Yesterday I had surgery to have an fistula removed/repaired.   It went very smoothly and I went home the same day. 

John and I arrived at the hospital around 9:30 and I was discharged around 4.  After some time in the waiting room I was taken to a pre-op room to put on my gorgeous purple hospital gown, pee in a cup, get bloodwork done and get my IV started.  While I've had bloodwork fine lots of times this was my first time getting an IV.  The nurses were really great and made the process as painless as possible.  I met with my doctor, the anestesiologist and his assistant.  My mom came by to see how I was doing and how everything was going and brought me a gorgeous rose.  

I tend to shed a few tears when I'm stressed or overwhelmed so I was kind of a mess part of the time while we were waiting since things were delayed a little.  John and the nurses did their best to distract me.  :). Tears are like a release for me so they were probably for the best.  

They started my meds to knock me out and then it was time to be wheeled back to the operating room.  I was put completely out and intubated since I was on my stomach and had never been in major anesthesia before.  This way it would be easier for the doctors to intervene if something went wrong.  I woke up crying and coughing in recovery.  The sweet nurse said that the drugs can make people really emotional so not to be concerned.  (The coughing was just from the tube coming out.)  I asked where John was and she assured me I could see him soon.  :).  I got some ice chips and water and heard them calling over the loud speaker about a tornado drill. We didn't have to move anywhere but John was apparently not so lucky!  My dr came by to check on me and said things went fine.  

After about an hour I think (around 2pm) I was taken to my room where John was waiting for me and Mom was there shortly after.  I finished waking up, drank some water and chatted with them for awhile.  The hospital filled my scripts and brought them to us which was super convenient.  The nurses where again great and helped me go to the bathroom and changed my dressing before we left.  

John and I stopped to feed Sammy and Sally and got Chik-fil-a on our way back to his house.  We ate dinner with his dad then spent the rest of the evening laying in bed. We had the lights out at like 939 and were asleep by like 10 I think.  It was a long day!  John has taken excellent care of me and has been completely wonderful.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.  

I'm sore today but the meds are keeping most of the pain at a manageable level. I'm going to soak in the huge tub here soon so that should help as well.  Just wanted to document the whole thing while it was still fresh. :).